Are The Whites Going To Lose America To The Non-Whites?

Donald Trump has already driven a majority of voters to the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. All non-white, immigrants, colored, Hispanic and other Latin American voters have been thrown into the Democratic camp by Trump’s “politically incorrect” statements. Worst of all, his alienation of women is going to prove very costly to him and his party. This is how electioneering goes on in any election. But what is more significant than mere voting percentage at the present time is the really difficult choice before the people.

The defeat of Donald Trump is not going to mean a defeat for a person alone. It is fraught with the danger of the loss of America for the Whites in the long run. Donald Trump seems to be harping on this issue forcefully. He has successfully sold this idea to the white Americans, who may have reservations to buy the Trump thesis but have no strong conviction to reject it straightaway. It means the American Whites will live as a minority in the United States of America. The land of the immigrants as America is known would slip out of the hands of the White American. They may not be able to “rule” it any longer. Such ideas take time to gather strong roots in society and yet terrorists can frighten people to gather under the umbrella of such political leaders for security of their person and property.

It would not have mattered much but for the worries haunting European nations after the mass immigration from the conflict zones in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, ISIS and elsewhere threatening to reduce them to a minority Christian nation. A survey indicating a simple 1% increase in the number of those claiming to be Christians in the UK in the year 2015 warms many hearts.

The question is: can liberal societies withstand the bestiality of the Islamic barbarians for long?

Can the policy and agenda of the Democrats insulate the USA from such attacks?

Neither seems to be possible.

Is the conflict between capitalism and communism giving way to some other yet unknown cause of conflict? Are immigrants in America only for the economic opportunities available there? Does it mean sharing the cake? Can the American people be democrats to the extent of giving away more than half of it to their migrant brethren?

What is going to be the fate of globalization?

Is universality of all human emotions as in literature and religion in conflict with economic globalization? Are the emotions of liberty, equality and fraternity merely “synthetic emotions” quick to melt under the heat of bestiality of any kind? Do societies live on bread & butter alone or also need sublimity of thoughts? Can the barbarism of one set of people constrict the evolved human beings? Is it the Law of Nature that brutality can be met by brutality of greater force? Is it possible to escape the consequences of such a conflict? Can it merely be postponed for the time being for the next generation to take on the liability and discharge this debt? Can the third world war be completely ruled out? Can America give up its world leadership role and agree to play second fiddle to another leader? Can America simply watch the ISIS marching into Washington?

The world can wait and watch the developments. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump can remain fixed to their election rhetoric. Whosoever enters the White House will undergo the briefing which will make her/him a responsible President. The successful one shall come to know of things for the first time s/he had not even imagined before. The permanent government will inform, teach, brief, train, guide and also supervise the newly appointed President of The United States Of America in the most sophisticated manner. Even the press and TV channels will change their anchors & guests fast!

The only point of interest to watch is whether the ISIS is going to promote one and demote the other, driving all opinion pollsters crazy in no time!

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