America Elects, Mandates Trump, Rejects Media

The people of America have elected their President. They have given a decisive mandate to Donald Trump. They have rejected the choice of the media like the CNN & the NYT and others. They have rebuffed the voices from academia and civil society brought on TV shows by the managers of elections to mold the public opinion to suit their agenda. It is unfortunate that in democracies like the USA and India, such syndicates have taken deeper roots. They carry on vilification campaigns against the potential rival and promote the interests of the candidate of their choice. This is a lobby trade for them, which brings them huge returns on investment by way of sharing power without people’s mandate or even knowledge and loaves of office, pelf, privileges and money.

When their candidate loses the trust of the voters, they refuse to accept the verdict and try to nullify it by hook or crook. In the American Presidential election, these syndicates stooped to the lowest levels. If Clinton lost the election it is largely because of the vilification of Trump in low, undignified and indecent language for months. The result might have been different had the syndicate or its arm, the electronic and print media, exercised a bit of restraint.

If Trump scored an impressive tally, the sustained maligning of Trump by the Clinton camp can be credited with increasing his margins. They were shocked and speechless as the Trump victory became imminent. They kept for hours the number of Trump votes lower than Clinton as if the figures could be manipulated in America as in a banana republic. When they recovered, they launched another attack picking holes in Trump’s agenda in the first 100 days. Bit by bit, item by item, issue by issue they started asking questions whether Trump will implement what had said during electioneering. These questions covered issues which are bound to take time, such as the wall on the border, nuclear button or Obamacare.  But answers were demanded of the Trump managers immediately as if Trump had already entered office and started functioning. Many disagreeable issues like immigrants or Muslims, Syria or Russia were raised mendaciously to portray Trump as divisive or dangerous, knowing well that they could be considered and decided in due course after deliberations.

It would have been ignored but for the dangerous turn the activities of the syndicates have since taken. It is reprehensible and condemnable in no uncertain terms. Where from do these syndicates derive their authority to reject or disapprove of the voters’ mandate? If they had declared to leave America before election on Trump getting elected, they should follow on their commitment. If they are not happy at Trump winning the election, they have the choice of either accept the people’s verdict and live in America or go in to self-exile. But they have no business to indulge in rioting.

The public display of uncivilized behavior is indicative of involvement of international intelligence agencies like the ISI of Pakistan or terrorists and other enemies of America. The riots in several cities in America, the letter bombs from CEO’s, the warnings from handlers of the nuclear button in the past, the noise from the TV studios, the opinions of experts long fed on political ideas not familiar with a rank outsider capturing the throne etc.,  lead solidly to only one conclusion that enemies of America as a great nation and the people of America have successfully made inroads in the government and exploited the system to exploit it and weaken the country and the people to serve their nefarious designs. It proves that the ruling class had long ignored what the people had suffered at the ground level. If the people of America have chosen to elect Donald Trump, they have used their own brains rather than borrowing the brains of journalists, academicians and lobbyists.

It matters little whether Donald Trump proves himself worthy of the trust reposed in him by the vigilant and wise people of America- men, women, youth, graduates, workers, unemployed, natives, migrants, white, Black or any other color. What matters is that they have disrupted the designs of the likes of the ISI of Pakistan and the ISIS. America was treated as a “Soft Target” by the subversive elements active in America, abusing the culture of a liberal society. Since we are familiar with the modus operandi of these organizations in India, we can understand their activities such as carrying on the maligning campaign, outright rejection of the elected president, dramatic threats to leave the country, withholding recognition to the people’s President and even rioting. Whatever is happening today in America has already happened in India. It is all a repeat of the campaign in India against Mr. Narendra Modi, who was the BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party) nominee for the position of the Prime Minister of India in the 2014 elections to the parliament (Lok Sabha or the House of the People). The same variety of limitless negativity, hate campaign, vilification in the press/TV and social media, hostility of the media/academia/professional/ politicians was viral in India of 2013 and 2014. Narendra Modi too was an outsider for Lutyens Delhi, which is the seat of power in New Delhi. A comprehensive and authentic account of the goings on of those tumultuous times has been captured by me in my book “Narendra Modi: Changing Direction of the Wind and Challenges Ahead” available on Amazon and Kindle. If anybody goes through my book, s/he would not need to look for reasons for the happenings in America elsewhere.

Trump is an outsider to the White House. America has hardly ever seen such an encroachment on a preserved and protected territory for seasoned politicians by a rank outsider and it is difficult to swallow such a humiliation. Even if Donald Trump had all the merits they find in his rival, his victory would have elicited the same response.

Instead of welcoming a person and a mind uncorrupted by politics so far, they are leaving no stone unturned to upend the people’s verdict. 70 days is a long time in politics and the syndicates will do everything they can do, as the stakes are so high that the ordinary people will never know the inside story. Why else would they invest in a lost election so heavily?

Trump is not what the media has portrayed him or what his rivals have sought to paint unsuccessfully. He has some core qualities of head and heart which have contributed to his success in life. The way he speaks his mind on various issues is suggestive of his courage of conviction. He has an idea of the working of the white house from a distance, but no firsthand knowledge. That works both as an advantage as well as a disadvantage. But he is a successful businessman- rather a multinational businessman. He knows the real working of governments in America and other countries. This will help him understand the nuances of a high profile job like that of the president rather fast. He is capable of thinking for himself. He will soon learn that there is no corporate anywhere in the world bigger than a government- the government is hundreds of Trump Corporations in one. When critical information comes to his knowledge, he will learn to be discreet, shrewd and diplomatic.

In theory, the president enjoys absolute powers as head of the government and nation and the Commander in Chief, but in practice, decision making involves experts from various branches of the government. On that count nobody needs to have any worry. They should instead devote themselves to keeping a tab on the anti-America lobbies and syndicates so that the threats held out by them do not materialize. A fairly elaborate overview of these threats is available in my book “US Elections 2016 And After” available on kindle. Interested intellectuals, politicians, academicians and civil society members would greatly benefit if they spare some time to read this book.

The journalists, professors, experts, politicians, faith leaders or literary lights who were giving regular sermons to India on “tolerance” need to prove that they practice it in America and stop all arson & rioting forthwith. Their fears about the Trump Presidency emanate from ignorance of the man who doesn’t fit their model of a politician. Nobody knows how he is going to conduct the affairs of the nation as their perception of him is clouded in the rhetoric of the vilification campaign of the Clinton camp, NYT, CNN and others. Here is a President whose political ideology is not known. This clean slate has confused the interested groups in national politics because they don’t know where to start and where to draw the contours of the next 4 years.  They stand almost unemployed suddenly. They can’t dominate this man and manage the affairs of the government as smoothly as they have always done. In this process they are unwittingly harming the very idea of America, a nation and a vibrant society. Can the current agitators against Trump be allowed to act like the Taliban, Al Qaeda or the ISIS? Unless they learn to accept the verdict, observe discipline and respect the law, they are putting the interests of the nation at stake. Impeding the Trump Presidency by creating chaos or rioting on the street is bad politics. Who knows Trump might provide a cleaner and healthier government. Try him first. Change is always possible in an orderly and peaceful manner at an appropriate time.

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