ISIS Puts American Liberalism to Stress Test

Not My President- goes the war cry of the liberal Americans, women activists, illegal immigrants, NGOs, print & electronic media journalists, academics, intellectuals, politicians, Muslim residents and other professionals. They are doing so only because they are living in a liberal society, a developed country, a super military power, an economic power house, a strong democracy where rule of law is supreme as compared to radical societies troubling the whole world currently. Under attack is liberty, equality and justice for all without any discrimination. The irony of the situation is that these protesters are raising slogans and carry placards saying not my president for the country which had given them refuge from poverty or atrocities of their own government. They are earning money in America, leading a good life in America, sending money back home regularly and yet suffering silently the barbarity of lawless class not only in their own country but also America and everywhere else in the world today.


These protesters have never carried even one placard proclaiming “Not My ISIS” or “Not My Al Qaeda”. So much for their liberalism!


The AQ/ISIS would not have gained so much traction had the saner voices of the civil society raised their voice against them or disowned them. They left all risky jobs for others to do and opted for full benefits of the rich, advanced and liberal country like America.


It did not mean the threat to America from these terrorist organizations had disappeared any time.


Everybody knew it. Those who knew it were genuinely worried.


Time was simply slipping away. Some solid action needed to be taken.


Politicians were talking in two tongues: talking in close door party meetings openly about the threats but using only politically correct rhetoric in public.


The terrorists were well aware of the weakness of democracy and liberal regimes.


They carried out barbaric attacks on innocent people wherever they could- airports, markets, trains, metro, buses, tourist spots, schools, opera houses, cinema halls, media offices, government buildings, police stations, army camps and air force stations.


Someone had to challenge them. Only Donald Trump took on them.


Using journalists, politicians and civil society activists, terrorists carried on a sustained campaign to ruin the chances of Trump’s election victory.


His success foxed them all. Attempts were made to contest the election results. Millions of dollars were collected to challenge his election.


They were frustrated again. Then they waited for him to commit some blunder to attack him. Then women agitators protested. They too failed. Then Not My President groups surfaced, as if they had the power to veto a democratically elected president.


They lacked any moral right to attack Donald Trump, before or after his election, because they had never protested the attacks of the terrorists of the Al Qaeda or ISIS breed.


Had Trump lost, America would have been under a threat that none of these protesters could have even imagined.


The Prime Minister of Canada was quick to lend support to the American agitators. He announced an open invitation to migrants after Trump signed his order banning entry of people from certain Muslim countries. It didn’t take even 24 hours for terrorists to attack a mosque in Quebec in Canada, killing 6 people instantly and injuring an undisclosed number.


The media had also tried to portray Trump as anti-Islam, without showing a single American Muslim condemning the terrorist attacks as un-Islamic or anti-Islam.


Even after suffering the worst on 9/11, these protesters have the cheek to attack Donald Trump for his decisive action against the terrorists or the terror sponsoring states like Pakistan and others?


The American protesters should not forget the torture of the Yezdi girls aged 12 years or more raped repeatedly by the ISIS fighters, who made claims to fight for Islam but robbed them of their dignity and life.


Similarly the American protesters should not forget the millions of girls raped by the Pakistan army in East Bengal during the freedom movement for the creation of Bangladesh. It is the same army that gets billions in American aid from the American tax payers’ money.


The thousands brutally killed by terrorists in many countries, including children and several hundred girls kidnapped, raped and sold as sex slaves can’t be forgotten only because a women group in America does not extend recognition to Donald Trump.


Liberalism does not mean different yardsticks. Since these American groups don’t seem to be aware of the sufferings of the innocents in other parts of the world or aren’t bothered about it, they need to be reminded the loss of thousands of lives on 9/11 in America and several others in Boston, Florida and other places. They seem not to care for the consequences of wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, thrust upon America by the terrorists to cause maximum damage to the American economy besides loss of lives.


Isn’t the economic meltdown of 2008 a direct consequence of terrorism?


What America forgot was the David & Goliath story: America complacent in its power to bomb forgetting that the terrorists knew their power to use one bomb to inflict maximum damage to American interests anywhere in the world. Nuclear bomb might have been made by America but the human bomb was the creation of the terrorists.


Between the two, the later has proved to be more efficacious to attack America at extremely low price and ease of doing business.


Now also, President Trump is relying on the American power to bomb the ISIS. He will only be repeating the mistake committed by President Bush.


Terrorism of the ISIS/AQ brand needs a new approach.


The American President has to think beyond CIA or FBI. He ought to make all American Muslims proclaim boldly “Not My Islam” while carrying the ISIS/AQ symbol.


Unless the Muslims, liberals, women groups, NGOs, academics, journalists, professionals, politicians and all others show such solidarity against Terrorizing Islam, America is not safe.


By supporting President Trump in his campaign against the ISIS, these lobbies can make some contribution towards that goal and justify the benefits they have derived from America.


If these protesters want Donald Trump to ease his ban on certain people who pose a real threat for the very survival of America, they have to give up their ill advised agitation announcing Not My President and launch at once a worldwide agitation announcing boldly “Not My Islam”, “Not My ISIS” & “Not My Al Qaeda”.

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