Clinton & Trump: Who Is Right? Who Is Wrong?

Between the two, who is right and who is wrong? Is Hillary Clinton right about the threats to America from the ISIS? Is she wrong in employing soft jargon? Is Donald Trump right in talking tough about Islamic terrorism? Is he wrong in using harsh language without mincing words?  The media is passing value judgment in the matter, almost avuncular to Hillary Clinton and inimical to Donald Trump. Nobody knows for certain the mind of the American voter. The only thing is that this time the American voter will have to exercise and use her own brain to make the right choice. Any wrong decision is bound to create extremely unpleasant situations.

In the meanwhile, it is business as usual for the self-styled secular journalists. They are delivering regular sermons, perorations and spiels on communalism, racism, humanism unhesitatingly comparing it with the Indian parliament election 2014. Even the main contestants are named frequently as if every bit of the American Presidential electioneering is simply Indian in nature and substance. Even the rhetoric and cliché are familiar version. Their core issue is Islam. They speak as the most qualified expert scholars of Islam and its history, perspective or radical face. It evokes only laughter, for it is as supercilious as ever.

Ask these Indian secular media men and women which Islam they are talking about. They have never spoken a word so far on the barbarity of one sect of Islam killing in hundreds of praying Muslims of another sect inside a mosque. Do they talk about Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims freely? Have they ever mentioned the plight of the other sects like Ahmedias, Vohras etc? They don’t call barbaric acts of fanatics of one sect as “communal”. Do they consider it “secular”? If they can’t answer these simple questions, they have no business to deliver perorations about secularism or communalism. They are wimpy in talking of “radical Christianity”. They meekly refer to it in passing but not before raising the bogey of a nonexistent “radical Hinduism”. It only shows their bankruptcy of mind. Radical religions are only those which actively pursue an agenda of conversion or proselytizing. Hinduism has never followed any such agenda. Even today Hindus are not keen on even taking back those members of the community who had converted to Islam or Christianity!

Coining expressions like Hindu Extremism or Radical Hinduism may serve immediate political goals of the wordsmiths but fails to convince. Beyond exposing their own ignorance of great religions and philosophies, it means nothing.

The question that demands an urgent answer is: can these out of the context coinages help the American State, voter, Democrats, Republicans, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump find any solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism as popularized by the likes of Al Qaeda or IS? It is a real problem. It is no imaginary problem. Using a Muslim parent to criticize Donald Trump is as spurious as disproportionate hue & cry about an Akhlaq in India. Can the Khans stop the ISIS from re-creating 9/11? Can any journalist, especially the sermon dispatching Indian journalists covering the American election be as stinging and forthright against the ISIS as they are against Donald Trump? Can they guarantee that a defeat for Donald Trump is a guarantee of the Islamic terrorists sparing America? Can they guarantee that the victory of Hillary Clinton shall protect America from another 9/11 on the American soil?. Can they assure that the defeat of Donald Trump will also mean the end of Islamic terrorism?

Further, blocking/prohibiting the entry of Muslims into America is no guarantee that their missiles will not enter America. The greatest strength of terrorism lies in the element of surprise. They do “unimaginable things in the most unimaginable ways”. They use airplanes as missiles, drive trucks on holidaying people, kill children with as much ease as adults and rape women of all ages without even sparing those below age as tender as 9. They create mayhem, spread terror and subjugate their targets easily. As America has no experience of such barbarity having ever taken place on its soil, it can indulge in the luxury of a surfeit of meaningless expressions like racism, communalism or secularism. The barbarians can never be equated with the civilized and compared. Barbarism is barbarism and civilization is civilization and the twain can never meet!

It is History. It repeats itself. Civilization has dominated the human society for long enough now for the pendulum to move into the reverse direction. Terrorism is just one manifestation of it. What is hidden in the future is not known to anybody. For the present, only this much can be said that there is enough time for the American elections which might force all of us to change our attitudes and language. Just imagine, God forbid it though, that the terrorists attack America with greater barbarity before that election. They are known to poison drinking water sources, burning forests, arson, loot, rape and Fidayeen (suicide) bomb blasts. They are regularly harassing Europe, committing deadly attacks in restaurants, sea side resorts, cinema halls, opera houses, schools, trains, buses and metro stations. Is it difficult for them to do it in America? They need not enter America to achieve their goals. There exist thousands of their sympathizers to carry out their bidding in the name of Islam.

As has been conclusively proved in my book – Narendra Modi  Changing Direction Of The Wind And Challenges Ahead, the media was not only far removed from the situation on ground in India from the beginning, during and after the Parliamentary elections in 2014, so is the case with the American Presidential election 2016. They are indulging in verbosity of the person in reverie. Irrespective of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, America will have to take awfully tough decision by 2020. What kind of language will be employed in expressing that toughness will be determined by developments in the course of the next 4 years.

Meeting violence with violence is no solution. Talking civilized ideas of love, peace, non-violence, secularism or humanism with terrorists is only going to prove costly for everyone. Rather it will give them enough time to gain strength to mount their inhuman missions with greater ferocity. The world has to understand the nature of this barbarism. Islam does not define it nor does terrorism refine it. It is time to call a spade a spade. It is no use hiding behind politically correct thoughts or expressions. Jihad is unlawful. The world has to declare it unlawful and a crime. The Muslim countries can no more remain hesitant in calling it unlawful. Once it gets disapproval of all countries and becomes a crime, it will shrink its canvas to operate. There will be need for other actions like reduction in manufacture and supply of weapons of all kind. Conversions should be banned. Poverty needs to be eliminated. Every world citizen should have access to elementary education and healthcare. Security of the person and property should be respected. Consumption of diplomacy should be drastically cut down. Methods need to be devised to soothe the nerves of the people so that they can live in peace and harmony with their neighbors.

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