Non-Alignment Between Cold War & Third World War

Where does India figure in the strategy of super powers? Do the superpowers give a damn to the low cost war by Pakistan against India for the last 36 years? Do newspapers, television channels, radio or other media in developed countries make even a passing reference to organized attacks on democratic India by the Military dictatorship of Pakistan? Is the West safe if Pakistan succeeds in subduing India with their help? Will the minorities in India be spared by the fundamentalist forces carrying on unabated for decades the terror activities against India if India fails to checkmate them effectively forever? Who will stand by India when the fires of the Cold War & third World War impact India? At present Pakistan has three (3) superpowers backing it solidly besides some Islamic countries. America, China and Russia are Pakistan’s friends. Have we forgotten the American threat to send the 7th Fleet to the Indian Ocean in 1971 to help Pakistan? China has entered into strategic partnership with Pakistan and is developing the Gwadar Port. After the end of the first Cold War in 1991, there has occurred a significant change in the Indo-Russian relations and Russia has warmed up to Pakistan. The disintegration of the former USSR has changed the geo-political power equations. The magnanimity shown by Russia in the interest of world peace has been abused by America by creating troubles for Russia and making serious efforts to weaken her. Pakistan has always been a pawn in the hands of America against the Communist Block. It has patronized the military rulers in Pakistan in order to exercise control and influence on it. There is no Non-Aligned Country anywhere to help India if ever the need arises. The civilized mode of raising issues of terrorism in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) have repeatedly been “blocked” by member states to extend a protective cover to Pakistan, which runs the world’s most successful terror factories and exports all its produce, threatening not only international peace but also security Added to all these problems is the baggage of secularism, which is shared by no other country with India. In effect, the secular India has no friends to come to its rescue. This century will witness the worst conflicts of human history. The present day India is not prepared to face such a challenge because it has failed to devise any strategy so far. Every decision of the government has its opponents. Politicians speak in different voices. Even national interests are undermined for no justification. We face  wars with Pakistan and China not by consensus but by majority, as the communist party had opposed openly the government when China attacked India in 1962 and the Congress is unlikely to cooperate with the government of Prime Minister Modi if Pakistan were to start a war against India now as its leaders (on a visit to Pakistan) had begged Pakistan to overthrow the Modi government.

In these circumstances the people of India have to take a decision now whether they love freedom, democracy and rule of law. There has been too much of superficial talk on almost every aspect of our life, but now is the time to take hard decisions. We need to punish traitors threatening to destroy India. We need to strengthen democracy by electing only the best persons for parliament, assemblies and all other elected offices. We must take the vow to contribute to the growth, development and power of the nation before exercising our rights- meaning we give more and take less.

Our youth must give a serious thought and decide for themselves not to give or take dowry for their marriage. Our prospective mothers must give a serious thought and decide for themselves to make one of their offspring a clean person who will never fall to the lure of any kind of corrupt practices as a public servant. Our voters must take a vow to exercise their right to elect their representatives wisely, not as a once in five years task; and also to keenly maintain an oversight on the elected person with a view to seek delivery of good and transparent governance. An honest MP/MLA is worth the gold equal to his weight if he were to perform his duties honestly, irrespective whether on the treasury benches or in the opposition.

Irresponsible conduct of leaders in the last 20 years or so leads us to only one conclusion that the country has been thrown in to a movement of untruth as politicians, newspapers and television channels have no qualms of conscience in telling untruths and perpetuating them nonchalantly creating social disaffection, disharmony and disturbance. A single word “corruption” sums up all the malaise afflicting the country. The drama that started with award wapasi has reached the stage of “Freedom of India Wapasi” because the dynasty is no more in power. Presumably India can enjoy freedom only if they are accepted as the lawful ruler. India won her freedom by launching the Satyagraha Movement by Mahatma Gandhi. Politicians are now on a Asatyagraha Movement. Mahatma Gandhi gave the call for Quit India; present day leaders seem to be giving the call “Occupy India”.

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