The Common Folks Repel Cultural Aggression

imggallerySource: Times Of India

Look at this picture. The women you see are ordinary village women from a village not too far away from Delhi. It is a village in UP (Uttar Pradesh). An incident of lynching happened in the village about a week ago. The ladies above are blocking the entry of hordes of politicians, press & TV crew members who have been invading the village ever since the incident came to notice.

The state is always under attack for bad law & order conditions. Rapes or murders are reported, ignored, sensationalized, over played for political goals or even commercial gains (TRP/Circulation figures). The press, especially the electronic media, is always there to exploit the situation. It is quick to blow up any incident of crime as communal riot if the victim happens to be a Muslim. Religion has nothing to do with crime. A crime, when committed, irrespective of which religion the victim belongs to, should be punished with the same severity. However, the first breaking news in such incidents is to pronounce the culprit to be connected to some Hindu-oriented political party or its affiliates, so as to make it look like a communal riot sponsored by members of a Hindu party. The press has never disclosed the political affiliation of the victim, though the minority community has more hot headed politicians, whose provocative statements regularly vitiate the social atmosphere. The press, self-styled secular politicians and TV channels, try to paint the minority community under perpetual threat. By minority they mean only the Muslims, ignoring several other groups. Why so? For harvesting the Muslim votes in elections, as the muslims tend to vote enblock under the dictate of the religious leaders like the Maulvi or the Imam. They have a substantial number of the population. They own as much land, business and other assets. Some of the finest brains come from the muslim community; brilliant writers, film directors, film makers, composers, lyricists, crickets and other sports stars, actors and actresses, civil servants, doctors, engineers and defence personnel. If skilled artisans are needed, go no beyond the Indian muslims. But they are called minority. There are minorities in India that don’t make up even 10% of the Indian Muslim population. And these petty pseudo secular politicians assure them of protection from parties like the BJP, whereas they themselves seek protection from criminal gangs.

For maintaining the illusion of their secularism, these politicians make straight murder into a communal riot, ably helped by the friendly press and television channels. In effect, they harm the overall society. The sermons delivered by superficial guests on TV shows and never ending spiel by anchors offend public sensibility. The aggressive mic wielding patronizing TV reporters offend the ordinary men and women of both rural and urban India. The questions, the tone and the twist in telecast has already forfeited people’s trust in the press and the media.

They seem to be constantly driving the point as if the village folks are inferior to them and need a heavy dose of culture, civilization, urbanity and modernity. They refuse to learn anything from the village people, like the choice to stay in the village when they could easily settle in cities like Lucknow or Delhi. The never ending game of superiority to change the village inhabitants to inhabitants of cities like Delhi or Mumbai is a continuing aggression on everything that has been Indian in the cultural sense.

The life of the village inhabitants is happier than the city dwellers on several counts. In a nutshell, the city dwellers are always stressed. Compared to them, the village folk are generally happy; many of them are educated, English speaking, well earning employees. They have a sense of belonging as against the rootlessness of the city people; they have a home as against “home without a home feel” of the city-zens; a healthier frame of mind as against a cluttered suicidal mind of the city folks.

The advent of the 24×7 flood of TV channels has invaded homes and threatens to destabilize society, homes and individuals. The village folk have got so fed up with these politicians, press and TV reporters that they have asked them not to disturb them or the village peace by landing up any time and giving live feed without any restraint or checking facts, misconstruing even the tiniest trickle of information from unreliable sources or malicious briefings by politicians or even their own imagination sprouting out of their personal bias or prejudice. The recent incident of lynching saw the exhaustion of the people’s patience and they said enough is enough. The photo captures the mood and public anger where village women have risen to repulse the cultural aggression on their life. This should be a significant sign for the mischief mongers of the political class, press and TV channels. This is going to inspire people everywhere in the country. This is the most welcome development. This will end the exploitation of communal divide and dwindling trust among different communities. They know how to live in peace and harmony. Their value system is under attack from elements which refuse to respect them. There lies the root cause of all social conflicts ending up in disturbances. They strike the desired social balance, trust and harmony. That is how even the smallest minority in a village lives peacefully, unlike big cities where anonymity promotes crime easily. In a village people know each other and help each other. Situations like lynching simply don’t arise unless vicious politicians engineer them by misguiding the gullible. I call them vultures who descend on such places of lynching, to feed on the corpse(s) to harvest votes.

The immediate cause of the lynching is definitely the current Bihar elections. Political interests are desperate to instigate the communities in Bihar by citing the lynching incident as suits their political game. The foreign media is interested only in such negative publicity by telecasting incidents like this on CNN or BBC. The CNN and the BBC too depend on the Indian reporters of the kind of credibility portrayed in the foregoing and never take the trouble of doing their field work themselves.

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