Letter To Zuckerberg & America

Press report in India are suggesting that the international gangs of political opportunists, economic debauch, libertarian intellectuals, fake professors, deviant commentators, agents of political parties and foreign countries are petitioning Zuckerberg and other American CEOs not to host the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Stung to dead silence by an awfully successful visit of Prime Minister Modi last year, they are being propped up by their employers to get back to business. They are excellent at propaganda and campaigns against India, which has given them the opportunity to enjoy all the fruits of development in the advanced countries like America without really doing anything of their own. The gains in the business of negativity are greater than what even the American businesses could ever calculate. They earn windfalls by way of commission or wages (over payment by standard payments in any developing country) and upgrade their “status” in the eyes of their family and friends. They are liberal in attacking anything and everything Indian, much more if it is something to do with the Hindu or Hinduism. For them everybody is fundamental or fringe if he says or does anything Indian or Hindu, even if it is digital India or democratic India or developing India. They are happy to make money in foreign lands, send some of it to their old parents (mother/father of lifelong marriage) in lieu of their love & affection & investment in their education leading to their migration to America, Canada, Australia, Newzealand and Europe. This is how they re-pay their benefactors and well-wishers !  Indian parents value more the loving care of their children  than their wealth! But some of these members of the International Shouting Brigades are so smart that they simply drop their widowed mother at pilgrimage centers like Benaras(Varanasi) or Vrindavan to the mercy of the kind hearted Hindus, not in the care of somebody but at the railway stations, where their language handicap makes it difficult for them to communicate their plight to someone. It takes sometime before the dazed mother realizes that she has been deliberately left to fend for herself or die at the railway station as an “unidentified” person or beg for her survival. The liberal, intellectual, anti-Modi, technocrat has to fly to America ! He can’t afford to lose his job at FB or Apple or MS. If the choice is between leaving the mother or the job, our liberal intellectual resident American will leave the mother without any qualms of conscience. And that differentiates an Indian from others, in particular a Hindu from others. The Indian-American’s influence has affected the social fabric in India, where relations between son/ daughter & mother/father are getting redefined almost on a daily basis. Like in America, the bank balance is fast substituting every warm family and social emotion. India is no more the emotional nation of the 1950s or 1960s. The competitive world has influenced India also. The contrast between the period 1950 through 1960 and 2015 is captured by the Indian film industry, if a discerning person were to analyze the poetry and music of the songs in the films of the two periods. But the resident Indian American still thinks he can exploit even now the emotions of the Indians! He still lives in the times of the second WW/ the Cold War/ the Mughal & the British Empire Days, treating India as the third world country or the colony or worse the slave of the Muslim Rulers.  So the whole content, language and manner of anti-Modi petitions is cast in that idiom, making these guys a laughing stock in the eyes of the accomplished persons. They are still depending on “adverse/hostile press” in the times of social media? Today Indians know even before the TV channels decide what to telecast and what to withhold; what lies to propagate and what facts to suppress. There is no room for suggestio falsi suppressio veri dear Indian Americans, and your petitions to Zuckerberg or anybody else paints a very poor picture of you in your individual capacity. Liberty has never meant license and shall never be. The wise on their own exercise restraint in their speech, but you seem to be thriving on breach of that principle of dignified scholarly discourse, excepting out of fear for the host country. But as an Indian, a Hindu also, we are liberal as ever not to ask you to discontinue your efforts, because we don’t waste time on correcting others but keep pursuing our own goal of righteous living: we believe that life offers the only option of being on the side of either Dharma or Adharma (righteous or unrighteous) once it has been clearly understood what is Dharma. Is your dharma, if I may ask you, to serve the country and people where you are resident or rob it of its wealth, beauty and development? Does it fall in your Dharma to invest for unreasonable profits in urban commercial or residential land, Farm Houses/ Luxury Houses on the strength of the Dollars you have earned abroad only to deprive the ordinary Indian of a roof over his head at reasonable prices?  India cannot afford the high priced living or the Economy of Waste as developed countries have been indulging in during the past 75 years. You refuse to mix with the society in America and still put on the mask of progressive and liberal on yourself: you want a bride for your son from India and marry your daughter to an Indian in India with a Green Card! Isn’t it patently illiberal, reactionary, obscurantist, backward, uncivilized, un-cultured or any similar epithet you are prompt to attack us Indians, Hindus or Modi? When are you going to prove your credentials as a progressive, liberal, modern, advanced, knowledge society member? Do you propose to marry your beautiful daughter to an American Black/white  during Modi’s visit to America? You can simultaneously marry your handsome Harvard educated son to an American Black/ yellow/ brown girl to prove your commitment to human rights? I shall criticize, denounce, heckle Modi publicly if you do it. If not, you are just a dissembler, surviving on others mercy, thriving on their prosperity, sucking their blood like a leech and stuck to America like a limpet. You are so lawful, law abiding in foreign countries that you consider it an act of grace if you are cavity checked at the local police station but write to the UN Secretary General if questioned by the Delhi police for offences like money laundering, terming it violation of your human rights! Well, we are not going to justify our weaknesses because others are worse than us. But you petitioners, just review your own crimes against  the weaker persons back home(bullying/stalking/beating/harassing in school-college-university-IIT-IIM or locality), before you left for foreign shores and apologize for all your crimes that are hidden from the Americans. The Americans should obtain from these liberal intellectuals an affidavit sworn before an Oath Commissioner to the effect that they had not hurt/harassed/ harmed any man/ woman/child/girl before leaving India. If these fellows can manufacture lies just for getting a US visa or malign their own country or Prime Minister, can they be faithful to the country of their residence? Will they rise in such anger against the perpetrators of the 9/11? They have never been heard rising in protest against the burning of the Hindu pilgrims in the railway coach, but talk only of the violent public reaction that followed. Do they consider it a secular act to burn Hindu pilgrims? Do they understand crowd mentality? Are they specialists in crowd management? Was it a human act? Have these Indian Americans raised their voice against the ISIS for the most macabre killings and brutal rapes of the Yazidi women? Perhaps they consider it human. Well, Indians can always interpret things anyway they like! These petitioners had made money even during the Congress rule, especially when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister, simply because a woman rose to that level. Finally, have they learnt any lessons from the American in sharing cooking/cleaning/laundry work with their wife or they continue to enjoy their leisure in organizing petitions like the present ones, while their wife carries on all the drudgery for them as is typical in India. (To share the secret with you gentlemen, it is already America here and much worse because the wife refuses to share the culture of the American wife cooperating warmly in the activity.)

The American would be better to keep such elements at a safe distance. India has the potential to grow on its own. When America took liberties in the past on similar insinuations, it paid the price. India will be a friend only if they seek and value India’s friendship. If they choose to tread the old working relationship matrix, they can do so. But the decision should be theirs, not the one emerging out of such motivated petitions from fake human rights activists. All other epithets and titles they seek to attach to themselves are as meaningless as those printed on their letter heads or business cards. Brilliant children are born in India every day. It is a different matter that their share in progress is apportioned by privileged people giving the impression as if they are doing great service to their country of origin. India believes in the cycle of Karma (action). Everyone gets according to his karma – positive thinking brings positive results and negative thinking negative results. We exchange good-wishes for a healthy, happy and fruitful life of 100 years, no more. There is genuinely no time to devote to the negativity of others.

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