My Apprehensions Come True

In my last post I had expressed my apprehensions about the true motives of the Times Of India Lit Fest and its organizers and the political objectives behind this contrivance. It has been advertised as literary festival but its aims and objectives were to defame, deride and devastate Narendra Modi in the eyes of the English educated Indians, foreign missions in India, and writers in foreign countries by beguiling them in the name of literature. The sole purpose of this festival of scare-mongering is to terrorize the Indian society in general through continuing propaganda under the veneer of growing intolerance. Its mask is off on the very first day. The genie is out of the bottle. It has found the right word to take a direct aim at Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi- “silence”. The participants allege of silence on the part of the prime minister. The same press was insulting his predecessor for his “silence” and changed his name from Manmohan to Maunmohan (maun in Hindi means silence).Its political, religious and commercial objective is not only to hit the majority (believed to be Hindu), but its beliefs, traditions and icons. Any pretensions to independence of the press or the Fourth Estate  are unabashedly thrown to the winds. It is only India’s hyper tolerance that quietly suffers such provocations, otherwise such misuse of language is enough for it to experience a Charlie Hebdo anywhere in India. The Lit Fest has been organized in sensitive zones to plaster on the Muslims their Muslim identity over Indian identity, but they have stoutly snubbed all such attempts to the chagrin of the political sutradhers (mover of the strings in a puppet show). But that hardly deterred the commissioned Don Quixote to continue tilting at the windmills. By associating select foreign writers, an impression is being created that it is a real literary festival, but the topics chosen expose its true nature. It drills exotic topic like gay law mixing them up with literature, economic matterss and other non literary topics. It devotes all its energies to virulently attack what it calls “Hindutva”.

The Times of India is guilty of uncivilized attacks on Hindus. It instigates its columnists to use filthy language of the missionaries of the past which is enough to cause violent reactions instantly. Sample these: “Intolerance has a name, and it is Hindutva, not Hindustan”. If Hindus were not hyper-tolerant, such provocation could not have gone unpunished. Had this newspaper, its columnist or its political sutradhars dared to say any such thing so nonchalantly in Saudi Arabia or UK or USA about Islam or Christianity, they would have been taught good lessons for life in no time. Such audacity is possible in the Hindu society in Hindustan only and still the Times of India spreads the political chess for the Congress Party of India to sell the imaginary idea of growing intolerance to create disturbance. If there is any doubt about it, here are some more examples of hate writing from the same columnist: This intolerance debate has been wrongly framed (emphasis on framed given by me).The problem is…Hindutva. As an ideology, Hindutva is unappealing, unintellectual, even unaesthetic. My big problem with Hindutva is that it is also dangerous”.  Even the Devil will think twice before saying such things   when India has been put on alert for terror attacks by ISIS in collusion with LeT, Al Quaida, JeM etc. Unless the columnist and Times of India are in cahoots with international terror organizations to harm the country, such demonstration of immaturity need to be restrained. Freedom of speech can not pose threats to internal security or defence of the country. But the TOI and its columnist is doing exactly that with impunity. Even the Press Council of India ignores such objectionable writing, though it  amounts to stoking rioting. The columnist does not stop here. He moves on with Satanic invocation for direct action: “The vagueness of the intolerance debate has allowed the Hindutvawadis to position themselves as defenders of India against the pernicious troublemakers like Muslim filmstars and liberal writers”. After ruing “poor show” put up by Rahul Gandhi, the columnist gives the call for writers’ jehad in these words “The intolerance debate should have a clear demand: Hindutva must stop poisoning our land’. So the cat is out of the bag finally!

Why is a national English language daily like the Times of India is indulging in such an anti-social conspiracy? It is not the TOI alone, but it is leading all those members of the press and electronic media, who were “committed” bed fellows of the Congress Party for various reasons. One was that the Party was in the vanguard of the freedom movement and had respectable national leaders on its policy formulating body. But this shine was lost in 1969 when it was split by Indira Gandhi. It divided the press into two: the free press and the committed press. If the blame for molesting the constitution of India goes to Indira Gandhi, it goes in equal measure to the committed press. Ramnath Goenka and his Indian Express  newspaper then, were the only voice of free press in India. Today things have woefully changed in the Indian Express for the worst. The press and the journalists bartered away their integrity and morals for official largesse in the form of out of turn allotments of scooters, cars, houses built by government for the public to get a roof over their head, accommodation from the government pool in Delhi & elsewhere in India, foreign jaunts accompanying the Prime Minister, membership of committees & commissions and all other kind of influence wielding. They became one as you see them today ganging up against the new government led by Modi and the devastated Congress reduced to the status of not being eligible for the position of the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha. If India witnessed open loot, scams of historic proportion, policy paralysis, bad governance in the 10 year (mis)rule of the Congress Party as UPA-I & II, it was  due to falling morality and competence in government as also the decline of standards in the  press and media too. Had the television industry been independent and free, Manmohan Singh would not have won the vote of confidence as it was supplied a CD of the attempts to buy votes of MPs, which was not televised. On the contrary, the complainants were subjected to ignominy by a highly questionable and controversial verdict of the then Speaker of the Lok Sabha, who belonged to the Communist Party(Marxist) of India. But that verdict could not stop  the exposure of scandals of humongous proportions and the complicity of the media barons in it. Some journalists were named and shamed by these exposures. That kind of system nursed them all. It was virtually the Parallel Government. It produced a Parallel Economy. It was more than Black Money/ Economy.

