Demanding Freedom without Contributing? Diagnosing the JNU Rumpus

India has been subjected to the ardhasatya (half truth) by a political ardha kumbh of the students & professors of the JNU under the influence of a variety of political forces in the country and abroad. Prominent among them are the Congress Party, the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party (Marxist), other left organizations, the Janata Dal and other smaller parties, journalists attached to these parties and their TV channels, newspapers like the Times Of India and the New York Times, foreign professors like Noam Chomsky and Pollock and a group of other American Lobbyists, politicians, lawyers, writers (generally without work) and anarchists who get excited at the dimmest glimpse of political trouble. They are collectively and severally responsible for depriving a student of his peace of mind, academic career and prospect of breaching the chains of mortifying poverty. He has been instigated to act or partner others in seditious activities, without as much as understanding the grave implications of all this. This naturally brought the police into action, who charged him with sedition and detained him. He has secured bail for 6 months, with conditions to behave responsibly, from the court. Immediately on release, he sought to modify his seditious slogan by replacing it with these words: “freedom in India” and not “freedom from India”.


The modified version gives away the superficial understanding of this student of anything relating to freedom. Obviously he doesn’t understand the depth of the phrase “freedom in India”. He has uttered these words as drilled into his head by his manipulators, who had made him raise the slogan “freedom from India” in the first instance. Obviously he is unaware of the loss of his freedom at the hands of these manipulators. The first thing education teaches us is to free our mind to be able to think freely and weigh the pros & cons of each issue so as to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. This student has become a captive to the caprices of the crooked political forces of the country, who are always scouting for recruits to the party, like the religious organizations looking for new Faithful to increase their numbers. They hunt for the most vulnerable among the worst poverty stricken, harassed, tortured, frightened and hungry persons in the most backward, undeveloped, uneducated, illiterate sections of society in rural India. In such a situation, the weak have no choice at all. Rather they not only thank their benefactor profusely but feel obliged for life to them. This is called loyalty. Loyalty of the poor to the benefactors means slavery. The slavery of the body is less exploitative as compared to the slavery of the mind. The religious fundamentalists or the communists, for example, rule the minds of their victims. They don’t allow them freedom of thought or independent action. They feed them ideas and expressions which can further their objectives in the name of revolution, a catchy expression. In the name of revolution they give vent to all their bottled up anger. In the village any word against the politician or the criminal results in instant reprisal. In Delhi or Hyderabad or Jadhavpur challenging the authority of the law becomes a means for them to feel free of the fear of the feudal forces in their village.


The student at the JNU is a perfect example of such a game which has been played regularly after WW-II, globally and in India particularly. It used to be a fad for every student and teacher on the campuses in India to make a statement of his “progressive” identity or left leaning. The left had comparatively easier access to the elite in India. The glossary of the Cold War- capitalism represented by America, colonialism represented by the UK and entire Europe excluding the Eastern European countries of the Soviet Block, and dictatorship of the proletariat- dominated all public discourse for decades in India. The proletariat fitted so comfortably with the kisan & mazdoor (farmer & Labour) pair of words in India that it overwhelmed the entire discourse on democracy  and economic planning in the country. The student in the JNU, raising the issues of freedom from or in India is as ignorant of these political concepts as was the elite of India till the year 1962. The Chinese aggression delivered the first terrible shock to a smug Indian polity and elite class (The imposition of Emergency in 1975 was the next big shock).


Those in mental captivity of another dominant entity (person or political, religious bureaucracy, drug syndicate, crime mafia) not only remain a slave themselves but also barter away the freedom of their children. India has practiced for long an ugly system of “bonded labour’ (Bandhua Mazdoor). It is illegal now. But it goes on surreptitiously in the same way as drug pushing or bootlegging goes on. Under this practice, the labour is under an oral bond between the creditor and the debtor to discharge his loan by rendering unpaid labour to the debtor. On his death without fully discharging the loan, his children were bound to continue doing so until the entire loan was recovered. Extend this practice to student recruits to political parties and the present disquiet on campuses will become clear.


Students act as agents of political parties on the campuses. Their union elections cost more than a million in JNU and Delhi University (not so much in the neighbouring Indian Institute of Technology) because of the involvement of the political parties, who finance the elections of their candidates. That lays the foundation of an educated class which is ever ready to create anarchy on the street on the pretext of non issues. They look for opportunities to foment trouble on university campuses, goading students to take the extreme steps like suicide to get free publicity. They never dissuade enraged students from taking extreme step; rather they encourage them by showing the media coverage to prove their point.


