America Does Not Rule The Airwaves

“Britannia rules the waves” used to be the refrain only about three quarters of a century ago. Not anymore. CNN used to rule the airwaves. But does it anymore? People have access to objective news elsewhere these days.

This American Presidential election has put to the most stringent test the independence and fairness of the American press/media.

The media has committed excesses, lobbied for one and against another candidate. It has not refrained from calling a candidate a fool, a dangerous lunatic and even unfit among a score of such epithets.

I wonder if the press and television have any legal rights to denounce any candidate in these terms.

A handful of journalists, essentially lobbyists, have appropriated to themselves the right to install or stall a contestant. To cover up their unlawful authority to select the next President of the United States of America, they selectively choose others from among the academia, legal, psychology, psychiatry and similar other fields to get their vilification campaign a seal of wiser approval.

There is nothing new about it, as we have been witness to these media games for several decades everywhere in the democratic world, except that this Presidential election is different.

It confronts America with a choice that it has to make, whether the leading lights of liberal societies like it or not. They have to make a choice now, as it can’t be delayed anymore. The price of procrastination is bound to be enormous. The press, media, academia, most other professions are dominated by the smug generation happy in their achievements and privileges.

They think the world has not changed even a bit since 8 November 2012. They don’t feel threatened like the others below them in the economic or social pyramid. That is why they call one candidate paranoid and a dangerous lunatic. They imagine themselves so insulated and secure that they don’t want to even take stock of the looming dangers post 2012.

They think nobody will be able to harm America and the Americans. If anybody tries to awaken them to the creeping danger, they don’t hesitate to call him paranoid. They mount the higher moral pedestal mouthing sermons to those whom they have the pleasure to call racists, misogynists and lunatic.

But that doesn’t help reduce the threats.

Because the non-stop terror attacks worldwide have not yet awakened them to similar threats to the American people on the American soil, they continue to live in their own ivory towers. France, Belgium, Germany and others have witnessed deadly attacks on their soil for the first time since world war-II. In spite of the might of the NATO, terrorism has not abated. It has rather grown from strength to strength. America is not only a member of the NATO, it is the power behind the organization. Clearly this generation has become “old” and is cut off from the reality. It is not for nothing that the contestant continues in the fray with his ideology about terrorism.

In spite of all the knowledge at his command, man hasn’t been able to stop historic events such as the World War-I or WW-II from happening. Similarly, terrorism of the present order was something unimaginable in the Modern World till about 30 years ago.  Today there is hardly any place or country that does not live under the fear of bestial terrorism. The entire human society is under the grip of terrorism. The relaxed post Cold War western world, lost in the reverie of their achievements in science & technology, especially space and information technology, suddenly came to be terribly tense under the growing terrorism hitting at its achievements, economy, culture and society.

Situations in such circumstances develop automatically propping up people who have the courage to challenge them. That is what is happening currently in the American Presidential election.

America is currently on target of ISIS and its various 3D prints. Americans everywhere in the world are under threat of terrorist violence. The Americans are known for their lack of interest in terrorist strikes in other countries outside the western world. But the world watches developments in America with keen interest.

The American media may live with its liberal ideas as long as the USA is secure from the kind of terrorism experienced in several European countries. It has witnessed only one horrible incident on 9/11 which had shaken it awfully.

Its response was strong but unstructured to meet the threat from terrorism.

Even today no country knows how to end this menace.

The contestants, their campaign strategists, supporters and opponents have no roadmap to end terrorism or protect America from it. Their views ring alarm bells for some thinkers, sound jingoism or outright divisive of society to others.

Cultured response but the threat perception is poor. Terrorism will not go away simply by wishing so. It will force America to engage in a duel and fight for its safety. Unless contestants offer to take on terrorism now, it may be too late later.

It is not for anybody other than the American voter to give a decision. But the treatment of the voters as those knowing nothing and claiming themselves to be all knowing is a bit too much for the newspapers and TV channels. They are basically in the business of news or the news industry. They run for profit. So long as they get what they want they will continue to pursue their goals relentlessly. It is not for the interests or welfare of the common American voter that the New York Time or the CNN are running their campaigns full of vicious stories about the contestants in a language bordering on the unethical.

It would be in the interests not only of the American voters and contestants but all of humanity if the press/media in America sticks to the cardinal rules of fair and honest reporting.  Here is the list of Ten Commandments for the press/media:

  1. Thou shall not fabricate news.
  2. Thou shall not misinform.
  3. Thou shall not resort to disinformation.
  4. Thou shall not commit unholy alliance with the ruling class.
  5. Thou shall always remain fair & true to thy profession of journalism.
  6. Thou shall not murder reputations.
  7. Thou shall not bear false witness to thy rivals.
  8. Thou shall ever be faithful only to the people.
  9. Thou shall never turn commercial.
  10. Thou shall never fall for the flesh or lucre.

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