American Trainers, Arms & Global Terrorism

How strange that the American business of providing training and nurturing terrorists has started targeting it now in less than 35 years? Nobody could imagine the draconian proportions terrorism would grow to at that time. While some American experts made good money at that time and contributed to additions to the job market by promoting deadly weapons (WMDs by standards of those times like the shoulder grenade launcher), such profit has turned out absolute evil for the world. The first payments came from the Third World Countries and hence, both America and the European countries paid no attention to the pleas of developing countries. The Western World Countries harbored terrorists, providing them asylum and huge financial assistance. It was all the good life without work which motivated these insurgents and no genuine political goal which took them into the shelter of the Western World. These misguided people knew that nothing came for free from these advanced countries, many of whom had ruled them as a colonial power. They were ready to sell their national interests for narrow sub-national objectives. The colonial powers who lost great source of revenue from their former colonies were devising methods of striking back in order to keep these newly independent countries under their thumb by supporting weak governments beholden to them and destabilizing strong nationalist governments. They used language as a soft power weapon to disturb, discredit and destabilize democratically elected governments. Human rights, women’s rights, democracy, civil rights and similar other charming words created political and social trouble for the newly elected governments fighting poverty, hunger, disease and trying to pursue economic growth. Democracy being an untried form of governance in these countries, corruption was actively promoted to achieve economic policy gains by the powerful countries with some decades of advantage in matters of prosperity and development over the nascent ones struggling to stabilize in an unfavorable environment.

The developing countries sought peace while the developed world actively promoted armed conflicts to control sources of energy, other minerals, commodities and means of economic development.

Even International Institutions helped the developed countries. Aid had never come without strings attached. Technological advantage meant exploiting the developing countries by dumping discarded technology and machines by raising the prices of the state of the art technology. Technology transfer was used as a powerful tool for enforcing membership of the Block/ Club. While standards of living were bound to improve in the newly independent countries, all growth has been ruined by promotion of terrorism.

Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other theatres of long drawn armed conflicts have looted the poor countries of their peace, stability and wealth. How can the developed world countries even dream of having a peaceful sleep when there is so much bloodbath going on in the world? Evil money is attractive but only in the short run. It is a big liability in the long run. The erstwhile empires, which colonized otherwise peaceful, prosperous and happy nations out of greed to loot their wealth, know it better than any other.

Even America owes so much debt to China and Saudi Arabia that it fears economic meltdown these countries can cause by just demanding their money back.

The world needs a moral set of governing principles. The past 35 years have destroyed these anchors. Principles have been exchanged for low grade interests. Training, arming and financially supporting terrorists, provides the best example of casting away morals for short term goals.

Ultimately Truth alone prevails.

Will the superpowers stop patronizing or mentoring terrorists?  There is no justification for violence, whether political, social or economic. Nothing proves this point than the mass migration of refugee victims of violence in their own beloved country.

International arms dealers need not be encouraged in the name of economic development and jobs. The manufacturing countries better reduce producing deadly weapons of all kind. So long as these weapons will be stocked anywhere in the world, they would be used. There is no guarantee that they would always be used for good of humanity. Rather, mass destruction seems to be more convincing.

The world would watch with keen interest if the American Presidential candidates have any policy and road map on the theme or they will indulge in insipid debate on who is polished and who boorish.

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