America Has Trumped Indian Intellectuals

First it was President Barack  Obama  who triggered the tolerance debate in January in Delhi, energizing a depressed Congress Party after the electoral defeat of 2014 to hyper activity in cahoots with  a selected few  Indian intellectuals portraying themselves secular and liberal. The Obama sent opportunity provided them a much needed issue to target the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for intolerance in the country. It didn’t take them much time to organize protests by some writers, instigating them to return the national awards conferred on them for their literary works by the Sahitya  Akademi. With valuable contribution from the English press, they built a climate suggestive of intolerance in India after Modi becoming Prime Minister! They generously referred to the riots of 2002 in Gujarat, when Modi was the chief minister, for which no judicial court has cast even an aspersion on Modi personally. But they have displayed utter lack of faith in the judiciary as it demolishes their allegations against Modi in totality.  They had played the American visa refusal also, but Modi frustrated them by not only visiting America to a rousing welcome but also making President Obama the Chief Guest at the Republic Day Parade on 26th January this year.  All this only added to their gripe. The Awards, which were  returned by their writer friends, has earned the people’s sarcasm as Award Wapasi. They organized a march under the leadership of Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi from the parliament house to the President’s place, a small distance. That too evoked derisive laughter as the Congress was in power till May 2014 and the protesters were referring to events of that time insinuating responsibility of the Modi government. Besides, the incidents they were referring to fell in the executive responsibility of the state governments, not the Modi government at the centre. But the objective was not genuine protest but malicious propaganda. It failed because it was propaganda. People of India are aware of the growing popularity of Prime Minister Modi and the intolerance of the Congress Party for him!

Their anti-Modi campaign has not stopped since then.  Even literary festivals have been used to provide a forum for anti-Modi diatribes by poets, writers and journalists.  The Times Lit Fest was one such forum where every possible effort was made to malign the prime minister in the name of intolerance. The aim & objective was to malign India in the name of intolerance before some literary audiences so that the prime minister could be put under pressure. Caught for long in the ambiguous connotations of secularism, minority and tolerance, they refuse to consider the global developments, affecting peace and civilization. They feel shy of talking about ISIS. Perhaps, they think It is the burden of the white men, especially America alone. They view America as the country of their dreams, not because they want to contribute anything to its development or growth, but because they wish to lead a life bereft of all responsibility or restrictions or accountability. It is amusing to note this change of attitude in the Indian intellectuals, who had spread more hatred against America in the past than they are doing now to Prime Minister Modi. It was virtuous for them to criticize America for everything wrong in the world, whether it was capitalism or consumerism or world peace to claim to be progressive and liberal (euphemism for communist).Their contempt for America was conveyed when they contemptuously called America the World’s Policeman! It was only after the disintegration of the USSR that the Indian intellectuals found themselves in complete disarray, as China had split them ideologically in 1962 and activities of the Naxals/ Maoists has brought them enough discredit to permanently block their rise to power to rule India.

The internet, information revolution and other technological developments of this century have brought about revolutionary changes in the world. The new tilt towards America can be explained in this context. So the spontaneous rejection of all things American (as in the case of civil nuclear agreement) changed to warm acceptance in the Obama sermon on tolerance. They have gone hyper on tolerance and intolerance, presenting themselves as tolerant and Modi as intolerant, even without acknowledging growth of terrorism, ISIS and threats to world security & peace. Their thinking on tolerance is narrow, motivated by vote bank considerations and Modi centric. They write editorials and interview foreign authors/ journalists invited to the LitFest or visiting India otherwise and ask them for their views on “growing intolerance” in India. The visiting intellectuals refuse to play to the gallery and ignore such irrelevant questions. That does not deter them and they continue with their propaganda. Unfortunately for them, Donald Trump, the American Presidential hopeful for 2016 has dashed all their hopes! His resolve to refuse entry of Muslims to America has stunned Indian intellectual circles, who do not know how to react to his radical views. If they criticize Trump, they displease America, which they don’t find attractive, but if they laud his views they prove themselves wrong for running a malicious campaign bringing bad name to India for growing intolerance. Trump has dissipated all their negative energy by a simple one liner. Can they go on criticizing Modi in the name of intolerance, now that Obama is certain to demit office and Trump may win the Presidency. Even if Trump fails to occupy the White House, the tremendous support he has won from the American people and which is going to grow with every barbaric act of the ISIS in the coming days, shall remain there.  It is this change in the conservative view of minority, Islam, Muslim, Fundamentalist, Liberalism, Tolerance across America and Europe and other countries in the world, which has created confusion among the Indian intellectuals. These Indian intellectuals refuse to acknowledge the real conflict in the world between the two big religions Viz., Christianity & Islam. To cover it up, they invent ludicrous excuses to underplay the issues. They advance arguments like Islam & terrorism are different or that all Muslims are not with the ISIS. When intellectuals try to be politically correct in voicing their thoughts, they do grave injustice to the people. Articles without mastery over matters like Islam or Shariyat law or Muslim mind fail to be instructive. Blaming terrorism of the Al Qaida or ISIS kind on fringe elements and distinguishing them from the mainstream Muslim society globally is Ostrich mentality. The dangers are real and need to be faced squarely. They emanate from Islam as interpreted by the authoritative hierarchy enunciated by the Koran. It is a different matter that some people try to treat such interpretations of the Koran as flawed and hope for peace against the decades of barbaric violence threatening almost every country today, irrespective whether it is America, Europe, Africa, Australia, New zealand, Asia, whether predominantly  Muslim, Christian or any other religion. This is a new format of war. This is medievalism waging a war on modernity. This is a challenge to the concept of Superpower hegemony. The industrial revolution empowered the western world militarily so much that it came to dominate the world. It got its first serious challenge from Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaida. The response to the growth of Al Qaida led to a devastating armed conflict with serious consequences of unimagined and unmanageable kind for the superpowers. Iraq and Afghanistan proved the biggest failure of superpower military might, as Vietnam or Korea had earlier shown. The killing of Osama Bin Laden, who was living under the protection of the Pakistan army in their most secure cantonment area, was expected to bring to an end to Islamic terrorism but it turned out to be just the opposite- it gave birth to a more deadly terror outfit in the form of the ISIS. This outfit has created panic in the world by attacking France, UK, Australia, Russia and threatening China and all other countries. For weeks now, the ISIS is under combined attack of Russia, France, UK and America. For weeks! But it is not yet subdued. Even if its leader Baghdadi is eliminated, it will not end the terrorism of the ISIS kind. On the contrary, it might create another organization. The danger is not from an Osama or a Baghdadi, it is from Islam, as interpreted or misinterpreted (depending on individual choice) by those who exercise authority over the devout under the Koran. But this conflict is essentially between the world’s two religions: Islam & Christianity. Both have fought religious wars in the past. Christianity had the advantage of science, technology and modernity, which empowered it over the remainder of the world community. Islam took time to master the same technology and science, but has used it against the Christian world. It has rejected modernity and used Islam to propagate medievalism as an alternative to establish the rule of Islam everywhere. This competitive religious fascism is responsible for the so called terrorism; terrorism for the west is a value judgement of the modern liberal western democratic world, but it is a holy war for the practitioners of Islam. That difference of perception has attracted fighters for the cause of the ISIS from almost every country of the world which has some Muslim population. The Indian intellectuals avoid writing on these extremely significant issues. It needs to be examined whether the world is fast moving to the next world war. Is there a solution to the ISIS  terrorized  world in sight?

