Violence & Non-Violence

Which is acceptable between violence & non-violence? It is the fundamental question. It is likely the majority would promptly dismiss violence over non-violence. But the questions still remains if violence can be eradicated to the extent of 100% from the world. If the answer is that it is an impossible goal to achieve, then the only surmise is that in the nature of existence on the earth or in the cosmos itself, violence and non-violence co-exist. If they co-exist, then it is certain that they have a presence in a defined proportion and it is only when limits are breached that human society becomes concerned. Violence is different from conflicts, even conflicts of the proportion of war, world war or cold war. Violence is when there is neither cause nor justification for it. Violence is when the world does not get divided into two distinct blocks on territorial, political, economic or any such issue. Violence is when every human being s compelled to take notice of it whether willingly or unwillingly. It provides none the option of professing neutrality, because irrespective of participation it affects each one individually and society collectively. It has the effect of shaking our faith in humanity, humaneness, values, morality, goodness, mercy, pity, justice, fairness and the purpose of life itself. That is the moment of truth, the reason of creation, the survival of species! That is when the decisive moment of action arrives, when it remains no more the responsibility of one but all. That is  when society has to act to restore order, decency, civility in life and fortify human faith in goodness of everything from species to the meaningfulness of creation. The ISIS birth and operations have confronted the human society with that historic moment.

Whose responsibility is it to fight the ISIS? The answer obviously is nobody’s. But then why is everybody agitated? How is it that nations are worried and so are their people? Even the superpowers have been frightened out of their wits. It is not beyond their fire power to finish off the ISIS in 24 hours. But even then they are frightened. Because they can’t act as savage, as inhuman, as brutal as the ISIS. The Al Qaida was the first to shake the human conscience by its unconventional charge of 9/11. Americans condemned it in a language of the civilized world. Violence is the last and yet limited weapon in the hands of the civilized but it is the first weapon in the armoury of the violent. In the medieval age it proved very successful as it annexed territories for the perpetrators and brought them wealth, slaves, women. Religions that espoused the cause of such conduct fired the ambitions of their followers. Some of them embraced change due to civilization advancements from time to time, but many others remained fastened to these notions. Violence of the kind of the ISIS is its manifestation only. It is not challenging one country or one civilization, but the very concept of non-violence and peaceful happy existence flowing from it. Were it just a religious crusade, it would not have subjected people of its own co-religion to the same barbarity it has done to others. Were it against a particular country it would not have appeared real spooky. They look so weird with those knives on the throats of women, children, old, decritude, journalists and tourists or with their firing squads murdering people captured by them from violence torn regions. It is because some people are overwhelmed by violence and need to act violent to achieve the status of the worst (or best) beasts in human form in the history of mankind. It is this notion of pride in themselves or their faith that provides them the necessary enery and boosts their ambition to achieve more. If that variety of human beings has not reached the shores of some country yet, it is likely to arrive soon. It is challenging the human society. It will not rest unless the human society agrees to fight. It will lead to bloodbath, loss of lives which might exceed all historical records. Forced to fight, the human society has no other option now but to pick up the gun and respond effectively.

It may not start with battle in traditional sense. Before resorting to the use of fire power, human society has to exhaust all other options like taming them and put some good-sense into their head. It is not going to succeed but this is the only way. As this is a new phenomenon before the world, especially the modern world, it has no guiding principles to follow. The management gurus, strategists and all forms of intelligence has failed to provide an effective answer to this unconventional war as they are fixated on national or regional interests so far. It is for the first time in modern world that such a situation has arise where human society acquires the legal status of an “entity” pitted against the ISIS. There is one treatise available to us: The Gita. It examines exactly these issues of violence or non-violence, the arguments for and against each, the options available, exercising the option, sanction for the actions and the ultimate outcome. Every possible question, doubt, hesitation, inhibition receives adequate attention and convincing answer. The central issue is: what is right and what is wrong in a given situation of threat to human existence.

Is the world not confronted with same dilemma of ISIS making today? It is neither the sole responsibility of America (derided for being the world’s policeman) nor Europe to intervene in the crisis before the human society caused by ISIS but of the entire global village that mankind boasts of today and desires to live in. ISIS is affecting Nigeria and others in Africa, Asia, Australia and might cover even China and Russia. The need of the hour is to subject ISIS to proper analysis to understand the nature of violence, the need to remedy it by non-violence, and draw up an order that satisfies all interests reducing conflict to the minimum and ushering in a new era of happiness in the human history. Fire the soft power first before even the first shot is fired from the sophisticated weapons. The world needs to overcome this mood of doom and gloom and exchange it for hope and happiness.

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