Terrorism & American Election 2016

Terrorism is only the manifestation, Jihadism is the real disease. Any policy to simply fight terrorism is conceived in failure unless it attacks Jihadism, which incubates terrorism in the mind.

Terrorism is only the visible malignant tumor, jihad is the hidden cancer.

Is there any power on Earth, including America, which can take head on this malady?

If not, there is no use in mouthing counter terrorism rhetoric because it is not sufficient to remedy the situation. Hiding behind civilized language of the modern society sounds sophistry in the face of unparalleled assaults of the terrorists and their sponsors running the Jihadi schools. Anybody who challenges the terrorists or their Jihadi philosophy has to use strict language, like Donald Trump, which will not be to the liking of civil society used to polite, sweet, suave, polished, affable and sweet language of love, peace, non-violence, co-existence, cooperation and multiculturalism anywhere in the world.

Criminalizing Jihad in any form is the only answer. Soft words will not discourage Jihadists from pursuing the ultimate goal of establishing the Rule of Islam everywhere in the world, particularly after soaking their hands in so much blood across nations and continents. The harsh reality is that Jihad is winning on a daily basis and is on the ascendancy. It has chosen to capture America first because it is the Leader of the forces arrayed against their own forces (terrorists!).

What the Jihadists are telling the USA in clear terms is something like this:

  1. It rejects the American claim to be the World’s Leader;
  2. It rejects the superiority of the Christian faith practiced in the western countries including America;
  3. It rejects the western culture in totality;
  4. It rejects the very idea of western democracy;
  5. It sets no time limits to its goals, raising attrition levels;
  6. It is neither for Hillary Clinton nor for Donald Trump.

Where does that leave the modern world? It matters little if the Democrats enter the white House or the Republicans do so, because the terrorists’ threat shall continue as at present. It is America that will have to set the process to counter effectively this threat. It is no easy task and the language of diplomacy will not be any substitute for real action.

This situation has come to pass because of the collapse of the World Moral Order, and Foreign Policy replacing it. One claimed to be the adherents of Truth, the other makes no claims to it. America derives moral sanction to act the World’s policeman only because of “democracy”. Russia or China may not be affected by the kind and enormity of the threat like America.

America is not too much bothered about the terrorism activities in other parts of the world unless it qualifies American attention or intervention as part of the US foreign policy.

So it is for the American people to take a firm decision on this issue without getting caught in the election jargons of the contestants (Hillary & Trump included). Can America face the third world war, another great depression, a more harmful economic meltdown, waste of public money on costly wars in other countries and fund terrorism facilities in Pakistan which will be directed against its own citizens and assets in America and elsewhere.

They don’t have all the time at their disposal.

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