“Lord” Marx And Ram


The very mention of the name Ram is enough to provoke the Bhaktas of Marx, who have the sole rights to be called progressive, rational, liberal, tolerant, modern, secular and scientific. If anybody talks anything else, it is mythology. By the middle of the 20th Century, Marx and Marxism had been rendered a mere myth. So much so that in India its sole remnant is difficult to recognize. Delhi’s own Harvard and its little Marx & Engels still raise slogans, but it is more to grab news headlines or photographs and find a career in politics.

It is our singular failure that we talk of Marx sans Europe & Christianity (Native Christians) and create our own myths about him. Our distorted view of Marx has caused terrible harm to our social, political, economic and judicial interests. Without studying European history, especially of Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and England, we are likely to only misunderstand Marx.

Marxism dominated the elite minds in India after independence and in particular after Jawaharlal Nehru became the Prime Minister of India. We consciously abandoned our own political ideology, created no new political thought, plagiarized and pirated the political thoughts of the western thinkers including Marks and portrayed Nehru as an original political thinker (he himself a Fabian), jettisoning Mahatma Gandhi & Ram Rajya. It has never bothered our political leadership that India singularly lacks a political thought of its own and Political Thinkers of its own. The result is: we have more than 200 political parties but not one political thinker. We have individuals not parties; so much so that even a thinker like Bhimrao Ambedkar has not been accorded the recognition of a Political Thinker. We boast of Raman but not of any Hegel, Kant, Marx or Engel of our own. We decry Gandhi.

We are against Ram or Ram Rajya. So we reject our own native political ideology. Our little Harvards and their little Marx & Engels stop us from even considering the political ideology of Ram Rajya but have no qualms in agitating for Marx Rajya! Such an anomaly has arisen from our misplaced priorities. We have been misled into believing that India does not need any political thinkers of its own and that establishing institutions of higher education for science & Technology will meet all our requirements. Then why is everybody dissatisfied, including the India born Nobel scientist, who made highly uncharitable remarks about the recent Indian Science Congress? Why so much indiscipline in all segments of governance at state and central levels and all wings of the government? Why do we always talk of corruption, charge each other of corrupt practices and fight elections in the name of corruption? Why are all kinds of crimes on the increase from year to year? Why are more and more Indians migrating to foreign countries? It is all in the absence of our own political thought.


We need to set up high grade facilities- institutions, laboratories etc. for higher studies in Social Sciences and Humanities at par with science & technology infrastructure and allocate equal amount of GDP for these fields of study. In its absence we have been witnessing fast decline in the levels of public discourse and research & development. For making the Indian democracy strong and the nation a genuine Super Power, we need to make serious efforts in this direction without wasting any more time.


Our indifference to the vast arena of Social Sciences and Humanities has impacted our whole field of superior soft power. It sounds so ludicrous to hear the visiting foreign government Heads, and their junior administrators also, to deliver sermons on tolerance or treatment of minorities to us. Betraying appalling lack of familiarity with the Indian political, social, human, philosophical, spiritual or other ingrained strengths of the majority of the people, they feel no hesitation in delivering sermons to us from public fora. They try to fill the vacuum of indigenous political thought of our own. They take the place of Political Thinkers for us. How else can one explain even junior functionaries of the foreign countries lecturing us on tolerance, being themselves so intolerant as to kill under 20 years on roads by shooting only because the fellow is not white skinned? It forms regular feature of such regimes, but in India a stray incident is not only overplayed but converted into a running campaign to malign the government at the centre in the full knowledge that if any explanation has to be given it is to come only from the state government concerned.


The Indian media- print as well as television and social media- runs the story for vested political interests because it subscribes to no political thought of India. Taking advantage of these visiting foreigners’ superficial comments, which are nothing except the brief from their embassy to serve its foreign policy interests, the Indian media tries to occupy the high pedestal of the political thinkers. It opines, produces thesis-antithesis-synthesis of its own choosing, not of any sensible research in the area being discussed. In the process it makes soup of a beautiful aquarium knowing full well that it can never make the aquarium from that soup. They inflict irreparable social, political and cultural injuries on the masses, which may not heal for several decades.


Business interests have overtaken all human considerations in India which equals the high priests of foreign policy attempting to grab the space legitimately meant to be occupied by the political thinkers of India. We are getting short changed by these people as all our highly skilled technical and scientific manpower, created after huge public investment, is being exported, many a times only as highly skilled cheap labour; our minerals are exported without high tech processing capacity in the country; our agricultural and horticultural products are exported raising domestic prices and inflation and creating political turmoil; our imports of unhealthy food, drinks, pharmaceutical products and fads or fashions disrupt not only our economy but value systems.


Interactions and exchanges are always welcome, but not by denigrating our strengths by painting them as weaknesses and trying to prove their own inferior offerings as superior. While our policy of Panchsheela might not invite any overt disapproval, covertly nobody cares for finer human sentiments like mercy, love, peace. What the Al Qaida, ISIS or other such organizations have succeeded in achieving in a few years could not be achieved by peace loving countries or societies in centuries. Has any Head of State or Government in the West referred to Buddha in his/her State of the Nation Address? Is the world prepared to give up arms for peace? In spite of decades of deliberations in the UNO to control strategic arms production or stocking, the race not only goes on overtly or covertly but has also become fast.


We can’t turn away from the fast developing regional and global situation. To understand it properly, we have no other alternative to developing our own social sciences and humanities institutions at par with the best in the world and equip them with the state of the art paraphernalia. We have to re-discover ourselves, redefine ourselves and re-design ourselves to occupy our place as equals in the comity of nations as is wont to our nation.

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