Not My Idea Of India

A highly motivated campaign against India has been going on for many months. It fell silent after the Bihar elections. People started asking why have the cacophony brigade dropped silent after achieving their political objective of stopping the BJP from forming a government in Bihar. That seems to be the provocation for restarting the campaign in the last week. It will reach a crescendo soon as it has been timed intelligently to coincide with the summoning of the Parliament to session from this week. This time the design of the scheme to defame India is half a dozen Lit Fest, though the subjects, discussions and views are all concentrated around a misused word called tolerance. Now it is popular cine stars, their wives or children; foreign to the very ethos of India,  writers residing mostly in rich countries of Europe or America; litterateurs who wangled national awards in a corrupt regime returning them now after decades and years; insinuating central government responsibility for failure of the state government executive responsibility of bringing to justice rapists, murderers and lynching suspects; blaming the government for the murders of rationalists in the past when the Congress Party was ruling in the state; politicians going to Pakistan beseeching the audience publicly to remove “Prime Minister Narendra Modi”; patronizing a criminal of an MLA who openly threatened to cut Narendra Modi to pieces during the General Election 2014; alliance of the “anti-corruption  crusaders from the Anna Hazare team” calling a Bihar politician and Union Minister of the Man Mohan Singh government as an “epitome of corruption” till 2014 and hugging in 2015 the same person in a tight fraternal embrace and raising hands in unity in the motion of world leaders at a summit making common cause to stall parliament and all reforms. Newspapers, especially the English press and media and its journalists & editors having deep and long bonds of loyalty to the Congress party and foreign agencies, have launched themselves into steady action publishing canards for news, malicious views and outright propaganda likely to seduce the reader into taking everything at face value. It is only the experienced, discerning and analytical minds which can see through their games. It is really the time to stop subscribing to newspapers and television channels. Unfortunately, they have addicted people to their daily dose of negative mental diet without which the victims experience lacking something in the mode of the drug addicts. I am pretty sure that beginning one’s day with a reading of classical literature or scriptures is a better option than the morning national daily newspapers as it provides so much of good ideas full of positive energy in cultured language that both health and happiness are assured.

My idea of India has no place for spurious writers. I don’t visualize my India crowded with superficial poets, novelists or other writers. There is no place in my India for business oriented writers, whose sole aim is to write in English to sell their books by painting India black. These writers belong to neither here nor there- they belong to wherever they can sell to make profits. What do I have to do with immoral, dishonest and criminal politicians or ministers? I have no use in my India for women bartering away their dignity for positions of power or pelf. I cannot tolerate dishonest teachers, doctors, engineers, bureaucrats and other professionals. My India does not need wimps for Army, Air or Navy Chief. My India can’t stand a corrupt judge even for a split moment. In my India social justice does not mean benefiting the family or clan. My India will not compromise on promoting knowledge and equal access for all the citizens. I refuse to give up non-violence until the independence and sovereignty of my country dictates otherwise. I treat myself as part of the global family, which my knowledgeable forefathers bequeathed to me in these zillions of Dollars worth words: Vasudhaiv Kutumakam, meaning the planet Earth is my family. I refuse to give up this world view of mine for the satisfaction of   vilifying paratroopers. My India does not need sermons on religion from sect leaders from abroad, which were not even born when my India had already reached the pinnacles of glory, unless they offer me a superior choice over  Sarvadharma Sambhav and Din-e-Ilahi. My eyes and ears are wide open all the time for new ideas. Unfortunately, my own writers, in all branches of knowledge without exception, have failed to raise my spirits high. While the world rightly boasts of inventions, discoveries, patents, brands, institutions, Nobel awardees and thinkers, my own fellows consider it a big achievement to return their awards given for small achievements of no consequence. They suffer delusions of grandeur only by exclusion mostly of the past achievers who stand taller than them even today. Their whole work is to assail, re-tell, malign, condemn or reverse the work of the authors of ancient India or their genius. They are incapable of even understanding the classics. They have tried their best but never succeeded in even being shortlisted for a Nobel in literature, science or technology, sociology, political science, medicine, law or any other discipline. My idea of India envisions a very large number of such talented men and women contributing to the well being of every individual Sarve Bhavantu Sukhino, sarve sant  niramaya, sarva bhadrani pashyanti,maa kashchid dukh bhagbhavet, om shantih shantih shantih  सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः,सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः , ।सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु, मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः
. Are the writers of this century India able to develop such a mind and produce works to reflect such noble ideas? They are rather crass; and that is the tragedy of resurgent India. Every effort is being made to stall progress, reforms and all round advancement of the country because the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, is seen as a result oriented person who has delivered results fast and is going to deliver much more that the country has not witnessed but desired for long. It has given pangs in the stomach of foreign powers and domestic forces thriving on exploitation of the country by refining and using the British policy of divide & rule. The British had failed to divide India as much as the post independence politicians and writers have done in the name of social justice, reservation, castes, tribes, gender, region, religion, socialism, Marxism, revolution and total revolution and many more such divisive ideas. When Narendra Modi gave a call for Sabka saath sabkaa vikas, India rose in unison as one giant and entrusted the governance of India to him. That is the idea of India, not the one adopted for sales promotion of books or documentaries by many. My India welcomes ideas, thoughts and views from all scholars and right thinking people but no sermons from salesmen of motivated agenda wrapped in seductive language. India has always promoted the concept of simple living high thinking. If India could survive the ignominious millennium of enslavement, it was because of drawing strength from such ideas and their application in day to day living. A neutral assessment of the ideas and language used by these protesting writers organizing their literary festivals in the national capital is likely to throw up the only conclusion that it is anything but simple living and high thinking. Simple living does not mean living in abject poverty nor does high thinking mean only the Sahitya Akademi awardees or  Padmashri & Padmavibhushan awardees. There will be no pejorative expression that will not be used in denigrating the idea of India as brought out in the foregoing paragraphs. They will fail the test of tolerance themselves by not reciting openly the Satanic Verses or organizing a seminar on Taslima Nasreen’s novels   defying the ban imposed by the intolerant Congress regime and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or majestically ignoring even a passing remark against phenomenon of intolerance of the ISIS, which has gripped the people of the world by dense depression, gloom and doom. What an irony that the leaders of the protests in the name of intolerance have always professed to be leftists or progressive or Marxist writers, artists, actors, film producers and even politicians! It is further another irony that they are attacking the incumbent government without passing any resolution against the intolerance shown by the Congress and the Communist Party governments!  These writers hardly buy the books published by their fellow writers as is evident from the number of copies sold. No publisher is prepared to risk his money on these writers who can’t sell even 500 copies!  Even then, if they feel like going to foreign countries, they can go to Paris, Brussels, London, New York, Mosul or anywhere else. But they will always miss My India that is for sure!

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