Earth Beautiful

Our planet, the mother Earth, is so beautiful. There is no other planet in our solar system as beautiful as the Earth. Still, we are pursuing the goal of colonizing other planets like the Mars or our moon. What for?  Do they promise a better, happier life than the one we are blessed with on Earth? We are too greedy for the cosmos to satisfy our greed. We don’t care for anybody or anything other than ourselves or our narrow self interests. It is evident from our attempts to establish monopoly on everything we can see or imagine, such as the land, water, air, sky, sunlight, moonlight, living creatures, non-living things, forgetting that we are not the only creatures entitled to consume them- others too have the same rights. We ignore these rights of others to our worst misery, which we refuse to acknowledge even after becoming aware of it. Epidemics, disasters, climate change are only some of the signals received by us and which we tend to ignore as long as we can until things become unbearable.

Consider these facts. Our world is inhabited by three species- those living on land (Thalchar), those living under water (Jalchar) and those living in the sky (Nabhchar). We may not see the creatures occupying the total area (land, water & sky) with our eyes, but that does not mean their abode does not exist. It is our atrocity towards others that makes us encroach on their space most abrasively. We have cleaned forests, forcibly occupying the area created for lions, tigers, elephants, deer and thousands of other species. We have killed the animals, swept the oceans, rivers, lakes and other water bodies clean of marine creatures. We have deprived birds of their lawful habitat on trees. There are layers after layers of tiny creatures (smaller than even the tiniest atom), who are positioned strategically in the Earth’s ecosystem, filtering, blocking, regulating or controlling their effect on human life. Some are visible in physical form but some live in ethereal form. We know about the ozone hole but don’t know about breach of other such fasteners which keep the Earth in position such as gravity or anti-gravity. We constantly disturb them. We don’t permit them to live in peace. Our automobiles, airplanes, ships, satellites, gases and radiations disturb them, kill them, harass them and traumatize them. In return we get climate change. We worry about species extinct or on the threshold of extinction. We suffer unusual weather conditions. Winters have either become unusually cold and summers unbelievably hot. Now rains pour whimsically, untimely and in scant or excess. Tornadoes and floods, avalanche and wild fires seem to have become common. Among all species, man has always been superior. Modern scientific and technological achievements have made him more powerful than ever. We don’t know the history of journey of mankind for the last 100 million years. We can’t be certain of scientific and technological achievements being unique for our world. Who knows human society had achieved even greater heights in the past and suffered apocalypse at its peak and life again began its journey from a scratch, reaching the level it has arrived at today. Are we approaching the same level of self-destruction? The world has started thinking on these signals seriously but is unlikely to act in time to the required measure.

The Earth’s ecosystem is governed by perfect science. The heat of the Sun can convert a living thing into ash in no time if approached, but the same fire from the Sun does not burn the sky. In the same controlled way, fire on earth does not burn the sky even though it is full of oxygen. The fire in our stomach (jathragni) helps digest food only and does not burn our body. Such controlled and calibrated fire in our ecosystem establishes the fact that everything works to a scientific order. In this order, there is no space to be wasted. It means that all space stands allocated to all species and life forms and occupied by them on land, under water and sky. Species are not supposed to encroach on each other’s space or life form. There is no scope for dominance or monopoly of one species or a part of it over other species to their total exclusion. Mankind has erred in this regard and violated the space inhabited by other species, both horizontally as well as vertically. The arrangement of space, universes, stars, planets, vacuum, gravitation and repulsion hint towards a highly intelligent order in the cosmos. It seems that the only space left under this order is in the mother’s womb for purposes of procreation and continuance of the species. Unless man integrates in this order, there is little hope for survival of our planet.

Mankind can be saved only by vacating all encroachments by man. If the land is not level everywhere, there is complex science behind it. It is coordinated physics, chemistry, biology, ecology and all scientific branches if the land is uneven or hilly or mountainous or under water. Merely because it is under the powerful machinery made by us, we acquire no right to level it unscientifically to build cities or reclaim it from swamps or oceans and end up ruining our climate.

We should not think of colonizing Mars or Moon. It is better to protect, preserve and propagate life on Earth. Our Earth is so beautiful, so rich and kind that we can feel real happy.

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