Delhi Assembly Election 2015

Delhi is a victim of cultural aggression from time immemorial to the present day. The question is: who belongs to Delhi? Does anybody outside the four walls of the old Delhi city think that they owe it to Delhi to make it a better city? Perhaps none; at least many of the present election contestants. Had they considered the city their own, no criminal would have dared to rape a woman as audaciously as they do in Delhi or snatched the chains from women’s necks. Just compare the rape, chain snatching incidents in Old Delhi and New Delhi; the happiness quotient between the two cities and it would be clear what I am talking about. You can’t commit cultural, social, economic and moral aggression on a living city and proceed to destroy its identity. Today Delhi is under threat from all sides: you can’t witness a sports event in a stadium without fear of some rogue elements creating security problem, you can’t go to a market without mental stress of some untoward thing happening to you, nor can you even celebrate any festival or religious function without fear of any untoward thing happening. It appears that all migrants here.  Although a huge population of migrants have been driven away by the jungle raj in their own states in West Bengal, Bihar and others. Whole colonies have come up, called euphemistically Illegal Colonies. The vote banks that illegal land grabbers and bootleggers and other criminal elements provide results in promoting highly irresponsible political leadership, which promises the moon like free water, electricity, ration, education, health care etc. Where from these free services come? Do these parties pay from their own pockets or does the World Bank give funds for it? It is telling lies openly. Worst these lies are spoken in the name of Mahatma Gandhi or Anna Hazare, whose saakh or goodwill, reputation or image they use covertly or overtly to push their agenda to achieve their ambition of political power. So they don’t see the hell of life of villages or the poor in South Delhi, Lutyens Delhi or civil lines but focus on Seemapuri, Salempuri, Jahangirpuri, Matiala, Nangloi etc. This was the politics of the 60s & 70s. After liberalisation the political goals and rhetoric has changed drastically, but the new breed of politicians want to impose on Delhi the rotten culture of Dharanas, strikes, agitations and physical violence that has destroyed industry in West Bengal and other places. We don’t want Kanu Sanyals and Charu Majumdars and Kisanji to devastate Delhi. Delhi is a cosmopolitan city, developed by its residents by paying high taxes for putting up the infrastructure which can’t be allowed to be ruined by irresponsible elements dying to grab governance power in Delhi. National parties shall be held responsible if they fail the people of Delhi now and allow such dangerous elements to reduce governance to a criminal joke again!

It is not as if these contestants or their parties don’t understand this simple economics. Rather they understand very well but they use them as ploys to entice the poor to vote them to power so as to give them the authority to rule the poor and also the rich in the name of the poor by blackmailing thm into submission to their illegal demands of money or other favours. These representatives of the people are the New Age Jagirdars of India, the Feudal Lords of Democracy, who behave like the old Jagirdars and Zamindars, Maharajas and Nawabs, who used to treat the people as serfs only, as bonded labour or the Bandhua Mazdoors, whom they exploited most inhumanly and before whom they used to throw some doles occasionally, exactly as our Netas are doing today: free ration or wheat @ rupee 1 a kg or rice 2 a kg; free electricity in the name of the farmers or kisans but swallowed by the party stalwarts. These political craftsmen have refined the art of exploitation, couching it in jargon suited to modern times. The colonies of the poor they set up are actually cropping patterns of seeding poverty to harvest rich dividends at election times. A major chunk of the funds meant for the poor for free water, electricity or ration is embezzled by the party workers and followers who fervently support such outfits. In practice, Indian politicians practice the American Spoils System, albeit stealthily by posing to be pro-poor and welfare minded. Recent statistics released by the NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization) for Delhi say everything. Here 93% households spend below 31000 rupees a month equivalent to US$ 500 a month ( of them 21%upto 7000, 60% upto 13500). The condition in India is still worse. Dreaming of removing poverty and corruption in this scenario is sheer lie meant to trick the people. If the immorality involved in promising the moon are not stopped, India will neither become digital nor smart nor superpower. It shall ever remain a country of abject poverty, squalor, dirt, disease and corruption.

Let us resolve to change India, change the conditions here, so as to replace poverty by prosperity, illiteracy by knowledge society, backwardness by modernity. The fruits of development need to be distributed equitably in a democratic manner. The Constitution of India provides for equal opportunities to all Indian, irrespective of caste, creed, region or gender, which has been vitiated in the past few decades by reservations under one pretext or the other and corruption which has corroded discipline to such an extant that there is demand for the Janlokpal to cover all categories of employees including the lowest in the hierarchy. The market forces are taking more than their pound of flesh from the citizen. It is time for development to take centre stage.

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