Court Order No Solution for Pollution Problem

Cities have outgrown their healthy size. The Delhi pollution problem is severe. It is receiving the Supreme Court’s attention. The NGT(National Green Tribunal) has also been issuing orders to the central and state agencies. The Delhi government created problems for the ordinary people by ordering a scheme called odd-even. Currently a team of officials is in China studying their policy and practices to tackle the problem. Unfortunately nobody thinks local nor acts local.

The only solution to check pollution in Delhi (or any other city with population of more than a million) is to live like a “Smart Village” only. Cities with larger population fall sick under the stress of unmanageable size, growth, haphazard urbanization, jhuggi-jhonpadi clusters (shanties/ghettos), ever increasing demand for more transport facilities, drinking water, 24 hours power supply, sewage,  solid waste disposal, health care, schools and colleges, jobs, urban poverty and crime. The city goes for two shifts and after sometime three shifts. The pride of becoming a city that never goes to sleep becomes its most critical problem. It leads to the breathing problem for the city. Living in such a city becomes stressful, traumatic, unhealthy and unhappy. An individual hardly gets a few square meters of space horizontally and vertically to live, breathe and gaze at the stars. Such a city can never be restored to good health by band-aid orders like the odd-even numbered cars moving on its roads on alternate days. or judicial orders. The only solution lies in reversing the ill advised and unscientific growth in the size of the city.

For rejuvenation the city must do the following:

1- It must observe a 4 days working week;

2-It must work not more than 2 shifts of 6 hours each;

3-It must go to sleep after work without noise pollution;

4-It must promote minimization of the residence-work place distances;

5- It must be compensated by a ring of similar cities at about 100 kilometer;

6-It should have a ratio of man-tree of 1:50 (trees like the Peepal, Burgad, Neem, Kadamb, Mango);

7-Its public parks should have herbs like Tulsi, which clean the breathing air and check viruses of different kind from afflicting the population and reduce use of chemicals in treating food/vegetables/fruits/sprays etc.

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