Politics Offers Too Many Free Lunches

It no more is true that there are no free lunches, because there indeed are too many free lunches! The Devil is throwing lavish ten course lunches free of cost to whosoever is ready to sign the agreement with him. Politics is an arena where distinction between the Devil and his rival has completely blurred. Arch foes turn strong friends overnight. They exchange their glossary in no time using one another’s language without the slightest of hesitation.

As politicians are society’s Creation for ameliorating the miserable conditions of the poor, they promise to fix every problem for them. They feed them not only sumptuous lunches but hope too. Poor people buy their assurances. They repose full trust in their capabilities to solve all their problems, be it unemployment or housing, education or health, security or anything else. At the end of their term as people’s representatives in legislatures, they approach the people with another set of promises which sound more lucrative than the earlier ones.

Politics is the art of management of falsity while use of catchy phrases is its technique.

Words are powerful for the listener and useless for the speaker.

Unless the speaker means what s/he says, they reduce him to a politician. Most politicians resort to this mechanism to succeed. They even take their country to war on the basis of contrived threats to their national interests. Playing with words and number relating to taxation keeps on getting refined from election to election in every country.

The blame lies more with the people than the politicians. Politicians say what the people want them to say or hear from them. Our film producers publicly admit that they make films which the people want even though they might be offending to a reasonably prudent person. It is all commerce. From exploiting the poor to open corruption, everything is commercial.

The harsh reality is that there are no simple solutions to the problems of the poor, such as unemployment/ hunger/disease/ education/ security of person or property etc.

These are problems which the individual has to solve herself/himself.

The few who receive any favors from the politicians become slaves to them and unwittingly as also unwillingly do things contrary to the law or their own liking.

But all those individuals who work hard to break the vicious circle of poverty are free and self-respecting persons. The individual needs to be sensitized to need to make his choice after due deliberation.

No politician wants his flock to be able to use his own brain. Rather he wants them to be his robot.

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