Destabilizing the Narendra Modi Government

Now it is no secret. Attempts are regularly afoot to destabilize the Narendra Modi government. Each packet of the programme, packed in very attractive packaging, is sent at e-mail speed. The product quality and the script bear the distinct markings of foreign expertise. Its implementation in crude Desi hands has so far failed to earn the returns expected. These are sophisticate software programmes but the handling is crude. The executioners are crude in skills and handle them crudely, substituting calm handling by violent actions. It all started with a seemingly harmless aggression called tolerance. Introduced in the public discourse silently, it has surprisingly lingered on. So it is the main storyline in some newspapers, their lead articles and commissioned columns. It was followed by tutored show of returning the awards bestowed by the Sahitya Akademi, which earned the derisive sobriquet of Award Wapasi. It was supplemented by engineered “burning” “attack” etc. on Churches even as not even one Church in service for some years has been targeted. The Akhalaq murder gave them the handle to whip up communal passions even though it remains a mystery till today as to which political party the victim belonged to, whether he was an active member of any political party, whether he was the victim of a conspiracy by his party to make political capital out of his “lynching” just when the Bihar election battle was gathering traction and needed the fuel of  communal passions, whether it was a contract killing and if an honest investigation in the case is available in the public domain. In any case, it has proved a sharp weapon in the hands of all the Jaichands and the Mir Zafars of India to keep the communal fires burning in the name of minority/ lynching /beef. The programme continues in the name of Bemula. It has been used to create unrest on the university campuses to attack the PM and his colleagues. JNU has been used to the maximum in this case as the students and the faculty, in collusion with the agents of the ISI of Pakistan and recruiters of the ISIS emerged surfaced to raise anti-national and pro-Pakistan slogans. It was sought to give it the colour of unrest against Modi (their low levels in addressing the Prime Minister of India and painting a highly uneducated and immature student as one challenging him) and anger of the youth.  The JNU students and their professors have been condemned roundly by all sections of the country. Only one newspaper group has been writing encomiums in praise of these people almost regularly in the name of the need to change the laws so that no notice is taken by the law enforcement agencies against these traitors, enemy aliens and persona non grata. The Opposition Parties imagine their decrepit leaders are the “youth”!


So far so good. The Opposition can’t be expected to sit quiet and the foreign agents  are yet to be exposed. The people are aware of terrorists, their activities and supporters in the country. But they are oblivious of the designs on the sovereignty and integrity of the nation.


The underground operations are carried on to damage the federal structure of the nation, since India is a very strong nation as a federation but highly susceptible as a quarrelling geography of several contending states. It need hardly be reiterated that some wise thinker left us the maxim “united we stand, divided we fall”. For making the constituents of the republic fight with each other, acts of disrespect to the Rule of Law, Constitution of India, Judiciary and existing laws of the land is being increasingly encouraged. Elected governments and their Chief Ministers express their views which are patently against the constitution of India. They disobey lawful orders of the Supreme Court, use street language to condemn the prime minister and other high dignitaries and generally act “independent”. They have absurd notions of “azadi” and “swaraj”, which they want to implement. They act dictatorially in running their governments as if they have the authority to operate outside the law which has allowed them to form the government.


Worse still, a calculated programme of organized violence has been started recently in Haryana. Now it is planned to throw Punjab in the fires of terrorism of the decade of the 1980s. Water war has begun. The Congress was to start it for regaining power in Punjab after defeating the Akali government in the forthcoming elections to the state assembly. They have been outsmarted by the AAP Chief and Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who made a preposterous declaration this week in Punjab that his party will not allow the completion of the Sutluj-Yamuna canal if voted to power in Punjab. Water disputes are politically very sensitive all over the world, including India. The ruling party, Akali Dal, has always cashed these sensitivities. It was, therefore, not surprising at all that it lost no time in passing a bill to de-notify the land for acquisition for constructing the link canal from the Bhakara Dam to the river Yamuna in Haryana. While Punjab didn’t implement its responsibility, Haryana had done it. Haryana & Delhi are going to suffer. Delhi will get no water from Haryana, which has threatened to stop Yamuna water flowing into the Munak Canal which brings the water to Delhi. Haryana has advised Arvind Kejriwal to construct his own canal from Bhakara Dam to Delhi. The Delhi Chief Minister loves to walk into political disputes of this kind to remain in the news without break. Haryana came into existence after reorganization of Punjab in 1966. In 2004, the Punjab government under the Congress Party was the first to de-notify the land meant for acquisition. It meant violation of the river water sharing agreements with Haryana and Rajasthan. The Supreme Court nullified that move decreeing that the construction of the canal be completed. But the Punjab government passed the law terminating the water sharing pacts. The matter is before the Supreme Court in a Presidential reference and it has not yet been returned to the President with the advice of the Supreme Court.


The enemies of India have a dossier of issues in their possession which can create disturbances in no time in the country. Some of them have been dealt with above, and sharing the rivers waters is another burning issue. The latest legislation of the Punjab government to de-notify the land acquired for canal construction was a quick response from the Akali Dal ruling government to the provocative announcement of  the Chief of the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Arvind Kejriwal, to do the same if his party got the opportunity to form its government. The Supreme Court has ordered all concerned to maintain status quo. It has directed Union Home Secretary and Punjab Chief Secretary and the Director General of Police to take control of the entire stretch of the land in Punjab acquired for construction of SYL canal. The Punjab government has announced that it will defy the Supreme Court order. It has serious repercussions for everyone.


