The Yoga Effect

It was a pleasant surprise to find the morning newspapers and TV coverage on the very next day of the international yoga day! Newspapers and TV channels, which must have delivered negativity a million times in the previous weeks till 0630 Hours IST on June 21 seemed to have been cured of their own negative impulses and glossary, just like any individual yoga practitioner experiences it. They must have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the people across countries. As is usual with journalists, they were holding their own views dear to themselves, attempting desperately to undermine the commemoration, infect a perfect peaceful world environment with their own narrow perspective, making concerted attempts to reduce a scientific health regimen to dogma, rigging public opinion by shouting & screaming, quarreling on TV cameras, pursuing political agenda of their patron or mentor outfits, and ignoring the significance of the historic support of the co-sponsoring countries for the Indian resolution in the United Nations to celebrate the International Yoga Day. The tremendous support and enthusiasm of the nearly 36,000 people from 82 countries at Rajpath in New Delhi proved to be too stunning for them to ignore anymore or criticize as usual. By the evening reports from other countries started coming. The journalist community was silenced unusually. The English language press did not carry any negative feature, sentence or word on the first page the next day! It was the Yoga effect. It reduces negativity, normalizes blood pressure, enhance cheerfulness, unburdens the mind and imparts peace. What undergoes in the process?

It is known that a healthy body is home to a healthy mind. Similarly, a healthy mind is an instrument of keeping a body healthy. Through Yoga, an individual strikes a harmony of the body & mind. Our thoughts are responsible for good health as much as external factors. Our mind flies in a fraction of a second from earth to sky, from good to evil ideas, from sad to happy thinking. We need to learn to train ourselves to manage our thoughts, direct them in the positivity zone and act in tune with our thoughts. Our conduct is influenced by the company of the people we keep or interact with. It is the effect of our thoughts only, which we temper on acquiring new ideas, new knowledge and new expressions. Bad influences are acquired similarly. Evil ideas mislead us. We tend to do things we would not like others to do to us. A few minutes in the morning preferably, otherwise any time convenient to the person, devoted to Yoga helps in improved physical, mental and emotional health. It brings about a harmony of mind and body, thoughts and ideas, and actions. There are eminent people in all walks of life, but everybody is not equally eminent. It is achievement, depending on opportunities available to one and not available to others. But more than that, it is due to a certain “wholeness” of a person, an integration of the self in the form of harmony of body & mind, the flow of unbounded energy experienced never before, which alone guides an individual to do things others have not yet done and perform acts which others did not do. They are called Yogi or Yogini. Talent, genius or eminence has always been recognized by the human society in various forms in areas like religion, arts, literature, science, technology. What we see today is an improved version, a sign of progress, a declaration of our growth. Modernization has always been an ongoing exercise. There may really be nothing called ancient or modern in that sense. Is the sunshine ancient? Can we call the moonshine ancient? Is health ancient? Sadly, our health is threatened today. A recent study of 28 nations has cautioned that common drugs as well as chemicals are so harmful that they can generate can cause cancer of the mouth to the vital organs. The so called highly competitive and commercial world of modern times has only a single aim, which is to enrich themselves at our cost. While it might take decades to correct this practice, we are at liberty to manage our own health. If some ancient practices help us, it is welcome.

We should not discard them for being ancient? Knowledge is neither ancient nor modern; it is forever. Our scientific knowledge is decidedly modern, because it has reached areas which had remained unexplored so far. Human mind is inquisitive. The phenomenon we see is knowledge in all its vastness. One life span is too short to acquire complete knowledge of this phenomenon. But human race has succeeded in attempting to comprehend it through documentation. To live in such a vastness happily needs conscious attempt on the part of the people to use every moment in life to assimilate as much as possible. Such an effort needs continuous flow of energy. There are many ways to get this energy. Yoga is one of them.

If negativity levels can go down drastically for the journalist community in one day due to the yoga effect, it can do more for us. Namastay or May Our Mutual Positive Energy Benefit Us!

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