A Yogi Takes Chir Samadhi

APJ Abdul Kalam has gone into the most valued state of the Samadhi. He was President of India 2002 – 2007. He was trained as a scientist. He served the government of India in various capacities including Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. He was an educationist at heart. His was a life totally dedicated to public service. He was addressing the students of the Indian Institute of Management at Shillong (Meghalaya) yesterday the 27th July when he suddenly collapsed in the middle of the lecture at about 6.30 pm.  In his 84th year, Dr. Kalam was active physically, mentally and spiritually. A renowned author, he liberally shared his knowledge and experience with the people. A perfect illustration to the view that old age is the Golden Age. In my previous post I had dwelled on the subject a bit elaborately. The Indian scientific approach divides the life cycle into four parts, the last one is called vaanprashtha (literally going into the forest but figuratively the endless vast of the world). In essence vaanprashtha is dedication to public service entirely (rising above family affairs or other related mundane issues). Such a healthy mind is always fit and zestful, as was that of Dr. Kalam. He was a true Yogi. A Yogi is one who is in control of his senses, sensibilities and mind. A Yogi is one who tries to give to society whatever he acquires retaining only the basic minimum. Dr. Kalam is not known to have accumulated wealth through means common to the political class in democracies.  Such Yogis never die. Tradition has it that such deaths are not mourned but celebrated! They are taken to the final resting place in a procession with music being played by the band of musicians creating a rare ambience of quietude in the surroundings. Such geniuses merge into the elements they are made of; not least their glory merging with the greater glory that pervades this universe. They take Samadhi, rather walk into their Samadhi. Samadhi, the state of stillness forever! Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is in Chir Samadhi!



Dr. Kalam on Final Journey

Chir Samadhisth Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Chir Samadhisth Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – July 30, 2015


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