American Bombs & Pressure Cooker Bombs

The American people are being fed incomplete information about the so called crude explosive device in a pressure cooker in New York and elsewhere. Make no mistakes, it a tried and tested very effective terrorist weapon so successfully put to use by them in crowded places especially during festivals. America is going for the Presidential election in a few weeks’ time and it is going to be celebration time for the winning candidate. It will be followed by Christmas in December and New Year in January. The “crude” explosive device is a grim warning to the American Establishment and the new administration to be sworn in soon.

If the American people, press, Intelligence, Homeland Security, Foreign Policy mandarins, liberal thinkers, socialists, democrats, republicans and politicians choose to downplay or ignore the signals, it is their business. But the pressure cooker bomb is such a deadly device, perfected by the Devil of the terrorist mind that it can be made at home at leisure unnoticed by the neighbors, placed at the chosen target location in a normal way like dumping garbage in the bin and realize the goal of inflicting maximum casualties at almost no cost. It is not used as an isolated incident but can be and has been a serial bombing at different places in more than one city/ locations. These bombs can be placed and remotely blasted in metro trains and buses, at market places, schools, theatres, conference halls, cinema halls, opera houses, airports or any such prominent place to cause thousands of deaths and gain huge propaganda value. Just imagine half a dozen such blasts in any prominent city anywhere in the western world and the days for which the TV channels will telecast visuals, hold discussions, debate the causes, pontificate sermons, laud the “spirit” of the city to resume normal working.

The American people generally don’t know the operational skills of the terrorists making pressure cooker bombs and their efficacy.  They are technically qualified, trained and skilled bomb makers. The American people are hardly ever told of their achievements outside the western world. But the real success of the bomb making terrorists are tried and tested in the third world countries before they are given a trial in America or Europe.

The chaos created by these bombs are aggravated several times more by other ingenuous devices like lunch box bombs, toy bombs, cycle bombs etc. which are so normal looking things that one never suspects anything is amiss in handling them. The terrorists use this element of innocence and trust, civility and civic sense, decency and public spiritedness.

It is only at a high cost that society learns of their deadly implications. Did the American people ever dream about the hijacking of civilian planes or using them to attack the twin towers in New York? But 9/11 did happen. How much cost has America borne since that fatal day? How much has it cost the world? The terrorists don’t fear American bombs.

The pressure cooker bomb has greater potential than the 9/11 for fatalities.

The American Presidential electioneering has exposed all the weaknesses of democracy. If public discourse can go extremely low in the world’s most “advanced” country, its level in emerging democracies can be imagined easily. In practice, democracy is costly and fraught with extreme verbal as well as physical violence.

While the rivals indulge in verbal duels calling each other’s supporters deplorable or adorable, the terrorists carefully plan their next operation intelligently.

As the stakes on all sides are very high, nobody has any time to bother for “insignificant” incidents like “crude” explosive devices or “pressure cooker bombs”. The terrorists rely on such carelessness and casual treatment of potential mayhem.

Who doesn’t like sweet words and phrases? The rival candidates try to portray each other crude by using every negative word in the glossary of politics and painting themselves as paragons of good behavior, high ethics, civility and knowledge.

But the American people have to take a holistic view of the situation as it is America and not Trump or Clinton.

The terrorists have reason to fear Donald Trump.

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