Yes, there are solutions to every problem. The Cosmos is not regulated by the ISIS. It does not rule beyond that small territory. Diversity is the law of Nature. There is no uniformity in the Cosmos. The delusion of the ISIS of Muslim Rule is flawed in that sense. It is rather strange that Nature is neither all violence nor all non-violence! It is neither wholly war nor peace! It is struggle, conflict, competition all through right from impregnation to birth and death. Big leafs fall under attack from a micro leaf emerging side by side. This cycle is repeated. The Al Qaida and ISIS are in the cycle of growth of the life on Earth. It will meet its end at the appropriate time. Like the leaf, its rival is already born. It will not be noticed for long- it will remain invisible like the magnetic force, but will rise to vanquish the ISIS and its ideology effectively at the appropriate time. That appropriate time will come when the ISIS reaches the pinnacle of its infamy. But to just give a hint, the woman power in the Muslim society will bring about the change Islam has not experienced so far. Islam is a comparatively young religion. It has to grow, evolve and develop beyond the narrow interpretation placed on it by the male dominated hierarchy so far. The terror attacks, mass migration of refugees fleeing conflict zones to Europe, Trump and women in election in Saudi Arabia and the coordinated attacks on ISIS are silent moves of that invisible force which will bring about changes far reaching not only for the Muslim society but civilization on the whole. It was after almost 2500 years that Mahatma Gandhi established superiority of Non-Violence over violence in the last century. It changed the world, but the Cold War continued the arms race for fear of the enemy. The disintegration of the Soviet Union led to a drastic cut in the race. But the economic ramifications of non-violence and peace deterred the superpowers from giving up manufacturing weapons of mass destruction like bombs and missiles. Organizations like Al Qaida and ISIS were new entrants in the weapons market. They had oil dollars in abundance. They were fired by the Islamic hegemony dream. The rest is public knowledge. ISIS will survive so long as the manufacturing superpowers sell weapons and remain cold to peace and peaceful coexistence. The day weapon manufacturers realize that there are limitations on violence and the onus of peace is more on them than small outfits like ISIS, peace will prevail in the world.

Trump has started an open discussion on a relevant subject that all liberals have been avoiding, especially in India. He has confounded them rather awfully. They don’t know how to respond to Trump now, having magnified the Obama doctrine of tolerance just 11 months ago. He has put brakes on liberals marketing doctrines of intolerance by putting his views rather bluntly, bringing to public discourse the common anger ever since 9/11 against Islam and whispered only in private conversations. In India it has frustrated all attempts of maligning the Prime Minister Modi – Donald Trump has trumped Modi bashers! Indian masses value transparency. They trust Modi is running his government in a transparent manner in spite of the Congress Party raising barriers to development on a daily basis. The political trends in Europe and America are bound to redefine democracy, religion, socialism, capitalism and humanism. A new World is about to be born. My surmise as contained in my book that the world will witness a New World Order by 2050 is turning out to be quite accurate to some extent. The ISIS initiated violence will end in peace.

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