Violating Net Neutrality Unforgivable

Indian telecom major Airtel’s launch of Airtel Zero has provoked net users in India as none other. It has been condemned by all stake holders, whether government or private, business or consumers, tech wizards or the uninitiated. The reason is that the internet and mobile has changed people’s life in the last 15 years so much that it is simply inconceivable that any attempts would be made to convert it into unethical business or curb access to information. Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart, who were the early one to sign up with Airtel, quickly walked away seeing the tsunami of protests against violation of net neutrality. Had they not done so, they would have been the first victim of internet discrimination in the name of Airtel Zero. Its consumer base would have shrunk in no time and rivals would have forced it out of the market by acquiring monopoly of the internet on the strength of money. Flipkart was quick to learn its lessons before it could sustain more damage to its business prospects. It should not claim to have walked away in consumer interests.

Net neutrality is an absolute necessity as it is an asset of the human society. Were it to be compromised, it would have affected democracy, leading to the use of communication as in George Orwel’s novel 1984. We see it happening in newspapers and electronic media 24×7 and are sick and disgusted with the dead & decaying media. But for the internet and free, unhindered and unobstructed flow of information on the internet, India would have still been chained to the same environment as prevailed 40 years ago. We don’t want the internet service providers to place any kind of toll plaza, road block, or barriers to free flow of information.We are opposed to any kind of restrictions on the internet by government or business.

We welcome the Net Revolution of the 21st Century!

Please participate in the poll below to let us and everyone out there know your stand on this absolutely critical right of all netizens on the internet being kept neutral.

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