Speechless Press, Orator Narendra Modi & Salad Lunch

The Indian media has failed to keep pace with Prime Minister Narendra Modi even after 16 months. They have not been able to present objectively the far reaching impact of the innovative policy initiatives and programmes of the Modi government. The reason is that they have lived on negative campaigns against Narendra Modi personally, treating him disrespectfully, as they do to the ordinary citizen, civil society members or anybody using descriptive words like patriot, Hindu, culture or any such thing. They have been treading on a monorail all these years of the Congress rule in India post 1947 that they got indoctrinated into ideas of Jawaharlal Nehru, socialism, communism etc. that they ended up being camp followers. They had a few pet topics like corruption, backwardness, communalism, poverty, farmers etc. to the exclusion of development goals. These topics provided them enough content to publish newspapers, magazines and run their television industry.  It doesn’t help them cover Narendra Modi as independent press or the Fourth Pillar of Democracy. For this they need to change pen and penning both. They don’t know what to do or how to go about- they are in a fix of the kind very aptly conveyed in this Sanskrit phrase “kin kartyavya vimudhate”. To their utter disbelief, Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister  with a decisive mandate from the people of India. They couldn’t believe their eyes or ears and waited for him to commit his first grave error before they struck hard, as they had done for decades. But Modi proved to be a man of different mettle. His foreign policy, economic policies, governance success and growing public trust graph has saddened them. The Opposition frustration is understandable but that of the media is baffling, only because it is supposed to inform, analyze and educate its readers/viewers. Take the example of brain drain-brain gain debate.

We have yet to come across a single authentic critique on the subject, though it has been a hot topic of public debate since the 1970s. Indian talent had two types of people: one migrated to foreign countries in search of better emoluments and working conditions; the other stayed back home to serve the people & the nation. It was no different story than in any other under-developed / Least Developed/ Developing country. But what needs examination is the push from the government for the educated, professional and talented people to leave the country by making life difficult for them. Lack of right infrastructure, attitude of political establishment and bureaucracy, poor emoluments and difficulty of keeping pace with latest developments in their field in other countries caused the brain drain or migration of talent from India. Instead of improvements, things further deteriorated in subsequent years. The contributions made by Indians abroad, could have been used for nation building. It is not the question of supply of surplus brain power, but the right to first use of it by the nation. It is here that the nation lost out and fell behind other countries by at least 50 years. It is in this context that the nation needs “brain gain” now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken of “brain deposit” from the American soil in his recent visit. He is of the view that the nation will get it back with interest as one gets the principal amount with interest on a bank deposit. Unfortunately, that is not going to be the case. If these brains are of no use when the country needs them the most, they are as well of no use in the future. For the same logic expounded by PM Modi that India produces brains every day, there will be no need for the country when it becomes a fully developed self-reliant super-power. The cost of procrastination is enormous. We can’t delay brain gain even by a year. We have to work out policies to welcome brains, not only the NRI & PIO brains, but from all over the global village. We need to acknowledge that Indian brain is no trade mark. Brain from anywhere can grow immensely in right environment. We in India have to create that environment: freedom to think differently, innovative ideas, initiative, research, development, experiment, modernity, enterprise, rewards and recognition. We have no other option than to take the quantum jump. In the modern knowledge society, we can ill afford to wait forever: to wait for our enriched brains abroad to come and contribute for nation building or buying outdated technology & machinery from abroad to ensure India remains in the previous century longer than necessary. We have competitors, who are not obliged to help us grow because we want friendly relations with them. I wonder if our national goal of Sabkaa Saath Sabkaa Vikaas serves their interests equally. We have to necessarily develop our brain at the same level by upgrading our infrastructure and improving the environment for harvesting the potential brains and enriching the pool by encouraging emigration of the best brains from abroad to India. These foreign brains must find it more attractive to work in India than anywhere else in the world. What Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attempting to do is to make better use of the Indian brains. He needs to take it further as stated in the foregoing. The India media is expected to critique these issues, rather than getting tied to the jargon of indoctrinated communal riots columnists with copy of their printable article off the shelf.

During the PM’s visit, the UN Secretary General offered his guests salad for lunch and emphasized the problem of shortage of food in the world. There is need for better Food Management in the world. The UN celebrates special occasions such as the World Heart Day today. Such celebrations cause waste of food globally. The UN ought to encourage saving of food instead of its wastage. The world population is put at more than 6 billion. Half of them may be adults. If the UN were to recognize the value of Fasting, it should promote a fortnightly fast by asking people to forgo their one time meal. This will create the necessary food surplus to feed the needy. Besides, it might also help reduce heart failures worldwide by the same numbers. We get bombarded by private hospitals and other health care providers with discount coupons daily! Discount coupons for heart check up or diabetes or cancer! It is not merely use of commercial terminology in a noble profession but crass commercialism. Here is the sample invitation for heart check up from a prominent private hospital in Delhi today: angiography@ Rs. 6000/CT angiography @ Rs. 7500; complimentary cardiac consultation (with prior appointment); 25% off on advised diagnostics. Reputed Indian doctors from All India Medical Institute etc. have exposed unnecessary operations of normal patients by the private healthcare enterprises to meet their corporate targets once they approach them with any problem caused by food not to the liking of their stomach.

The current situation has placed the Indian media at the end of the queue behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi followed only by the Congress Party, the Shiv Sena, JD(U), SP, BSP, RJD. The distance between Narendra Modi and them measures the thinking of India 1950 and 2015. Carry on Prime Minister Narendra Modi with complete devotion and dedication without thinking of self interest even for a split second or pal.

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