One Trump & Millions of Highly Trained Terrorists

Making Devil of Donald Trump is trivializing the real dangers from the legions of highly trained terrorists. These terrorists are trained in handling fire arms and possess the skills of causing maximum damage to the people and economic assets at almost no cost. They are what the world has neither seen earlier nor ever imagined- they operate as “lone wolf”.

What can the US army or a Donald Trump do to such spectacularly successful warriors? Training all the fire power on Donald Trump without taking these warriors on the radar is nothing but complete bankruptcy of thought.

These terrorists are many times more guilty of every charge against him e.g. Trump poses a danger to the world; he is racist; he is sexist; he has no respect for women; he is xenophobic; he is anti-minorities et al.

Trump essentially is the answer to terrorists in the chaotic situation in which the world is trapped for several years now. Anybody who ever decided to challenge the terrorists would have spoken like Trump, because that is the only language that puts some sense into their swollen heads.

It is no conflict between terrorists & America alone or Donald Trump and terrorists.

Basically, what is at stake is peaceful happy living on the planet. The civilized world is weak in comparison to the barbaric terrorists. Societies are civilized, democratic, modern and progressive. They follow liberal ideas, pursue values and act ethically. Contrary to the values of modern civilized societies, the terrorists pursue an agenda of Jihad. They live in the medieval times. They want to destroy these societies, their values and systems.

Obviously the modern society would never resort to the terrorist ways of beheading journalists, raping girls, use children and women as human bombs, attack markets or other places of public gathering.

In that situation when and how should the human society respond?

Can it be sweet words forever? What constitutes a permanent threat is the mindset of the terrorists supported by their community largely which not only sustains them but encourages them to go on attacking others.

It is easy for any civilized society to fight a political ideology like communism but fighting terrorists functioning as trained lone wolves is pretty difficult.

That is where leadership role in civilized societies assumes significance and America being the leading nation in this matter has to throw up the right leadership.

Criticism of the nominees at this late stage is of little use- people should have provided alternatives last year. If they failed their duty last year, they are only compounding it now at this late stage to condemn the candidates judging them wrongly by the standards of civilized society in an environment of medievalism and its manifestation in the form of terrorism, barbarism and brutality unprecedented.

This brand of terrorism can’t be defeated by armed forces alone, including the American Army, but needs fullest support and cooperation from the community that breeds them. Unless the community of these terrorists stops them from misconstruing the dogma of their faith and put the lives of civilians at risk globally, they will not be reined in.

How is the American vote this November going to achieve that goal? Voters have to think about it.

There will come a time when the most civilized people will be compelled to mete severe punishment to whosoever disturbs their peaceful living and wantonly destroy innocent lives and their property.

If Donald Trump has challenged this “danger” to the world security and peace, does he need support from all right thinking people or criticism?

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can face this challenge without a leader who is fearless and bold enough. Trump may not fill the bill but does America have a better alternative?

Postponement of a decision will cost America dear and the world will suffer collateral damage!

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