Jihadists In Conflict With the Crusaders?

In less than 24 hours of my last post, America witnessed the Devil of terrorism setting serial bombs which failed to detonate. Had they succeeded, God only knows how many casualties might have taken place. New York, New Jersey and Minnesota in less than 24 hours, speak of the audacity of the barbaric outfits bent upon destroying world peace by their acts of terror strikes.

The American political class, as in many other countries, is trying to take shelter behind politically correct expressions, nuanced verbose, civilized reactions, cultured response and peace jargon. But the Jihadists have sealed their ears to any civilized dialogue. What use, then, are the endless debates and discussions on TV channels? The attempts to decode the “motive” behind the terror attacks, which undoubtedly are mindless cruelty, are crystal clear for the terrorists: the Islamic State affiliated Amaq News Agency reportedly said that the stabbing attacks in Minnesota Mall were to hit the “crusader countries” citizens.

For them America is the leader of the Crusader countries. Hence they are concentrated on America. So far America has been involved in armed conflicts beyond its shores, but the terrorists have brought it right into their territory, rather the heart of the USA – New York, New Jersey, Orlando, Boston. While the politicians remain busy in rhetoric, the terrorist keep expanding their operations.

It is reassuring to hear the political class, right from the President of the United States of America to the Presidential hopefuls of 2016 to every single public figure or journalist, that American can’t be cowered and that America can never be put under fear. Such assertions sound hollow if put to a critical examination. Who said the terrorist aim to put the Americans under fear? Who claims the target of the barbarians is just to blast a few impoverished explosive devices to create panic and then go to sleep? The terrorists are absolutely clear about their goal. For them it is a fight between the “crusaders” and the “Jihadis”; nothing more, nothing less. In this fight America is placed at a great disadvantage.

The Jihadis like neither Hillary Clinton nor love Donald Trump. For them they are all “crusaders” or on the side of them.

America is a Super Power. That is its only limitation. This superpower can take on any other superpower in the world and achieve results in no time. But here it is pitted against a “tiny” power! This tiny power is not visible until it has inflicted the injury. It is no different from attacks of viral fever, pneumonia, Dengue or Chikungunya. The cause of viral is not known. Its germs can’t be detected under the most powerful microscopes. There is no treatment of viral fever- the patient simply suffers and prays it subsides. Luckily it is self limiting and thus spares the patients after a week or 10 day. Terrorism is like the viral fever for which there is no treatment so far. Worse still, it is not self-limiting/self- subsiding. If anything, it is self-expanding.

Unless the world subjects terrorism to urgent diagnosis, this epidemic would afflict every country, big or small, super power or medium power. If America thinks it can escape the consequences of expanding Jihadi campaigns, it is sadly mistaken. Its protégé, Pakistan, is playing its own games against America. If Donald Trump is straight in his statements against the terrorists, Pakistan distracts the American public attention by creating a bigger problem in Afghanistan, Baluchistan or elsewhere. But America must seriously think whether it is capable of providing fool proof security to its school children what if the ISI of Pakistan enacts a Peshawar type massacre in America?

This century can’t be allowed to be consumed by the Jihadi terrorists and the world can’t be thrown back into the medieval ages.

America has rightly identified the source of repeated terrorist attacks in the “sleeper cells” in America, organizing and supporting these activities. And all the intelligence of the ISI of Pakistan will ever be at their disposal for brain and logistics support. Wasn’t the Most Wanted Osama Bin Laden living a life of luxury in the secure most military cantonment in Pakistan even as it was faking chasing him along with the CIA & the FBI of the USA?

America has to move fast. It can’t afford to linger on an effective treatment for this virus of terrorism. Its status of a Super-power is at stake. Can America suffer the humiliation at the hands of a tiny power, whether called Al Qaeda or ISIS or anything else. It is a different kind of conflict than the Cold War times. America is already deeply involved in it. The worst is that the enemy is giving it a real fight on its own territory for the first time.

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