People Buy Food, The Finance Minister Statistics

Concerned citizens had tried to caution Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and his cabinet colleagues, especially Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, last year of the disastrous consequences of exorbitant rise in retail prices of food items like pulses and potato, tomato, onion and milk, but in vain. They were told about the Opposition hand in rigging demand and supply to put prices on rockets only to cause disaffection for a popular government. It is singularly unfortunate that instead of taking these warnings seriously the finance ministry kept doing business as usual.

Let us be realistic- had the finance ministry statistics been correct the UPA would never have been ousted from the throne in 2014. It was that cruel joke of 28/35 rupees a day in rural/urban areas which statistically was enough for a family to live comfortably. Insult to injury was added when a politician from the Congress Party dramatized the situation so provocatively when he said “paanch rupaye mein itna khaana aataa hai itnaa khaanaa aataa hai..(spreading both his hands he portrayed itnaa clearly)” that his Party was reduced to 44 in the Lok Sabha and now sings har har arhar har har Modi. Does this government also want to hurt the people in this fashion? If not, then it should stop forthwith eating unreliable statistics collected by the finance ministry from the most unreliable sources and eat what the common man is eating at the price she is eating.

Let the record be put straight. When Modi entered office, retail price of wheat was Rs. 22/kg, pulses between 56 and 80. Today wheat is sold @32/kg and pulses 100 to 270/kg. The answers given by the ministers in both houses of parliament on 28/7/2016 are convincing, yet the prices are out of control. When the opposition speaks for the masses and the government doles out statistics, the treasury benches lose and the opposition wins. It was proved so forcefully in 2014. Agreed that it is primarily the responsibility of the state governments to check the prices, but the common man is not prepared to appreciate such fine distinctions and expects his prime minister to check the prices.

There are other means to instill a bit of economic discipline in the offenders. The situation should not be like black money statistics estimating it in several lakh crores during election 2014 but in actual not even  Rs. 50000 crores this July 2016..

As the elections approach, the Opposition will mount united offensive on the government, especially the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Price rise may provide it a rallying point.

If they can unite against the government on a progressive piece of legislation like the GST, they will only be too eager to form an alliance to dislodge the government and revive the corruption raj once for all..

Other WMDs in their arsenals include communal riots staged by them, paid anti government news and editorials, language disturbances on a big scale in the name of Language Festivals, student unrest on campuses, engineered caste conflict and similar other shows, which they have mastered in these past 68 years. If some minister commits any silly act of corruption, it would be used as RDX to blast the whole edifice of democracy in the country.

Unless the government wakes up to the real dangers hovering over it, it will prove the worst casualty for public trust. Can this government join the ranks of its predecessor which suffered the greatest trust deficit.

Lutyens Delhi is a terrible shark park as also a unique pirana lake.

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