Vaaniyog Welcomes The Commemoration Of The International Day Of Yoga

The United Nations General Assembly has resolved to commemorate the International Day of Yoga on June 21. Yoga is total healthcare within the power of the individual. It is better to live a healthy life rather than be in the care of the health providers all the time and consuming more drugs than natural foods. Yoga leads to longer span of life. Since it is visited by scientific knowledge of good health, including healthy diet, it works highly satisfactorily. In comparison, a life dependent on medicines might not be long or as enjoyable as without medication. In essence Yoga is an exercise in physical wellbeing. It automatically springs that a healthy body also has a healthy mind. A healthy body & mind prompts one to enter the realm of sublimity called spirituality. Equally important is Vaaniyog or Speech Yoga, because the secret of happiness (superior state than pleasure) depends on proper use of words. The slightest deviation or delinquency of speech can lead to extremely unhappy developments in an individual’s life or life of nations. This website, therefore, aims at establishing the setting up of Vaaniyog as a separate branch of Yoga to demonstrate the efficacy of Yoga in life.

This website has been called Vaaniyog for the value inherent to speech. This is the first website of this name registered since 2010. Vaaniyog is the only website focused on drawing the attention of the inquisitive to the dynamics of word power, its energy, magnetism, centrifugal & centripetal force, its chemistry and its beautiful world. The beauty, truth & wellbeing of everyone is what our thinkers in the ancient times unraveled in the speech. It is the chastity and purity indeed of the spoken and the written word that lifts a person from the mundane in life to the sublime, which is the ultimate goal of life, the only opening to Beauty & Bliss. Scholars and poets in India and almost every other country have composed some of the very best in literature on the significance of appropriate language. In spite of so valuable a literary treasure available to us, language has been responsible for most armed conflicts in human history. I have pondered on the subject for all these years until I coined the expression Vaaniyog one day. I had the expression Vaaniyog cross my mind and I didn’t lose a minute to note it before I forgot it. I noted it in my engagement diary and on my office table to constantly remind me of the need to practice vaaniyog daily 24×7. I continued to process the need, relevance and real value of vaaniyog in normal life and I am convinced that it is a very healthy practice, which gives rich dividends in life. Language is pure as also impure, it has both the Shruti (revealed & heard from above) and the Devil whispering into the ears of the gullible. Newspaper & TV advertisements provide a huge quantity of evidence of the Devil’s whispers, as they are to suck the most gullible, driving them to unhappiness on several counts like losing money or taking to a life of crime & grime. It is absolutely necessary that each one of us develops the capability to understand the true meaning of words used to beguile us. It is equally important that we sift our words on a 24×7 basis and pick up the best words which help us grow and rise above the ordinary. Vaaniyog alone helps in this regard. Now that the UN General Assembly has resolved without voting to commemorate the International Day of Yoga on June 21, the significance of Yoga (including Vaaniyog) stands proved. It can be said on the strength of personal experience and informed opinions that the practice of Yoga will reduce the prevalence of disease in the world by more than 80% in a few years and diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Heart Attacks, Hypertension, Diabetes etc. will largely be eliminated or reduced or brought under manageable control. Several ailments don’t even need pharma preparations, they can be treated with Yogic exercises or regimen. The world is now debating openly the excessive use of medicines or tests or surgeries and their futility in a majority of cases. Our health is our wealth and can’t be allowed to become the wealth of the pharma companies or private hospitals.

I have been fascinated by words and their power to influence ever since I studied the topic power of words or Shabdashakti more than 50 years ago as a student of Hindi Literature in college. Ever since I have been critically observing the influence of words on human response in different geographies to the stimulus of words under a variety of topics such as social, economic, political, judicial, moral, ethical, scientific, philosophical & religious, converging in digital now. How words have triggered historical changes in attitudes, behavior patterns, norms, civilizations, cultures, intellectual growth and scientific progress is such a fascinating study that it demands application of tools of modern technology to delve deep into the subject in a meaningful way. How words change meanings in different climate zones or culture zones; what impacts the enlargement or abridgement of the meaning of words at different time zones; how words are understood or used by different people makes one wonder, since all these have led in the past to historical changes in societies globally from time to time. Political ideologies or economic theories and scientific advancement would not have been possible in the absence of speech, which provides an eternal source of new ideas and expressions. Words can change a person’s mood in no time, whereas medicines may take months for swings like those in melancholic persons. The success of music in the world validates this claim. Words have such power that it influences the person as fast as the sunlight or the moonlight. In fact, the history of violent conflicts in the human society can be attributed to delinquency of speech. Even the two world wars owe it to Speech Disorders of the parties to the conflict. The third world war is likely to be fought due to delinquency of speech again: Jihad. One word tries to justify all acts of barbarity. Such inhuman acts are unknown in the history of humankind. The Al Qaida earlier and the ISIS now, have already caused immense loss of valuable lives and property. It has been going on for at least 15 years now. It can be stopped at no cost; certainly at zero cost, just by a single word like peace.  Words have that power. Vaani or speech has that power. It is the elusive “dark matter” that the scientists have been looking for: the Creation is only the “Magic of Sound”. The sound is omnipresent in the cosmos. We only recreate it by several means like the musical instruments or rolling stock or sounds made by engines and above all words. One can get into really sticky situations by using words without being conscious of the effect they are going to have on the listener(s). In democratic systems, such developments are almost daily occurrence. But once the critical significance of speech sinks into one’s consciousness, it leads to a state of complete Yoga, where one is healthy in all respects – be it physical, mental or spiritual. Life, then, enters the realm of bliss in that state. Vaaniyog is the final frontier in human civilization & culture to facilitate entry into the realm of bliss.

Modern life has come to be afflicted by what has been termed as the “lifestyle diseases”. Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart ailments, depression etc. are some of the diseases that can be attributed to modern life style. People are regularly taking medicines. To change this cycle of physical, mental or emotional ill health, one needs to practice Yoga. It gives one control over himself/herself as no medicine or healthcare giver can provide. It needs no special place or equipment. It can be pursued in the comfort of one’s home or work place. It develops the habits of taking control of all our senses and direct the energy to maintain a healthy being. If we have been going to Church or temple or mosque in a state of unhappiness, we come back greatly relieved. How? It is the wonder of the words we heard. They attuned us to the sound within us. If one sits in a Padmasan pose (cross legged), puts his hands on both the ears to shut out all noise from outside entering the ears and tries to listen, he will hear a constant soothing sound. This is the sound of the cosmos. This is the connecting link, the umblical cord, between us and the Creator (whether God or any other agent that modern science might conclusively determine). This sound rings all the time unbroken. This has been termed by the ancient thinkers in India as the Anahadnaad, sound without striking. Compare it with the sound created by striking a vessel or instrument: this sound is called the Aahatnaad. 

The world will benefit from commemorating the International Day of Yoga and Vaaniyog will establish peace for long! We welcome the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly without a vote and supported by 175 countries.

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  1. #1 by M.M.Lal on April 27, 2016 - 10:02 pm

    Vaaniyog is new concept and is appreciable. We should follow it in practical life.

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