Ford Foundation, Greenpeace & Others Thrive On Dysfunctional Government Organizations

The Ford Foundation and Greenpeace are protesting loudly against the Government of India scrutiny of their funds utilization, cancellation of registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act or keeping them under watch for their activities to see whether they are spending money on those activities alone for which they are established or funded by foreign agencies. There are more than 8000 other NGOs which have ignored the legal requirement of filing their annual reports for more than past 4 years. If such activities raise suspicion, it is justified. There are many subversive agents busy exploiting the facility for their nefarious designs under cover of a charity, philanthropy or NGO. In more than 90% cases NGOs thrive because the GOs (Government Organizations) have become dysfunctional or deliberately rendered dysfunctional. Education, health care, disability, culture, language, social change etc. are some of several enchanting areas of humane activity that find ready acceptance and encouragement from governments and civil society. The find voluntary support and cooperation from all walks of society because they appeal to the finer sentiments of human being. People are generally good universally. But it is equally true that the adherents of Evil find best opportunities for their business also in society overwhelmed by good sentiments. Humanity, since the days of emergence of society, has been exploited by the mal-intended. Wherever God exists, the Devil follows. So, the Ford Foundation or Greenpeace can’t extend protection to the wicked. Let the government perform its duties faithfully. In the first place it is the failure of the GOs that has lead to the setting up of the NGOs. Had the government strengthened its organizations, there would have been no need to promote organizations outside the government to render the service the government is primarily supposed to provide. The government chose to allow systemic weakening of the infrastructure, dereliction of duty of the employees paid to do their duty, compromised the trust and capability of the government organization and silently allowed an impression to grow that government organizations are good for nothing and it is better outside the government. What is conveniently ignored or deliberately papered on is the fact that in government rules of financial integrity and accountability regulate delivery of services whereas there is no such thing in Non- Government sector, as is evident from the failure of the NGOs to file the necessary documents. Maligning the government for acting legal is extremely unfair and should be given up immediately.

NGO Donations - Number Game

One must understand that NGOs are means of money laundering for the mighty, who are terribly corrupt and aggressive. Most bureaucrats, who gain experience while in service and come in contact with foreign organizations as part of their normal official function, use it for setting up NGOs, get grants from the government and foreign funding. It is a source of profiteering for such people even as the NGO they run is termed not for profit. This accounting wizardry is not supernatural! Anybody can do it so long as s/he is assured of no action. The foreign funding power, cooperation and influence tends to rise to their defense. The open democracy in India, bordering on dangerous soft state architecture, riddled with social, cultural, religious, economic categories provides a fertile ground for subversive organizations, governments, intelligence or foreign policy agents to carry their activities unobtrusively. The government should publish full details of all NGOs for people’s information, so that they are under public watch all the time. India can’t be treated as a market for religious, social, political, judicial, cultural or any other kind of subversion. While the individual can be as much charitable as s/he wishes, the State has to observe caution, moderation and wisdom (emotions can’t run governments/states).

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