What Use Trump(o)phobia?

The American Presidential election is generating much interest and spook. There is a sustained campaign against Donald Trump for alleged “intolerance”. He is portrayed as a person polarizing the American society. He is painted as someone whose first act on entering The Oval would be to press the nuclear button. Nobody knows for certain whether he will attack the American Muslim community or the Mexican illegal immigrants or bombard the ISIS somewhere in Syria or Iraq or the few remnants of the Al Qaeda. Nobody even knows if the Islamic terrorists care even two hoots for him or even America!

Donald Trump does not deter the terrorists.

Every political commentator, journalist and intellectual and every newspaper and TV channel is going an extra mile in creating a phobia of Donald Trump. Does it really matter if DT enters the White House? Do the terrorists worry about him? Do they fear him?

Have the Islamic terrorists ever been afraid of America?

In fact, it is America which is afraid of the terrorists. It may not express it in so many words but the advisories it has issued to its citizens everywhere in the world since 9/11 prove beyond doubt that the Islamic terrorists have driven the fear of God in the Pentagon and the White House.

America took the action it could by invading Iraq and eliminating Saddam Hussein. But has that brought it peace of mind? America is the world’s mightiest military power, yet it is afraid of the smallest outfits like the ISIS & Al Qaeda instead of making them fear it.

Unless the world thinkers devote a serious thought to analyzing the reasons for it and come up with right remedies, world peace, not only American and European, shall be at continuing risk of brutal Islamic attacks. It is no use minimizing the threat.

It is now more than a quarter century that the world has suffered terrorism without finding an effective counter strategy to end it. Europe and America are paying the price now for having propped up these terrorists as a part of their foreign policy, more to contain the influence of communism and the USSR in particular. They are only paying the price of earlier short sighted policies.

Great civilizations don’t evolve on the strength of rabid terrorism, called by whatever name and masked in religious idiom. Terrorism has openly challenged Europe and America. Still they are living under the illusion of ambiguous terms like tolerance, secularism, humanism and inclusiveness. It would be interesting to watch how long America can hold forth with these ideals in the face of terrorism.

Will the United States of America remain steadfast even in the face of turning the extant majority population into the minority and the minority acquiring the status of the majority?

Europe has changed in just two years. Member nation after member nation in Europe is veering to the most unpleasant view that it is faced with the challenge of being reduced to a minority in its own country as a result of liberal policies.  European countries, which initially warmly welcomed the influx of the refugees, turned cold in less than a year!  The socialist and revolutionary France has declared that it is going to draft a law on religion to protect its citizens. Couched in diplomatese (diplomatic terms), France as well as other European countries are going to speak the same language that Donald Trump is using in America in this election. When that is the sour reality, why is Trupmophobia whipped up in America and around the world by people who don’t have the grip on the global realities caused by Islamic Terrorism?

China has already taken the most stringent measure to contain the Islamic terrorism. It is afflicted by the terrorists mostly in a smaller territory in one of its province, Xinjiang. China is the first country to term it as “distorted Islamic ideas”. It has declared “distorted Islamic ideas” unlawful and prohibits their spread. China has put the preachers of such distorted Islamic ideas on notice by bringing them under the searchlight. These preachers will no longer be able to preach radical or extremist ideas in the name of Islam, as can be seen 24×7 in Pakistan. China has rightly struck at the root of Islamic extremism. It is such religious preachers who incite violence in the name of Islam. Now anyone suspected of indulging in such unlawful activities will be liable to be punished as for any “unpatriotic” activity. It needs to be emphasized that Xinjiang borders the world’s biggest terrorists facility – Pakistan.

Liberal intellectuals and media persons might instantly draw the difference in American democracy and Chinese one party communist rule, but terror is terror and has been operating everywhere irrespective of the form of government. For these Islamic preachers and their foot soldiers all non-Muslims are the same and need similar treatment.

Terrorism started long back when Pakistan put it to use as state policy to bleed India. In those days America showered all her love on Pakistan. Without understanding long term repercussions of using terror tactics against communism and arch enemy of the Cold War era the USSR, America unwittingly walked into the trap laid by Islamic terrorist ideology of ruling the world.

Pakistan presents no model of real Islam because it is a mercenary establishment ready to do anything for lucrative payment.

America has committed the gravest mistake of imagining that the Dollar can buy anything and everything. It has seen the warm hospitality enjoyed by Bin Laden in Pakistan even as it faked pursuing him to help America track him down and earned in the process hundreds of billions of American tax payers’ money.

Libya was, perhaps, the first big jolt the big powers of the world got. Still they did not proceed beyond punishing Gadhafi. America’s subsequent actions in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere tend to suggest no change in its policy of using terrorists for implementing its designs of changing regimes or containing leaders known for their anti-America stance.

America has to understand that it doesn’t rule the world. It has also to acknowledge the fact that the whole world can’t be turned uniformly into a democracy.

How is the world of today different from the one before WW-I or WW-II? The two world wars swallowed the achievements of all scientific and technological developments. Terrorism is trying to destroy whatever progress has since been made.

Terrorism has the potential of changing history. It can’t be taken lightly. History’s turning points are triggered by such insignificant developments acquiring the proportions of an insurmountable challenge!

The language of the post-Cold War era is no longer relevant. Terrorism has invented peaceful means of uprooting regimes. It can destroy nations in the most human way by driving hordes of refugees into small nations and capture them.

It has no borders of its own and respects none. The Caliphate of the ISIS is one movement, pursued most doggedly and yielding enormous results at zero cost. It uses the enemy’s resources and infrastructure to attack to inflict the gravest injury to it and get the maximum gain out of it. It has enough justification to go on doing whatever it chooses to.

Do the prophets of secularism, tolerance, inclusiveness and humanism have any effective mechanism in place to face the danger from Islamic terrorism in the United States of America or elsewhere in the world? Is the phobia built around Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for the office of the President of the United States of America, the only mechanism they offer?

The ISIS pays no attention even to wise counsel from the Muslim scholars. Perhaps the Khans attacking Donald Trump can do the magic of changing the barbaric ISIS into a civilized organization in order to establish peace in the world. Freedom from fear is the most valuable attribute in life and love the most powerful emotion.  The world needs both now.

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