Intolerably Tolerant India

It is only in India that even genuinely intolerable persons, newspaper Editors, Columnists, television anchors, and their guests indulging in verbal fights can deliver sermons on tolerance to the society and are tolerated. No Charlie Hebdo type incident has happened here. At times one feels like invoking the heavenly Order, if they allow us to say so, with the prayer for Sadabuddhi Wapsi to them. If they regain their good sense or Sadabuddhi, they will not misuse their knowledge of words for upending logic and spread communal hatred by being lenient to the real culprits and harsh on innocents. If they get re-endowed with Sadabuddhi, they will desist from misusing the blessing bestowed on them by the Muse. They are pleased when one refers to the Muse but are intolerant when she is called Saraswati. They read Hindutva in it and term it communal and complain of “growing intolerance in India”, troll on social media, hold nonstop debates, organize seminars and return whatever award whichever organization might have given to them. When this does not satisfy their hunger for revenge, they organize Lit Fest or Literary Festivals, which is a cover for carrying on sustained campaigns against society and the government. They feel the pain of losing their primacy in decision making and governance to which they had become accustomed.

When the whole world is worried about barbaric activities of the ISIS and the dangers of a  looming war, stray incidents are being over blown as if the Prime Minister must supervise policing at the Thana (Police Station) level,  knowing it too well that it is the primary executive responsibility of the Chief Minister concerned. Is it any wonder that neither editors nor journalists nor politicians of any shade have so far asked the Chief Ministers concerned the questions they desire to be answered by the PM? Their tolerance for the intolerance of the Chief Ministers concerned for any criticism from media or writers exposes their concerns and commitment to tolerance. Actually they have no desire to promote tolerance if they get their privileges back in lieu of backing off and calling off the agitation. There is a more devious agenda of reviving the dead empire. They want to silence the people in general while they pursue their nefarious designs silently. By mixing Hindutva and intolerance, aren’t they giving away their devious plan?  They have always imagined communal divide and fanned feelings of disaffection among different segments of the society for political gains. The long reign of a single party, rather family, at the centre and in some states is proof of those political gains. It stalled evolution of a healthy democracy and parliamentary conventions in the country. It is worthwhile to extract a few sentences from the article written by Harish Salve, noted Constitutional lawyer, appearing in the TOI of 27th November 2015, titled “Constitution is sublime, failings are of our own making”,

Quote: Ambedkar in his speech to the Constituent Assembly quoted the powerful words of Grote[the Greek historian]”…The diffusion of constitutional morality…is the indispensable condition of government at once free and peaceable …Since even any powerful and obstinate minority may render the working of a free institution impracticable even without being strong enough to conquer ascendancy for themselves.” Unquote.

The violent minority is posing the biggest threat to society, which has been thrown in to caste or communal conflicts by politicians and irresponsible writings. The aim is to make these differences bitter. Seeing “growing intolerance” where none exists,  is a political device used by them for attacking the government, especially the strong prime minister Narendra Modi. Their game got exposed soon and the tolerant for the most intolerable activities in society rose in unison against them. They hurriedly scurried away but not before inventing another mechanism  to continue their activities. It is called Lit Fest. Literature and book writers on subject carefully chosen will be deployed to establish the so called growing intolerance in India after the Modi government took office and shall continue till 2019, and if Modi is given another 5 years term by the people thereafter, the campaign to stoke communal violence through Lit Fests will be aggravated further.

Any research scholar in Mass Media & Communication can cull out hate words and sentences deployed by the Congress loyalist media and self-proclaimed progressive leftist journalists and  self-styled secular press in the past 30 months to beat Narendra Modi and the so called majority community. They are intolerant of the very presence of Hindu or the Hindu thought in India and pursuing the game of portraying them as such. Their divisive politics ensures fissures in the society are forever so they can go to any extent in attacking the Hindu interests and promoting the Non-Hindu interests, even if that is outright unconstitutional. They take a Prachi and paint her as the Hindu mind, but ignore the highly provocative speeches of the other side. Such partisan response to communal and caste matters is used as a tool to divide society by creating phobia of one another.  The victory of Modi in the general elections in 2014 and decimation of the Congress has not been digested by the protesters. They are beneficiaries of the previous corrupt government. Their language has been corrupted due to it. Hence, what should have been intolerable to them has become tolerable and what should be tolerable now is intolerable to them. There is no other explanation for the TOI editorial descending to such low level: “ In which case, will the finger of suspicion soon also point towards that indefatigable globetrotter  whose frequent forays abroad have earned him the tongue-in-cheek distinction of being India’s first NRI PM”?  Its starting sentence itself betrays the hate mongering by the media against the prime minister:   “Should Antonio Costa, the  Goan-origin newly elected prime minister of Portugal be charged with sedition against the Indian state?“.  Should a national daily have fallen to such low depths as to be irreverent to the Prime Minister of a sovereign country -Portugal? Its game becomes clearer if one takes a closer look at the topics for discussion for the Lit Fests this newspaper is organizing in Delhi and the people directing, contributing or hosting the discussions. Among others, it will discuss (1) Critiquing  Hinduism; Ideologies Of Social Dominance- kancha Ilaiah in conversation with Assa Doron. (The conclusions to be drawn and direction it is going to move into can be easily guessed. (2) RAMAYAN: A Retelling By Daljit Nagra- Introduction by Gill Caldicott, British council. (3) THE ARGUMENTATIVE HINDU- Wendy Doniger in conversation with Sagarika Ghosh (4)  AT HOME IN INDIA: THE MUSLIM SAGA- Salman Khurshid (5) CREATING THE HINDU MIND:PAST AND PRESENT – Aakar Patel, Santosh Desai, Akshya Mukul, (6) WRITING ON NAMO: DEIFICATION OR DEMONIZATION- Rajdeep Sardesai, Madhu Kiswar, Kingshuk Nag. (7) WRITERS AND PROTEST. (8) ICONIC INDIANS AND THE IDEA OF INDIA – Sunil khilnani & Shobhaa De.   All these people are known Modi bashers. They have been woefully partisan about everything to do with patriotism, nationalism, communalism, Hindu, Scriptures, writers, civil society members and now even bloggers. They have always sat on a higher pedestal, talking to the people, lecturing and preaching. They started their careers when India cared a bit too much for these English journalists as not even 1% of Indians had proficiency in the language like these journalists. Today more than 20% Indians use English in a superior manner than these journalists. Basically most of these journalists should have voluntarily retired as their thoughts and ideas are outdated as had been proved by the Delhi Assembly election 2014 and Bihar elections this month. But they refuse to hang their boots and want to keep kicking.

Either they get back their good sense soon or more and more Indians learn English to realize the potential for social disintegration in cool looking words like tolerance, intolerance, secular, communal, socialist etc. These propagandists can be matched only by better education on all issues confronting the world today.

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