Congress Against Education Of Poor & Dalits

Congress and its partners can’t deprive the “poor & Dalits” of the benefits of education anymore. They hate and hound any Dalit or OBC educated person of an independent mind or status. You don’t have to go beyond Delhi: see how they hate Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, only because he is not a courtier to Congress High Command nor an indoctrinated communist  nor even a number 2 partner in the mahagathbandhan of the enemies of the “poor & Dalits” in India. He started as a simple chaiwallah vending tea in moving trains as a child. Want some more examples? Here it goes: do the Congress men/women know who is Kanshi Ram? Oh! they hate Mayawati. Do they love her or respect her? Can all these anti-poor anti-Dalit mahagathbandhans consider Mayawati to be a superior politician than Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi & Rabri Devi or not? Our communist friends talk of poor/Dalit/kisan all the time like an uncaged parrot, but remember neither Ambedkar nor Charan Singh nor Devi Lal. Is it because Ambedkar  is greater than the sum total of all communists and Marx so far as the poor & Dalits in India are concerned?

Indira Gandhi, after becoming Prime Minister for the second time in 1980, started victimizing intellectuals and academicians, who had opposed the imposition of the Emergency by her in 1975 to protect her position after the Allahabad High Court had declared her election to the Lok Sabha as null & void. That court judgement was upended and Emergency declared. Subsequently the term of the Parliament was extended by one year. It generated unprecedented public outcry. The elite, academics, students and journalists opposed the imposition of the Emergency and called it black. After the elections were called in 1977, the Congress was completely routed. However, the alliance of the opposition parties, which won the majority, could not withstand the guile and scheming of the experienced Congress Party and soon fell down. The Communists played an active role in destabilizing the government. So, when Indira Gandhi returned to power in 1980, she took her revenge on all intellectuals. It is well known worldwide that the communists hate the intellectuals most. The alliance of the Congress and the communists in 1980 led to distribution of all institutions between the two in numbers of members and chairmanship. And JNU was converted into a backyard nursery to raise party affiliated intellectuals among professors and students by the Congress and the Communists to propagate everything against the letter and spirit of the Constitution as revolutionary, liberal and progressive. When merit is compromised in academic field and administration, the Rule of Law suffers all round damage.  The consequences are before everyone now.

The JNU was filled with incompetent teachers. A university teacher, who is professionally deficient, tries to make good his weakness by indulging in unprofessional activities like student politics, only as an ego massaging exercise. The low intellectual and ethical levels of those JNU professors, who took active part in the recent rumpus on the campus, were exposed to public scrutiny for the first time when pro-Pakistan & anti-India slogans were raised and the culprits were provided safe sanctuary by some professors on the campus. These professors have made speeches bereft of any authentic information, serious research or even logical thinking. All they have been able to do is making speeches full of sensationalism and anti-national, anti-people, anti-constitution and unpatriotic slogans. .

Damage to the administration saw to it that only bureaucrats with tainted image got posted to key positions to carry out unlawful orders without questioning. The result was sudden eruption of all round corruption. It reached historic levels during the Congress led UPA-I & II, in alliance with the CPM & the CPI and others.

The congress managed to get power, but at what cost? Fall in standards led to assassinations of Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi. Prospects of Rahul Gandhi are no brighter. If the Congress thinks it can fool the poor and the Dalits by creating a movement against minimum educational qualifications for elected offices, it is deluding itself. Today, the poorest of the poor, Dalits and farmers know that the secret of success in life is education and not the promises made by a Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi or Yechuri or Sharad Yadav or Nitish Kumar. It is this wisdom of the poor and the Dalit that has unnerved the Congress Party, Communist Party of India, Communist Party (Marxist), Janata Dal (United), Rashtriya Janata Dal, Samajwadi Party and many such parties. Today the poor want their children to get the best education, for which they are prepared to finance their education by even remaining hungry or foregoing other necessities like health care. See the pride on the face of a maid servant, financing her girls’ education by  cleaning dishes and doing other household chores when she reports that her girls have done very well in the School Board’s Exam or college or University !