Such conduct on the part of the constituents of the Democratic Republic of India bodes ill for its existence. It negates the very Constitution of India, under which all state governments and the union government function. If one state disobeys the law, the others will follow it; if one Chief Minister uses un-parliamentary language in public discourse, others will also do the same; if one state declares its independence/azadi/swaraj from the union of India, other will also do the same. It is usual from the AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal as he has been indulging in the worst undemocratic and unconstitutional activities from the very first day of entering office as Delhi Chief Minister, supporting subversive elements indulging in unlawful activities, misbehaving with officers of all ranks, treating the constitutional authority of the Lt Governor of Delhi who is administrator of the NCTG of Delhi with utter disregard and fighting all the time with the Ministry of Home Affairs. He has been addressing his complaints to the Prime Minister as simply “Modi” in public rather than showing the minimum courtesy of calling on the PM to discuss his issues. But courtesy is what many unconstitutional minded politicians practice the least. The SYL canal epitomizes it. All political parties are involved in this populism. The Akali Dal-BJP coalition is in power currently. For the Akalis such issues have always yielded rich dividends. The BJP has no strength of its own to take a clear stand on the issue. It is unlikely to go against the Akali Dal since both are in alliance in the NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That gives advantage to the AAP of Kejriwal, which will be a new entrant and has attracted public attention after winning 67 of the 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly last year after having been routed from India excepting Punjab in the Lok Sabha election 2014. They won 4 seats from Punjab. That has raised their aspirations. Playing the populist agenda of the SYL is beneficial for them not only for winning the election but also creating a rift between the Akali Dal and the BJP which will directly impact the Prime Minister. But that is on the surface. The under current is dangerous.


Attempts are underway to use the Punjab elections to revive the terrorist activities of the decade of the 1980s. The attack on the Pathankot Air Base in Punjab on 2 January was the signal. Full-fledged operation will start if the Akali-BJP-Congress are routed in Punjab. The result of the extremist operation in Punjab last time was the Operation Blue Star and the subsequent assassination of the Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi and the consequential riots following it. The AAP of Kejriwal has made preparations to exploit the tragedy. It will be supported to the hilt by the extremists as it is showing the signs of indulging in populism of elections and will easily play into the hands of the inimical forces pursuing the agenda of destabilization and dethroning of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. If the foreign forces can destabilize PM Modi and create lawlessness in Punjab again, they can achieve their agenda of destroying the Indian Republic and democracy.


A weak, backward and poor India suits everybody. They create internal disturbances not only in India but other countries, make neighbours fight, sell weapons and ammunition, control the economy and run the government from behind. PM Narendra Modi does not fit into their requirement of a Head of Government as a tolerant and subservient person to serve their interests over those of his people. He is too independent, too strong, too popular, too honest, too patriotic, too nationalist and too loved to ever be of use to them as the previous government of Congress alliance (UPA).


Their operations can be served by a person like Arvind Kejriwal, whom they have nurtured for quite some years and given him the Magsaysay Award. These awards are given to those who have the propensity to defy the rule of law or the lawful government for all the wrong reasons, but can carry out the patently anti-national orders of these powers. The loss of power for the Akali-BJP alliance will result in these anti-India forces  turn Punjab into a disturbed area, forcing the Union of India and PM Modi to take decisive action against them.


These forces are already dreaming of Operation Blue Star-II. The statement of the Prime Minister of Canada that his cabinet has more Sikhs than the Modi cabinet,  is yet to be fully unraveled. Let us hope it is nothing more than bombast of a politician. Even if they fail to score victory, they will make it costly for all the three of them. A rupture in the Akali-BJP ties will affect the strong alliance of these two at the central level. Even though it poses no threat to the Modi government, it certainly weakens it to some extent. For the Congress it will mean losing Punjab forever. With no clear winner in such a riotous situation, Punjab will suffer another era of extremist violence.


The Kejriwal led AAP will not hesitate to demand azadi, as it had started with its demand of azadi for Jammu & Kashmir in its less than 5 years of age. It has stood openly and firmly in support of students, faculty, ISI and ISIS agents demanding azadi in the JNU. Kejriwal is a bold politician; he will not cower before the constitution or the Supreme Court if he chooses to endorse the demand of the Extremists in Punjab for azadi !  Disturbances in Punjab will easily be extended to neighbouring Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, J&K and the entire North Eastern States of Assam and the seven sisters, where insurgency with the active involvement of foreign forces has been causing disturbances for decades. Once mayhem is created in some parts of India, the organized insurgent groups can spread it everywhere. Naxalites, Maoists, communal extremists, religious fundamentalists, reservation agitators and a variety of other incarnations of the people on the wrong side of the law can create homeland security problems in no time.


It is against this background that Punjab occupies the top of the national security scenario and stability of the government of India. The height of irresponsibility shown by the AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal is condemnable.


The Akali Dal should not have openly threatened to disobey the orders of the Supreme Court. It is the nation that ultimately suffers due to acts of such recalcitrance of the constitutional authorities.


It is not as if there is no remedy for such unlawful actions. The Constitution of India has provisions to effectively deal with such situations. But it is sad to use them in the 69th year of India’s Azadi.


The Modi government will not only run its full term but also get another term in 2019. The foreign forces will be defeated in their mission. India will emerge a stronger nation through these travails. Only the people must remain alert and foil all their attempts at creating disturbances or spreading misinformation through newspapers & TV, radio, community radio or social media. People must effectively participate in governance as good and responsible citizens and make positive contribution to nation building.

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