Breach Of Tolerance

Suddenly silence has befallen the preachers of tolerance to India. Just a single instance of religious fundamentalists demonstrating their intense hatred to civil society in Paris has filled newspapers with frightening headlines, though they have been practicing these inhuman tactics on liberal societies of Asia and Africa with excessive impunity because of tolerance of these societies. European nations are already in the grip of intense fear because of the enemy lurking in the neighbourhood and attack their population at low cost but high devastation yield. Civilians are terrorized. Air transport in this holiday season stands disrupted. Metro train services stopped for fear of bomb blasts. Normal life across Europe and America stands disrupted as never before. These headlines speak it all: Donald Trump leads Islamophobia in US; Africa in middle of new arc of terror; Militants freed those who could recite Quran; IS threat to White House; Brussels goes into lockdown fearing a Paris-style attack  and Metro Shut  In Home Of EU, NATO HQs; Portraits of Black professor defaced at Harvard; Palestinian poet in Saudi gets death for apostasy. Where have all the Writers, Poets, Rationalists, Secularists, Leftists, Nehru University intellectuals, IIFT and other self proclaimed “tolerance” groups disappeared?  They are not raising their voice against such crass intolerance in Europe and America?  They have not returned a single National Award in protest nor held a demonstration at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and other cities nor taken a procession from Parliament House to President’s palace, the Rashtrapati Bhavan,  nor resigned their official positions in autonomous institutions nor declared their decision to go on self-exile nor insisted on naming an international airport after any of the internationally reputed terrorist, who took to terrorism only because of the actions of Europe or America. Is it because they are no more supported by European, American and Gulf funds? Or is it because these countries have stopped all political, propaganda and tolerance support to them? They have been only sanctimonious so far about tolerance in their own countries and India or other countries. Normal life comes to a standstill  as terror attack may occur unannounced anywhere any day any time. Sports events are postponed out of fear, concerts cancelled, metro shut down, people warned to avoid shopping centres, airports, train stations because of serious threats. That exactly is the goal of terrorists- disrupting normal life. The tolerance of these preaching countries has simply evaporated in no time.

It needs to be mentioned that the target of their hate agenda in India, the majority community, has not punished even one person for apostasy in its history of 5000 years till date! Does Indian tolerance need more evidence? Tolerance for the majority community in India is a way of life, not a vocation. It is its DNA. But for tolerance, India would not have been home to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and dozens of other sects. But for ingrained tolerance in Indians, there would have been no Parsi community in India. What Paris suffered last Friday or America suffered on 9/11, India as a highly evolved cultured liberal country suffered long back as a result of excessive tolerance and non-violence when they came under barbaric attack from the invading Muslims, the ancestors of these present day terrorists going under the names of Al Qaida, ISIS or dozens of their variants. It is not significant what name they take, but it is the tactics which they adopt: massacre of innocent unarmed people, killing children, raping women and selling them, looting property, destroying cultural assets, burning libraries, destroying standing crops, poisoning sweet water resources and conversions to Islam under threat of death. In a nutshell, everything inconceivable in a civilized society is done by these marauders in the visibly most barbarous manner.

The preachers to India and the Indian propagandists don’t even understand and acknowledge the complexity of this widespread phenomenon, which leaves nations with one of the two options to either give it back to them in their own language or surrender to them. Taking to their barbarism is neither simple nor acceptable to most civilized people nor is meek surrender to them. Recently civilized countries in Europe and America, which promoted human rights, civil rights or women’s rights after the tragic world wars, had no experience or understanding of realities. Even then, they never tried to learn from the Indian experience. Now that they have personally experienced the consequences of barbarism in the name of Islam, they are in uncontrolled panic. Their response to the challenge posed by Wars Of Barbarity In Modern Times by terming it simply as terrorism is ostracism of history without any parallel. Such wars are not possible to win by hard power alone. They demand novel ways to counter. Savage minds make no distinction between “we & they”- whosoever is perceived as opposed to them meets the same fate as co-religionists or others. Promoting human values of love, cooperation, non-violence and peaceful co-existence are some such values. Religions have to interpret their scriptures to promote these values. They should not be misconstrued to spread hatred for other religions. Nobody has any right to convert anybody else to his religion by inducement or threat. It is irreligious to even think of doing any such heinous thing. Only the Devil thinks like this. Unless religions do so, there is every possibility of mankind moving towards self destruction sooner than later.

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