Businessmen Retrieve Your Dignity

Politicians in India have made their careers by using a single word: Corruption. Whosoever, including journalists, wanted to make a political career started by shouting slogans against corruption, mounting anti-corruption drives and blackmailing ministers, government officers and businesses. The soft targets of these activists have been lower or middle ranking officers and small or medium businesses largely. Whether for elections,political rallies or other activities, they have been used as an easy source of raising funds. A simple threat of complaints against them for infractions of the law works effectively well to garner necessary funds.

Businesses in India have been defamed as tax evaders.

The business people live on the mercy of politicians and bureaucrats, who extort regular protection money from them. The business people-manufacturers and traders-have been paying them and also swallowing the infamy of violators of the law.

Their dignity and honor stands compromised.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has provided them the opportunity to retrieve their dignity and honor. Business traditionally has enjoyed a higher status as compared to fixed wage jobs in India, next only to farming.

Business people invest their money, time and energy to get a fair return. If they make money, there is nothing wrong about it as they provide goods and services and render valuable public service.

Almost a millennia of foreign rule resulted in disruption of business in the country, making a paid job as the only option to make a living.

This has enormously changed in the last 60 years or so. Today business is a respectable vocation.

Therefore, it is now for the business people to retrieve their dignity and honor by paying taxes and not permitting their hard earned white money made black by the criminal nexus of politicians and corrupt bureaucrats.

They should share their profit with the people by exercising self-discipline of fair business practices and not making unfair profits from the people.

By making regular tax payments, they can help the government reduce further the tax liabilities to reasonable level.

It is such an irony that politicians of the left, right, middle and mercurial variety are today criticizing the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in the name of the same small traders whom they have been cursing till 2100 hours of 8th November 2016.

Till then they were attacking the small traders, businessmen and industrialists in the name of the poor and ordinary Indians.

Prime Minister Modi’s surgical strike on black money has compelled these politicians to change tack and seek amends.

It is no noble cause or sympathy for the small traders, but rank self-interest to sustain their source of income from these traders.

Blackmailing the traders for extortion is a sophisticated technique perfected by Indian politicians. The Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, expressed surprise at the silence of the Marxists and opposition from the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

The left had done nothing productive. They have played destructive politics in India. That is why they have alienated themselves to the right thinking people.

West Bengal may have the benefit of the advice of the chambers of commerce & industry . Big industry has indirectly ruled through corrupt regimes in India. Opposing demonetization of high value currency notes, which means a surgical strike against black money and end of black economy and terror funding, is alike buying opposition to the decision and no political wisdom.

Besides, Kolkata is flush with illegal money in the denomination of 1000 & 500 currency notes. All fake currency notes also come from Malda and other places in West Bengal. The syndicates there have strong political connections. If West Bengal opposes the demonetization, there is nothing surprising. After all it is next only to Mumbai, the Financial capital of India.

High value currency notes are needed to buy votes in elections. Who wants to lose an election in a democracy where the value of the vote of an honest person equals that of an obnoxiously dishonest person, the wise value as much as the unwise, the law abiding and the criminal occupy the same place?

Traders and all business people should assert their presence and re-establish their credentials with the people by adopting fair trade practices and service to them. Stop selling spurious medicines, adulterated food products, encroachments, tax evasion and bribing with immediate effect. First you become victims of corruption,then make your white money black by benami transactions and buying spurious gold, silver or jewellery of 60% purity. Why do you fritter away your money in this manner? Bring it all over ground and lead a respectable life. Prime Minister Modi is well meaning and he has introduced structural changes in the economy so that no successor government will be able to turn the wheel easily. Break free of the enslavement to corrupt politicians, bureaucrats & criminals. Act dignified and carry on business with dignity and self-respect. Be your own spokesperson. Let the gangs of criminals, politicians, bureaucrats not march to the Rashtrapati Bhawan on your behalf, organize agitations in your name, disrupt the parliament for you. It is they who turn white into black and blackmail the vulnerable sections of the society like small businesses and traders. Black earning is at their heart and not your welfare- not even public interest nor national interest.

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