Beware India of Soft Power Offensive


Soft power offensive is deadlier than war. Traitors of peacetime are more dangerous than those in war time. A war is known to every member of the society, but not the soft power offensive. In war soldiers are killed; in soft power offensive a nation is killed. The soft power offensive is mounted in soft style. It relies on the power of the word. It camouflages the hideous intent of the enemy in impressive vocabulary. It does not employ an army of millions but just a few people. The few in its employ have the astounding power of multiplication into a hundred and thereafter into thousands and in due course in millions to destroy a strong nation and a strong society. It achieves its goals at a very low cost. Its commanders are the most influential elite of the world, who engage the elite in the target country. These elite are the creamy layer of a nation. They occupy the commanding heights of all centres of power in their country. It includes eminent personalities from political, economic, intellectual, academic, religious, media, scientific, technological, trade, agriculture and others fields, who exercise influence on the people and public opinion.

The game begins with controlling the media. Journalists are enlisted. With their active support, desired stories are planted. Governments are negatively depicted. One by one short-comings are overplayed. Writers are invited to debates on TV and contribute articles to the chosen newspapers. These are regulated so sophisticatedly that the writers turn into mere rubber stamps. Publication in the newspapers or appearance on TV is too tempting to writers and TV participants. It spurs the ambition of the budding writers, who are prepared to do the bidding of the operators for a single opportunity of publishing or telecast even for a short time. The glamour world is too competitive and entry itself is extremely difficult. New participants are not welcome. For ensuring that their name is not deleted from the invitee list of the television or newspaper industry, they are always keen to do their bidding.

The soft power offensive begins here unobtrusively. It gathers momentum in chosen academic institutions where students and faculty, with no world class research or books to their credit, desperately try to attract attention. They are the raw material for the soft power offensive.

They start with just one activity to generate a debate. Slowly, the debate is steered to anti-social activity. Attempts to stop such undesirable activity are turned into controversies skillfully.

The enthusiasm and idealism of the students in universities is exploited to cause nuisance in the full knowledge that it is bound to attract disciplinary action at some stage. Discipline is a concept most disliked by the youth, who are misled in to violent action. Violence, though condemned by the people, turns into media fodder for long.

The soft power takes charge of the situation and portrays the government poorly. The government is compelled to take action, orders police action according to the law and the law takes its own course. The media targets the police. The soft power seeks extra-legal remedy by placing before the government demands difficult to meet; the soft power mounts attack on the government using stretchable words like tolerance or freedom of speech.

So, what the soft power offensive in essence turns out to be is this: turn your eyes away from all anti-national & anti-social activities taking place on university campuses or in the media and don’t punish the traitors of the peacetime.

The aim is to disturb peace, public order and social harmony while the offensive attacks national values, culture, security, sovereignty, territorial integrity, government, parliament and the judiciary.

Should the country remain oblivious of the advancing dangers to its very survival? Unlike in war, there is no ceasefire in soft power offensive. It has the flexibility to quietly withdraw into safe hiding only to resurface at the appropriate time and place of its choosing.

Colonies of traitors are quietly raised and nurtured by the soft power offensive countries as a measure of their foreign policy. The divide between developed and developing or developed and least developed countries is as real as between the rich and the poor or the masses and the classes or the elite and the mediocre in any country.

In situations of poverty, lack of education or health care, unemployment or under- employment or unemployability, even the slightest empowerment is welcome and the beneficiary pledges his/her loyalty for life to the benefactor. That is how even communists in India locate potential party workers from hungry families, nurture them, finance their education but control their mind. That exactly is how terrorists are produced. Feeding the hungry body is used to feed the mind the language of revolution, jehad, dogma, ideology, hate, revenge, war, killing, terrorism, lawlessness, disorder, indiscipline and conflict.

The soft power offensive exploits language, visuals, art, music, poetry, fiction, drama, films, food & drinks- in fact every soft weapon in its armour to cast the spell to vanquish and takeover the reigns of a country.

Diversity is the law of Nature. Even in the tightly integrated country, diversity at personal, group or social level will be there. India lives in its diversity. Exploiting that diversity is easy for the soft power marauders, especially when they can easily enlist persons whose minds and tongues are captive to their masters. They do as ordered, exactly as the drug peddlers do. These minds remain captive and enslaved forever as freedom from bondage is unthinkable in this business.

If the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi of India, is being subjected to repeated onslaughts from the soft power giants, there is nothing unusual. They never expected him to become the PM of India, certainly not with such a clear mandate. Then he was not expected to last long. He has frustrated his rivals by performing a series of feats after taking over as Prime Minister of India. He has done the most unthinkable: made the President of the USA to be the Chief Guest on the occasion of the Republic Day celebration in Delhi last year and enjoy the proceedings sitting along with the President and the PM of India from the Rajpath in the open! He had been so popular in his interactions with leaders like the Presidents of the USA and China and Prime Minister of Japan and other dignitaries that his rivals went mad. Having failed to check Modi from becoming the Prime Minister of India and proving successful too, they resorted to Soft Power Offensive against him.

