Media Mischief Once Again

First read this headline in The Times Of India dated 28th June 2016: PM’s  “very clear” message to Swami: Publicity stunts won’t benefit nation.

Now read what exactly the PM said: whether it is someone from my party or not, I believe that such things are inappropriate. The nation won’t benefit from such publicity stunts. People should be more responsible while conducting themselves. Anyone who thinks he is bigger than the system is wrong.

Now, where did the Prime Minister take the name of Subramanian Swamy? He did not but The Times Of India is twisting, turning and giving a straight text a spin that suits its mischievous goal of defaming the present government and driving a wedge between the PM and his party or MPs. Because of the spin given by the TOI others too are indulging in this game as this is how the media has been “conducting” itself. Does it do the nation any good? Here is the proof of media mischief before every reader.

This was the first interview granted by the PM to a TV channel which had almost fought against Narendra Modi right from the day he won the party nomination for PM. The guilt was so obvious in the interviewer’s trembling voice that one did not need to analyze it any further. The PM said something very significant to the media which should have been used as the headlines. He said: “I would like to tell the media not to make heroes out of those people who make (divisive) comments)”.

The Prime Minister of India need not use the indirect method of using a TV interview to chastise, pull up or discipline his erring MP. He can summon the MP and tell him whatever he has to or secure his resignation. The TOI simply ignores the “someone from my party or not” It was, as can be seen, a word of caution to all public figures, whether in the BJP, NDA, Congress or other parties. All parties and their leaders are guilty of conduct unbecoming of them because they are guilty of reducing public discourse to an extremely low level. Ms. Sonia Gandhi tops the list with her maut ke saudagar speech, which has been followed by scores of others in her party and members of the grand alliance. It would be a great day for India when the Anand Sharmas, Jairam Rameshes, Digvijaya Singhs and Rahul Gandhis start speaking civil and polite. Others are not worth even being named here. Some Chief Ministers use language in such a manner that one wonders why their mothers or fathers did not impart some lessons to them in good behavior or sanskars. Even the professors in the universities forget minimum courtesies and use language most foul in comparison to their students with whom they agitate and raise slogans against the nation with the traitors. The Prime Minister addressed them all and not Subramanian Swami alone. Is there a dearth of foul mouthed leaders in the BJP? What about the Shiv Sena? They have all contributed to the problems of a Prime Minister who is capable of delivering 100 times more than what he could.

It is the sine qua non of growth, progress and development that we improve the level of public discourse in our country. We have wasted precious time and assets in slanging matches. Our standards have gone down abysmally and we need to raise them immediately. The media, especially the print media, has a special role cast upon it in this regard. Journalists used to be the intellectual leaders for decades in the beginning- trusted by the readers for honesty, accuracy, fairness, objectivity and neutral views. Alas! Not anymore. If The Times Of India refuses to mend its ways, at least others in the profession can set better standards. Otherwise people will avoid newspapers like pestilence.

Finally, in the context of his foreign policy initiatives and personal meetings with world leaders, this is what the Prime Minister said: ……the world didn’t know me. If someone would want to know Modi through the eyes of the media, then he would be disillusioned on which modi is the real Modi. If this happens, the country will be at a loss.

Does it need any more clarification about the media failing in performing its Dharma?

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