Threats to Homeland Security

Sections of the media are portraying the JNU incidents as a fight for student rights. They are calling it an all India movement by student activists for their rights. They justify it in the name of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not include anti-national slogans at the behest of ISI of Pakistan  or on behalf of the ISIS or religious fundamentalists desperate to expand their  numbers through conversions operating under the cover of  NGOs. Those who understand the meaning of freedom of speech will spontaneously respect the rights of their opponents also for their freedom of speech. Take out the respected magazines published in India during the decades of 1960 & 1970 and plagiarism of words and expressions used therein will become apparent in the politics being played up on campuses today.

The forces of destabilization were acting against Nehru, hoping his death will create a vacuum for them to Occupy India. Indira Gandhi frustrated their aspirations for power. Now it is  Narendra Modi winning people’s mandate for a clean and strong government. The forces of destabilization will continue to work like this, ruin academic environment, mislead students for recruitment to their ranks (similar to silently operating drug lords and crime mafia). The decisive mandate given by the Indian voter disoriented these anti-people anti-national forces, for they had always treated the poor uneducated masses with sophisticated scorn. They went into political hiding in fear for some time, waiting for Modi to commit blunders. They never considered Modi fit to be the Prime Minister. For these elements Rahul Gandhi is Prime Minister material. But Modi frustrated them more than Indira Gandhi. So, in complicity with their foreign investors in political upheavals in India, they started as a field trial with burning small under construction church premises, but failed to stoke communal riots and produce  anti-Modi news for foreign media. Tolerance came next and Award Wapasi gave them temporary relief from chronic cough for a few months before it also proved a damp phataka. It ended up making writers controversial and exposing the unworthy awardees, who got them through manipulation. Then happened the incident of murder in a UP village. It was used to create disturbances on campuses. When that too failed, they tried to exploit the OROP issue and create disharmony in the armed forces. The Modi government settled that issue peacefully to the satisfaction of all. Then was used the JNU.

The sloganeering crowds were not “students” nor “faculty” but agents of ISI of Pakistan & ISIS recruiters. They exploited the liberal, open academic environment of the JNU and duped the unsuspecting students under the veil of a cultural evening to indulge in the most abominable act of seditious sloganeering. Students on campuses have been leftists for decades, but their leftism is different from the professional leftism of the CPI and the CPM. That was the reason for the creation of the Naxal movement long back in 1967. Naxals rejected both the CPI and the CPM and have not so far aligned with them even after a lapse of 49 years. That is leftism in India. That is why there are about 5 leftist organizations active in JNU. So it is not for student rights that the trouble on the JNU campus was foamed; it was to serve the Pakistani goals of destroying and dismembering India which is amply vulnerable because of its diversity. India might bask in the glory of its diversity, but Pakistan seeks to exploit it as chinks to thrust the dagger. Just ponder: why did it use only Khalid to raise the slogan. It could have also employed a Kumar. But it didn’t because it knew that its game will be blown off before executing if any non-Muslim were to be used for such a traitorous activity. It is, therefore, not for student rights but for ulterior motives.

There has never been any restriction in any educational institution in India on student activities or rights. But the agent provocateurs never discuss student duties. Is it not the duty of the students to successfully complete their academic studies and acquire the best skills to face the challenges in life? Should students be wasting time in pursuing useless research only because they are unemployable? Should they not be made to work hard? Nobody wastes his or her time on campuses as our students in universities like JNU. Is it not surprising that not a single research of international standard has been produced by the JNU in these 46 years of its existence? Perhaps the faculty is also answerable for such a state of affairs. It seems the faculty and students don’t have adequate amount of academic work, including research projects. That is one reason of students idling their time in fake cultural evenings and useless extra-curricular activities, ruining their careers. They ought to understand that they are being sustained by the poor people by financing their studies and jobs through direct and indirect taxes and sacrificing their needs so that institutions like JNU produce excellent thinkers who could strengthen India and return the public generosity by contributing to growth and development and prosperity of the masses. They must appreciate the lurking dangers like the fires in Haryana. They are raring to create similar situations everywhere in India. For this, they will exploit “student activism “  all over the country.

Academic institutions are the first line of defence for internal security of India. Faculty and students are the civil society soldiers alive to any simmering threat.  They are society’s radar to capture all activities of the foreign intelligence agents or other vested interests operating in the country and undermining the nation, as they are engaged on learning, analyzing, debating all material developments in and outside India. Students and faculty freely debate all subjects including   political, economic, social, philosophical, technological, scientific, governance and others. Since all political parties in the country try to secure student support to further their interests, they seed in their minds ideas to achieve their goals, howsoever narrow they might be. The political bosses take advantage of their maturity over the vulnerability of the students and succeed in their plans easily. It is exploitation of the idealism of the youth, who lack personal experience and knowledge about realities and unwittingly walk in to the invisible snare spread to capture them. Political jargon is full of enchanting rhetoric. It can act like hypnosis. Words like revolution can instantly cast a spell. Unless the students are careful, they can be easily misled in to indulging in unlawful activities. Resorting to unlawful activities like violence produces instant results. It attracts the media. Favourable reporting of the developments and flashing of photos in the newspapers and on television screens enthuses them. The politicians smile at their success. The students get distracted, classes are cut and studies suffer. Academic standards go down. Student scores fall. Employability of such products becomes doubtful. A kind of disability is fastened to them. Meanwhile politics goes on merrily in the name of student activism. Ultimately society suffers.

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