So, conflict situations are regularly created in different states. For it they target Modi. Intolerance, freedom of speech, Akhlaq, Rohith, JNU etc. are pretexts to attack Modi.

For many months the rivals failed in their attempts as the state chief ministers were responsible to deal with all those incidents. So, they chose Delhi finally as policing is directly under the government of India in Delhi and Modi could be blamed for everything. These smooth operators, shouting tolerance from every corner of the universe, are so intolerant themselves of the Indian laws and independent judiciary that they seek to overturn them all so that they have a free run to achieve their nefarious goals in the shortest time. They have failed to understand the personality and character of India, which they have mistakenly mixed up with the traitors in their employ.

The offensive mounted from the JNU has proved negative for these elements as they have jumped in to the fray directly. Normally soft power offensive is started covertly, the attackers operating from the wings. In JNU, they had to come out, even though many of them had covered their faces like the terrorists generally do, raised anti-national slogans and vowed to destroy India.

In spite of their agents among the journalists and TV personalities, students and faculty, political parties and leaders, the perpetrators of the strongest soft power assault have licked dust and exposed themselves as traitors, anti-national and anti-people individuals and groups.

Caught on the wrong foot, they now want the sedition law to be changed so that they get away easily. They want all laws to be changed so that they escape the law. They will go on like this for years. But the people have seen their true identity for the first time.

Foreign money and management will keep them alive for long, but without freedom of thought or action. They will have to think, speak and act as ordered. The Devil of the offenders has enormous capacity to cause damage and social upheaval.

Indian people will have to remain watchful. As Modi goes on adding feather to his cap, these forces will turn more furious. They will also enter into biggest-alliance or (mahagathbandan).

The people should not trust any of the mediocre and paid journalist, newspaper or TV story. Writers, professors, public figures- Indian and foreign- leaders from across countries, and other reputed names are being misused or misconstrued by these forces to sell their programme of destabilizing the government of India or even physically harm the PM Narendra Modi.

People should exercise their own wisdom in analyzing developments in political, economic and social life in the country. They should beware of these marauders out to play with the minds of the people by feigning to be fair, neutral or unbiased by publishing contradicting stories in the same issue or other sister publications or TV channels to buy readers’/audience loyalty.

It is purely a business for them judging them by their obsession with minority (which for them means Muslims only) and Dalit issues and their addiction to inflate any insignificant news into a mass movement.

They challenge the wisdom of the Indian masses as well as classes.

We were told to respect the teachers and other high dignitaries, but today that has become a weak point for all kinds of criminals to exploit. We believe in Satyamev Jayate, they practice Asatyam Bruyate; we respect Truth, they practice lies.

The war is unequal because for the moment there are many on their side without understanding their true intent. But even a limited number of patriots are enough to fight the legions of the traitors.

Only thing is to empower ourselves fast with the best of knowledge.  India has always believed that knowledge is of no use unless shared with the people. Knowledge is public property and must be disseminated without reservation. India has not promoted IPR or Trade Mark culture. Knowledge is not used to establish hegemony over others.  What the Super Soft Power intellectuals are doing today is nothing short of attempts to establish their dominance and hegemony on academic centres in countries like India and control through them all significant sources which easily influence public opinion.

These forces inflate a mediocre university like the JNU to the stature of a dominant university, whose views apply to all other universities without question. For them, the mediocre professors, writers, journalists, poets and politicians are the best bait to disturb the smooth functioning of the government as by law sanctioned.

The foreign scholars and intellectuals apply “sanctions” against India and other developing countries. They have been in the business of intellectual sanctions since the days of the Cold War when they used the word “democracy” to fire at the enemy (the USSR and China). History is nothing more than an account of the soft power assaults carried out by different forces.

In the modern times, their economic compulsions egg them to seek new markets. For India knowledge is for the sake of knowledge, for them it is lucrative business. They seek new territories, new populations. We have no intentions to capture foreign territories or renegades; they have designs not only on our territory but also people, whom they will convert into slaves to forfeit all their wealth as had been the case in the past. Beware Indians of the Soft Power Offensive against our nation !

Perversion, diversion, subversion do not qualify for free speech or intellectualism. Nothing is “unlimited’, not even freedom of any style & brand, whether speech, thought, expression or action. There is nothing unlimited in the cosmos. Everything is limited wrapped in freedom. Freedom of speech and expression get accordingly limited by the same laws of Nature that grant them.

Everybody enjoys the same rights equally. If the right exercised by one tends to limit the right of the others, it invites regulation in the common interest of society. Call it morals or law, they have the same effect to impose reasonable restrictions on speech and action in public interest. Unlimited action by individuals becomes anarchy, which threatens to endanger the lives or property of others in society and, thus, qualifies to be curtailed lawfully.

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