Yes, the political parties try to distract and divert these promising children because for them they are potential party workers. Portraying a dismal job scenario, politicians instill in them the fear of getting nothing without political patronage. Once a young person falls for the allurements of political help, the crooked system starts working stealthily like cancer in the human body. The JNU slogan shouting students and professors provide an ideal example of such destructive influences. What has been the achievement of the slogan shouting students in the JNU? They exhibited a poor carbon copy of the likes of Lalu Yadav of Bihar, who finds nothing wrong in a Bihar Cabinet minister meeting a convicted politician charged with murder in the jail and taking a mobile inside in violation of the jail manual, photographing and flashing those photos in the media. The media in India terms Lalu Yadav’s statements as “hilarious” generally out of fear for their lives.

The communists always felt happy if the students went on strike for any imagined grievance, indulged in destruction of property, challenged the police and the magistrate, inciting students like Bemula to commit suicide instead of dissuading them from taking any such extreme step and making political capital with the death of such student(s). Others are desperately trying to find a foothold in universities for somehow retaining their fading relevance.

For these parties, even anti-nationalism is Nationalism, traitors are patriots, caste hatred is fraternal harmony, dismemberment of the country is unity and social conflicts at community level national integration. Education comes in the way of such political superstitions they propagate and hence, their dogged opposition to making minimum education compulsory for elected offices. The Congress leaders oppose it in the name of political empowerment of the poor and dalits. The Congress leaders say that 80% of these poor/dalits are illiterate and education qualification will deprive them of the right to contest elections. But they betray their nervousness in hiding the fact that 20% of these people are educated, which is a very large number to mould public opinion. The educated poor & Dalit class sends cold shivers down  their spines, but the illiterate easily buy their class, community, caste, gender, language, region, religion, rich-poor sermons to re-assure them of rich political dividends for generations. What is politics if it fails to sustain dynasties built with the blood of the poor, Dalits, deprived, sucked and working class? So, what started covertly in 1980 is now being sought to be achieved overtly, irrespective of the RTE. It might get them some reprieve for the time being, but it will ultimately prove costly as in the past because India is on the march with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

So, in the Rajya Sabha on 9th March the opposition passed an amendment to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address to the joint sitting of the Houses against all convention and niceties of a constitutional democracy. The Prime Minister pleaded with the opposition to withdraw their amendment, as is the convention, but they refused to do so, setting a bad precedent before the nation and the youth. It goes against all rationality. It is just a numbers game and is bound to turn the other way in due course. Will the elders in the House go on clashing in this manner forever? The members of the Rajya Sabha are called “elders” because they are expected to display maturity in legislation and debates. If they get unreasonable, they will be ignored by the people, who have started demanding abolition of the Rajya Sabha for being a useless chamber on which crores of tax payers’ money is wasted. Like in a family, old nagging people make their loving children ignore them when things become unbearable, the Rajya Sabha too will be subjected to the same treatment.

It is a living testimony to the fake concern for the poor and dalits of India in the heart of the Congress, Communists, Socialists and all others that thousands of people beg on the Delhi/ other cities’ streets in extreme hot and cold weather. They present a shabby picture of the miserably poor, dirty, sick and hungry old men & women, boys, girls and babies. In equal numbers can also be seen children below 12 years of age selling flowers, books, magazines, dusters and other accessories to drivers on roads. Some can even be spotted pushing drugs and illegal alcohol. Even unmentionable business goes on in the darkness of the night. The Congress failed to reduce the misery of the poor and Dalits in its rule of almost 67 years. The Communists have only added to the number of the poor in the states of West Bengal and Kerala which were ruled by them for 30 or more years. Now that the common man is determined to break free of their hypnotism, they are again trying to charm him and keep him in slavery. It is bound to fail. Government’s efforts to inspire people to get education, by prescribing minimum educational qualification for elected offices, is going to become popular. It is so because a large number of villagers have seen firsthand the improvement brought about by education in their grandchildren, who got the opportunity of schooling during their parents’ service career outside their village. This has broken the charm of the urbanized politicians like Rahul Gandhi & others and made the poor also talk with them as equals. Opposing the law prescribing minimum educational qualification on the specious pretext of political rights and initiating a nationwide campaign under it is obnoxious and bound to prove costly to whosoever opposes it.

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