That illegitimate structure crumbled unexpectedly when the disgusted people of India chose a clean man as their Prime Minister. The Press and TV channels are big business, owned and controlled by big business houses. It acts like an attachment of the corrupt government. They  act  arbitrary, assertive and a government –over-the government. The architecture of that decadent system, which was in practice for decades, was destroyed by Narendra Modi, who has failed to provide the media the opportunity to blackmail him in the name of corruption so far.  The imaginary intolerance is merely a device to defame him. It was tested by creating an artificial motive for returning awards by a few writers of no consequence. Their contribution to literature has been insignificant as they have not produced any epoch making book. The system of writing, publishing and giving awards is a drill of the Parallel Government and drew contempt from discerning readers. Therefore, their returning the awards (though there is no system), was to prepare the ground for attacking Modi on a larger scale by obtaining the approval of scholars and leaders in the country and abroad. A genuine Lit Fest can provide that opportunity. Modi has been making waves and receiving very warm welcome in every country he has officially visited after becoming PM. The Congress suffers stomach pangs at his success. Moreover, the religious fundamentalists carrying out conversion quietly of the poor Hindus by inducement or threat, are afraid to continue their illegal activities abusing the freedom of faith and its propagation in India available to all its citizens. It is the foreign Fundamentalists forces who  accuse India, Indians and the Hindus of “intolerance”. For these elements the Congress, especially Sonia Gandhi & her son Rahul Gandhi, are more useful than any other government. They have unlimited amounts of money to spend and well designed plans to achieve their objective. They are organized, skilled, internationally networked and most intolerant to any legal hurdles. That explains their indecent attack on Hindutva and Hindus. They have engaged the media, especially socially disgruntled elements, to further their agenda against the Hindus.

The whole scheme of the Times Lit Fest is nothing more than a well designed contrivance to execute that plan of the foreign religious Fundamentalists, pushing the world towards the third world war. Fortunately, the migrants seeking refuge in thousands in Europe have panicked them. They don’t know how to handle such mass exodus of people from the Muslim countries (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan). They are already under pressure due to their old colonies in Asia and Africa sending their subjects in hordes. The politicians in Europe have expressed their fears of becoming “minority” in their own country soon because of the immigrants! That proves their insincerity to tolerance. They demand tolerance of others, like the Hindus in India, because it serves their fundamentalist goals and other economic interests. These columnists are bound to embrace soon “ intolerance”  they are seeing in Hindutva or Hindus, once Europe or America slam the door on them. They will be nowhere and the world will be different by 2050 as I had visualized in my book .

Literary circles globally have to protect genuine literature from such crass commercial and political ventures. The economic condition of the newspaper industry is pitiable, as people get all the news online, which is more trustworthy than any newspaper with political strings attached to it. Magazines have largely disappeared. TV channels are experiencing economic crisis like the failing world economies. Writers, journalists, editors have lost their jobs. Worse they have lost the plot, the theme, content for their writing and have taken to rioting instead to protest imaginary intolerance as their books don’t sell, the publishing industry is feeling the stress from the internet on the one hand and the lack of footfalls in Book Fairs. The Buddhijeevi (living by the intellect) tribes of writers have no remunerative jobs anymore in newspapers, magazines, television industry or writing books. They have earned their livelihood from the previous system, which is now demanding of them returns in gratitude. The poor writers gaining recognition by the benevolence of the extant system can’t afford to refuse to repay their debts. They are holding protests as ordered by their political patrons. If you can’t live the life of a buddhijeevi, the next best option is politics, which has insatiable hunger for workers (hangers on really). The irony of the festival is that it has been organized by the Times Of India in collaboration with Rajanigandha! Those in foreign countries who don’t know what Rajanigandha is, it is clarified that it is a powder of the betel leaf and nut with other ingredients, popular among writers of insignificance and paan loving people in India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh and other countries inhabited by persons from these countries. It is advertised as the choice of the people, but can cause cancer. Isn’t it a good combination? One can cause cancer of the body and the other cancer of the mind. Beware Indian writers of some merit, writers & scholars in the English speaking world, civil society, people of India, political leadership, Government Of India, liberal thinkers, philosophers, political scientists, economists, sociologists, scientists, technologists, public servants, religious scholars, Hindus and every other section of society in India of this psycho terrorism unleashed against us in pieces, exploiting our diversity by Fundamentalists torturing the world community in the name of religion. There is no need to be unhappy. Soon they will be exposed. The day the Indian  News industry is thrown open to foreign companies, it is certain that nobody will even look at a biased newspaper like the Times Of India.

Today’s coverage will become available tomorrow. Tomorrow the festival ends. In all likelihood, a resolution is going to be adopted. It will be crafted, drafted and edited by the sutradhars operating from behind the scenes. It will attack the Prime Minister, his party and Hindu community. Times Of India will regret it for centuries, if it does so.

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