America confronted with the only choice

It is for the first time that America has been confronted with the only choice in Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton. Fifty years ago it had many choices. In fact, America used to dictate the choice to others. Its dilemma in not being able to decide a critical matter of control or no gun control says it all.

It amounts to not being able to decide if violence is preferred over non-violence or which one of them is conducive to homeland & world peace.

Hillary is the face of liberal America living in the emerging concepts of human rights, equality, liberty, justice, freedom of speech and humanitarian aid.

It was all very attractive till 9/11 jolted America out of its smugness.

Still it pursued these attractive ideas till the ISIS replaced the Al Qaeda and made its intentions clear.

Does Hillary Clinton still hold the American public view of how to meet the challenge posed by ISIS?

The rise and rise of Donald Trump seems to suggest a perceptible change in the American public view.

The American people have concluded that the ISIS poses a real and potential threat to their very existence. It is what is increasing the supporters of Trump by the day.

Poverty is another important issue before the American people and the Democrat rhetoric makes the party loyalists to continue support to the party candidate.

In due course, America will change to Donald Trump for its own survival.

The Americans don’t seem to have applied their mind to their condition after, say, 500 years from hence. They are a nascent country, very young at less than 300 years. They carry no burden of monarchy, dictatorship, military rule, theocracy, anarchy or enslavement. They can’t invoke any ancient civilization or culture also. They don’t live in the past.

All that they have is their own achievement, especially their ideas about liberty, equality and justice.

Their right to have guns is a part of their life style. It would be rather harsh on them to expect them to give up guns or the gun culture and take to a life of total non-violence. They can’t turn vegetarian even if they choose to due to harsh climatic conditions, which govern our choice of food by and large. The Hollywood horror movies would be difficult to conceive for a person pursuing total non-violence a la Lord Buddha or Mahavir.

If they continue with their cult of violence, democratic principles can hardly insulate them from acts of violence from others following their ways or even worse.

It was okay for America to practice different rules for themselves and rest of the world so long as they were playing games outside the American territory. It is different after 9/11 and Orlando. It is now on the American soil.

It is for the first time that America has been confronted with such a difficult choice. It is in a terrible national dilemma on how to deal with the ISIS. The capability of the ISIS to inflict greater damage to America as a nation and as a people is far greater than all the guns in possession of the Americans in America and their use.

Should America follow Hillary Clinton? Will that solve the problem or lead America towards enslavement in due course by practitioners of violence represented by highly motivated terrorists of the ISIS kind?

Will America have the time to protect its freedom and sovereignty? Can America preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignty under attack from such forces?

America may delude itself of being able to defeat the forces of religious fundamentalists but history is not on its side. Civilizations had suffered irreparable loss at the hands of aggressors and the course of history was changed forever. Nobody can presage.

In that case, should America follow Donald Trump?

When persuasion fails, as it has in the case of ISIS and AQ earlier, the only course left is to vanquish them.

Donald Trump’s remedy sounds perfectly convincing in that case. The American voter’s growing support to him is indicative of the realization of the need to temper the zest for ideals of liberal democracies in the form of freedom, equality, justice, fair play and human rights.

Still the people seem to be quite hesitant about a clear stand on the subject. But how long can they remain in that state? A few more acts of barbarity like that in Orlando would be enough to tilt the balance of public opinion in favor of the Trump policy.

Whether that would be an effective remedy to a problem nobody clearly understands presently, will be determined after a few years only.

It may not be the best option, but it alone is capable of stopping the marauder in his tracks. America can evaluate the histories of a few countries which had experimented with gentle dialogues with violent aggressors, failed and lost their freedom for centuries.

Violence, as also non-violence, has its limitations.

But the enemy has global ambitions to establish the rule of Islam as interpreted by it. And here lie the roots of this new brand of global conflict which threatens human civilization everywhere. To deter it, any challenger would instantly be equated with Donald Trump. Irrespective of what others say, somebody has to stop these forces of evil.

If Trump has challenged them and the American voter has decided to stand by him, it is a good beginning.

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