Professors with political ambitions help the parties to further their agenda. By indulging in politics, these professors betray complete dereliction of their academic duty. They hold back vital information from their students, release information in installments, delay completion of Ph D work, demand favours from female students unbecoming of university professors and indulge in outright corruption too. These intellectuals deride anything Indian and eulogize everything American, but they have not published the code in Harvard on professors indulging in physical relations with their students. The exploitation of the immature students and their youthful exuberance and idealism is unethical and sinful. The professors on the campus are exclusively responsible for subverting the academic aspirations of the students in their charge, destroying their careers and diverting them from the education highway to the dusty roads of petty politics. Basically it is due to the professors themselves being unqualified or unprofessional in their jobs. None of them is a Nobel Laureate. Hence, they indulge in cheap politics, which is the easiest to indulge in because their jobs are not at stake and they are not accountable to anybody and their understanding the expressions like freedom of speech includes freedom from India. Their spirits begin to fly high on getting coverage on TV & newspaper space given to their views and photographs. It lends added charm to their success if a Noam Chomsky or a Pollock also enters the campaign or a foreign newspaper like the NYT gives them prominence. How much of India do the foreign newspapers or professors understand? They ought to ponder if it is fair on their part to casually partner with the traitors of India threatening to destroy India and proclaiming Independence.


The misguided JNU student union President, who has modified his seditious slogan to freedom in India, needs to answer a few questions. Who is not free in India? Does freedom not mean freedom from want? Is freedom inclusive of freedom from disease? Freedom in India also means freedom from illiteracy, lack of education, unemployment, backwardness, medievalism, feudalism, exploitation, hunger and poverty. Does he acknowledge them as candidates for freedom in India? Can he demand freedom without contributing anything to achieve it excepting holding demonstrations and raising anti-India slogans as tutored by his half-educated mentors? Is it not his primary responsibility towards his parents to provide them relief by way of extending financial help to them after engaging in gainful employment commensurate with his qualifications so as to return a part of the investment made by them on his education at the cost of going to bed empty stomach many a times in order that he could complete his education? He has dashed all their hopes. Even if his parents say they never expected any help from him, isn’t he supposed to contribute to the best of his ability to the reduction of poverty to make India free from it? Is it not his moral responsibility to repay the non-financial support he had received from his friends and village folk, who had extended him emotional support to encourage him to complete his studies so that he could open opportunities for others in the village to gain access to education or employment? If he thinks “moral responsibility” is a bourgeoisie phrase, he should be ready for the villagers to raise slogans to destroy him or his family and get freedom from his hegemony being a highly educated boy from amongst them following his rumpus at the JNU? Family, society, village or the country are structures which have evolved from ages of collective thinking and experiments. The JNU, its faculty and students came into existence only later.


This JNU student, as thousands others distracted like him by his professionally incompetent professors, has proved himself a failure as a responsible citizen of India. He has lost his way. He will contribute nothing to make the people free in India. Had he  been honest, he should have chosen to work for the improvement of the economic conditions of the people in his village in Bihar. He has written off Bihar as a state beyond any kind of hope as it suffers the worst form of feudalism of the politician-criminal gangs and Left Wing Extremism, rule of the jungle and Naxalites & Maoists, where freedom of speech is non-existent. People like him only add to the number of the poor in India, who live on alms, loot or doles from the welfare schemes of the government. They are a useless bunch, aptly described as useless fellows incapable of working outside the home or inside to earn a living, and yet enemy of family food grains (kaam ke naa dham ke, dushaman anaaj ke).


What can he do for Delhi? Will he bring leftist revolution to Delhi? He forgets that all his male & female mentors have not been able to bring any revolution to Delhi in the last 68 years!  He can only help the forces of anarchy and communist violence in the national capital in complicity with the anti-national extremists & terrorist modules operating in India.  He will end up like a political slave to some political party or its leader. He will be bartering away his freedom to these elements for his survival in the rough and tumble of politics, sustaining himself and his ideas to live with the rhetoric till disillusioned.


Delhi is the biggest mandi (wholesale market) of political commission agents. Here even the foreigners indulge in free market trade. They are uneasy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government for not giving them special treatment by exempting them from all Indian Laws.


Due to this India is under twin attack: terrorist attacks and Soft Power Offensive. The JNU rumpus is manifestation of it.

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