AAP Disintegrating Before Even De-Generating

The political developments in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the last 48 hours have dealt a severe dent to its image. It was never taken a serious political party till it confounded everybody by its stunning victory in the Delhi elections recently. The new government took office on February 14 and is already divided on March 4, 2015. Its founder members, who laid the foundation of the political party and provided it a semblance of credibility, Prashant Bhushan, who is an eminent legal luminary of India and Yogendra Yadav, Professor at JNU in Delhi, have been removed from the PAC (Political Affairs Committee) of the party, in a highly unseemly struggle for power between the two camps, one led by the Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal and the other supporting these leaders. The third person humiliated by the Kejriwal group is Shanti Bhushan, a former Law Minister of India and a transparency crusader, who has taken head on the judges of the highest court in the country petitioning the President of India against even the Chief Justices of India in a well documented manner. He is the founder member and donor of rupees one crore to the party for its establishment. A small time journo, Ashish Khetan, known for his acid tongue on TV and playing the saviour of Kejriwal, exceeded all limits of decency while attacking Shanti Bhushan. In a nutshell, the group of ill tempered, foul mouthed, narrow vision, self centred , excessively aggressive youngsters have contrived to throw out the voices of wisdom and character. It is only the beginning and many more repeats of this kind are bound to surface. The group, also called the Delhi Group, has given proof of their smartness in “Use & Throw” technique. It has happened in less than a month of the AAP being in power in Delhi is an ill omen. The reason is that the party has not yet begun to degenerate but it has already disintegrated. The semblance of a cohesive or disciplined party is not going to fool anybody. They will be fooling themselves if they think that Delhi people want only cheap drinking water and electricity and take no interest in their political games. They have no licence to indulge in such games, but it seems they will rather learn for themselves than listen.

Experiments like the Aam Aadmi Party are a costly drain on people’s resources and trust. A handful of educated fellows come together with all kinds of fancy ideas wrapped in gift packing and delivered with words of idealism. They sell dreams of a utopia but end up giving nothing more than a dystopia. They succeed only because of the people wanting a change so desperately that they are prepared to pay any price, try anybody who assures them of delivering what they want and hazard any raw experiment. Governance is difficult in itself, it is too complex in a vast country like India with so much diversity, to be delivered by a few cliches or platitudes. It is a whole life vocation with, may be, no personal gains. It is this reality that exposes all those riding to power in the name of anti-corruption as the AAP has done or promising transparency in governance. The AAP shouted from every rooftop during electioneering that it would set up committees in every locality for people to decide on policies and undertake self-rule. What it really ended up doing is quietly turning pragmatic abandoning all claims to ideals of Mahatma Gandhi or the Gandhian Anna Hazare, put up candidates with questionable credentials in the last elections, and humiliate the founding members of the party and punish them in the most insulting manner because they objected to such candidates. These two members are soft spoken, because they are educated, erudite, learned, experienced and people oriented, who have not entered politics for a career but rather sacrificed their professional prospects for public service. Similarly other respectable names like Mayank Gandhi are with the AAP for public service. The careerists in the Delhi Group are desperate to capture all levers of power as quickly as possible and are candid in their aggressive behaviour in TV studios and the twitter and Face Book bazar. The AAP has no future in their hands. They are not only bound to fail but also fail the established systems – what Arvind Kejriwal fondly calls anarchy.

The people will be disappointed once more. They will realize the limitations on politics of idealism in comparison to the politics of realism. They will ponder whether the other political parties are corrupt because of DNA or political compulsions; whether their failures are natural outcomes of ruling a vast and diverse country like India or weaknesses of their leaders. There is no dearth of highly educated and experienced leaders in every party. There are saints in every party. No party can survive without an ideal manifesto. Yet their failures are aplenty. The AAP upstaged all others not because it has greater luminaries than them but because it was still untried and so un-corrupted. Now that it has exposed itself in less than a fortnight, it has forfeited public trust. On top of it, the AAP Chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, has run away from Delhi in this crisis, apparently for Naturopathy treatment for his stubborn cough in Bangluru, leaving the field free for the Delhi Group to do as they wish. This is exactly to the script of the Delhi Group. As successive purges take place in the AAP, even Arvind Kejriwal will be removed on health grounds or other grand sounding objective, and then shall step in those making a political career for themselves. The true face of the movers of the strings of this puppet show will hardly be known. By the time people know what has become of the AAP they supported, the next election would have descended on them. At the moment, the AAP without the sane guidance of persons like Shanti Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan or Mayank Gandhi is soulless entity.

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