Jehadis Challenge Democracy

ISIS has shown its fangs once again in Brussels. It can derive any pleasure in killing 31 innocent flyers and seriously injuring another 271. Even with so much barbarity it has failed to secure recognition for its heinous brutality. What has been done by them in Brussels is no stray incident. The greater tragedy is that nobody knows for certain what is happening or why is it happening.

What do they want? This question was asked by a journalist to a citizen. Obviously she had no answer. If governments don’t have answer to such a question, it is because of the civilized society fumbling for an answer. But an answer has to be found immediately. Violence in New York, London, Paris and now Brussels can’t be ignored any longer. It is so as this is a different kind of a war- a war between medievalism of the Dark Ages and democracy of the Modern Age. The ISIS wants the world to return to the Dark Ages. Is it acceptable? If not, an effective anti-dote has to be found soon.

Violence for violence, brutality for brutality, savagery for savagery is not the answer. The world has invested heavily in modernizing. It can’t waste all its intellectual, moral and scientific achievements to reach this level by adopting the same means as are practiced by the ISIS or similar other terror groups. Doing so would validate their style. Besides, the modern world would find itself a weak match for the barbarity of the terrorists. Other methods would need to be devised.

The civilized societies of modern democracies have to revisit their laws. Terrorists are exploiting the laws of modern liberal democratic societies. They can’t be treated to fair and equal treatment of the law. They inflict widespread casualties but suffer no consequences on arrest as they get away with the justice dispensation mechanism practiced by democracies. Inhuman elements deserve no human treatment. So, what should the world do?

One solution is that each country fights terrorism on its own. That exactly is what has been done so far. It has only emboldened the terrorist formations. They have succeeded in inflicting not only physical casualties but economic devastation too. Free societies practice openness. Nobody is expected to bomb schools, markets, airports, restaurants, metro trains, planes or hospitals. Nobody is expected to wear a suicide belt and kill himself or herself. But that exactly has been done by terrorists- they have been indulging in all kinds of inhuman and beastly acts. All that is considered outlawed in civilized societies is lawful for the terrorists. Their act is no simple crime or revolution. It is terror. They want to establish the Rule of Terror.

Their religion has inspired them to do so. They are guided by their religion to win the world by terror. They have come to possess the weapons of modern warfare. They aim to use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. The world can’t act ostrichlike. It has to face the reality or peaceful societies everywhere suffer the misfortune of the Brussels victims till democracy surrenders to terrorist diktats everywhere in the world.

Clearly, the menace can’t be faced individually by the member states of the global community. Even alliances at regional levels can’t stop the ever extending boundaries of DAESH as is proved by the failure of the NATO forces after the Paris attacks.

The failure of the NATO to deal successfully with the ISIS proves the point that there is an urgent need to devise an effective global response to face the challenge posed by terrorism represented by the ISIS. It has to be a UNO devised response. It calls for a new moral code. It has to re-define all principles of civilized behavior, such as “human rights, freedom, equality, justice, equity, fair play and natural justice etc.”.

It needs to be noted that it is a different kind of war. The enemy is unknown but attacks from him are spectacular. He has no defined geographical territory. He may operate from the mountains in Afghanistan or somewhere in Iraq & Syria or elsewhere. He dreams of capturing the entire earth. His soldiers are not stationed at one place for his enemies to bomb and eliminate in a few days. They exist in all countries. It is confident of getting recruits to its ranks regularly for centuries. He draws all his power from this confidence. He operates in the name of Islam. There lies the secret source of his power.

While modernity has promoted secularism, the ISIS has promoted the medieval form of Islam. That appeal gets it liberal supply of financial and human resources along with necessary weapons and ammunition. While the modern world tries to reason with the forces of medievalism, they respond by creating fear globally, disrupting normal life everywhere and upsetting civic life globally. Nations are forced to remain alert all the time, employ armies of security forces for maintaining internal security and protect their assets and people on ground, in the air and on water. That is the work of the Satan/ Devil. He will not allow wo/man to live normally in peace and happiness. One of the attributes of the Devil is that he has no ears! He has only fears! He has no values. Can the modern man put the fear of God in to the Satan/Devil? Man’s survival depends on the answer only if it is in the affirmative.

More security, more counter terrorism measures, more strikes in terrorist holdouts are not the right answers. It is not about body but the mind that the problem belongs to. It emanates in the name of Islam, whether construed rightly or wrongly. Even the question whether the proponents of this kind of Islam represent the entire community across the globe or not is not very relevant. It is enough for a handful of them to run the show. Even a single suicide bomber can do more damage than a whole army. So, it boils down to freeing the mind of the vulnerable from captivity of the perpetrators and preachers of inhuman acts of barbarity. They need to be dealt with severely rather than the victims of their religion of terrorism which is supervised by the Shaitan (Satan) himself.

The usual grounds like unemployment or marginalization hold no water. These problems afflict all kinds of people, not Muslims alone. But no other section of society indulges in bombing hospitals, metros, airports, planes, buses, schools, theatres, malls or markets. It is a highly profitable business for many people in the world to market all kinds of ideas in the name of secularism, freedom, racism etc. if not communism or capitalism. These are ideas which have flown from the West to the East in modern times, though they were in practice for centuries in these countries a few centuries ago till they suffered loss of their freedom to the medieval barbarism in the name of Islam or Christianity.

Other ideas too have spread from the Western world, which are highly offending to the Easter sensibilities. Terrorist strikes are justified as a fitting reply to the moral decadence promoted by such ideas in the name of Western Culture. Europe and America are targeted for this reason. What has long been known as obnoxious or perverse can’t be made popular by the West throughout the world. It is great ideas alone which evoke positive responses from people as human beings universally. Were it not so, the ISIS would have gained popular support across all kinds of people, but it has ended up inviting strongest condemnation. Terrorism and its face like AQ/ISIS are the most hated idea and people of this century!

The Western world has to recognize the danger posed by these terrorist forces as a threat to the whole humanity and not when it alone comes under attack. It is sad that while the whole world has commiserated with New York, London, Paris and now Brussels, it has failed to make even a passing reference to the lives lost in countries like India to terror attacks in the past two decades. The West displayed a patently pro Muslim tilt in Bosnia and elsewhere in pursuance of NATO & American foreign policy goals of weakening Russia. If the western countries approach terrorism in this way, they will never be able to deter the ISIS from inflicting more serious injuries to their people or national assets. They have to establish ethical values to inform all affairs of man in this modern world. Values are what distinguish the civilized world from terrorist outfits like the ISIS and their ideology.

Why are the terrorists targeting the West? It is so because the West poses the gravest threat to them. The West has been ferociously pursuing the agenda of democracy everywhere, including the Muslim countries, who   practice authoritarian rule. They derive their authority from the Sharia Law contained in the Koran. The democratic concept of the Rule of Law is in conflict with the Sharia in many respects, especially rights of the women and the power of the religious hierarchy over the government. The conflict between the temporal and the spiritual power had existed for centuries in the West before democracy established supremacy. But they still have the Institution of the Pope, who can be the rallying point in crisis. The Khaliphate had worked the same for the Muslims, which the ISIS has been trying to revive. As modern ideas flow from the west, many of them perverse too, there is a perceived threat to the Muslim idea of Life. There lies the root of the conflict. Whatever be the shape of the conflict, it draws into it the entire humanity. This conflict is doing the same.

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