The Cosmic Order

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave vent to his bottled up anguish once in his public speech in Goa after demonetisation. To emphasize the public interest served by attacking black money, fake currency menace and terrorism through a single strike in the form of demonetisation, he expressed pain at the opposition maligning him and said that he had sacrificed everything including family life for the service of the people and shall continue to serve them irrespective of compliments or curses from the opposition and their friendly media. The opposition has not stopped after that, rather it has increased the attack on the Prime Minister. They have brought down the level of public discourse to the lowliest in a century.

I had never expected better from the Opposition leaders- Congress, Marxists, Socialists, BSP, TMC, SS, RJD, JDU etc. As comparison to the Congress, which had ruled as the single majority party or coalition leader for almost some 65 years out of 70 years since Independence, Prime Minister Modi has done so much in less than 30 months and is raring to do so much more that the Opposition will forget their identity altogether. A country of brave, chivalrous & self-respecting  people has been reduced to the most sycophantic one. The nation and the people have repeatedly been ridiculed, mocked, insulted and injured by the congress Party through corruption and extra-constitutional mechanisms to run the government. Its puny leaders have tried to paint the buffoon scions of the Dynasty as great leaders. After Modi becoming Prime Minister it has all changed: corruption is miles away from the government of Narendra Modi, the economy is on the growing, proceeds of corruption of the past 70 years have been destroyed in a moment on 8 November 2016 by demonetisation, terrorist activities silenced as their funding suddenly dried up, entrepreneurship promoted in a big way, bogus ration cards cancelled, more than 10 million poor families given free cooking gas connection, 250 million people brought to banking system for the first time, 350000 million saved on subsidies on cooking gas as people in higher income groups who did not need the subsidy voluntarily surrendered their connection at the request of the Prime  Minister, farmers easily get urea and other fertilizers which were available in black market only before Modi entering the office of the Prime minister and several such other initiatives of the present government.

It is a matter of jealousy for the Congress and it can’t be expected to compliment the Prime Minister. I don’t fault the opposition for the criticism or the street language used by them, because it signifies the defeat of the Congress and others allying with it and the roaring victory of Narendra Modi.

Is the Prime Minister justified in seeking appreciation or acknowledgement of demonetisation or transparent governance from the Congress, Marxists, TMC, RJD, SP, JDU etc.? No, in my view he is not. He should not show/expect affection from the agents of Evil. That is the command of the Cosmic Order. It needs to be noted that whenever decadence overwhelms any System, the Super Cosmic Order comes into play to restore Order in society and provide relief to the innocent people and protect them from the oppression of the Evil. Among various forms of Evil, which is Sinful, intellectual dishonesty is the worst; it is like the acclaimed scholars  misinterpreting or misconstruing the Scriptures. It is not acceptable. But the individual can’t fight it alone. It needs a Nayak or Protagonist to do the job. Narendra Modi has been chosen by the Super Cosmic Order to play the protagonist in the case of India.

He does not know that even Gods have fallen to the charms of flattery, sycophancy and eulogy. No one knows this universal Truth even as most are aware of the pitfalls. Isn’t Prime Minister Narendra Modi longing for some compliments from the Opposition? He is decidedly yearning to get some kind words. He lauded the Bihar Chief Minister for his strong support to demonetisation. He said he expected at least the Marxist Party to support him because they were ideologically on the same page on this issue. Quoting extensively from the parliamentary proceedings of 1972 in the Lok Sabha, prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded the leader of the CP(M) Sitaram Yechuri that his acclaimed leader late Jyoti Basu had fervently demanded demonetisation recommended by the Wachoo committee and asked for the report to be laid on the table of the House and charged the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of obstructing it because her government was financed by the black money and was only serving their interests. It did not move Sitaram Yechuri. For the Marxists in India, Capitalism is bad if it is America, but it is proletarian if it is China!

It is so meant by the Super Cosmic Order now on full play in India that Prime Minister Narendra Modi shall not fall to the guiles of flattery. The severe attack (every bit unfair and unjustified) is meant to keep him on the right path of sincere and honest public service. He should not expect any fruits of his service or rewards for it. The bitterness caused to him by the unfounded criticism from the opposition benches is meant to strengthen his resolve to carry on the cleansing operation with greater determination and continue to serve the people without caring whether he gets another term  or not. He is cast in the mould of a Raj Rishi, Raj Yogi and Raj Purush (a public servant).

Such people are not meant to live their life for personal pleasure or happiness. They have to render service without expecting rewards and perform their righteous duties without caring for personal gains. Flattery is one of the pitfalls in their lives. Let it be known to everyone that one of the most potent weapons in the hands of a person to vanquish his rival is flattery- it kills without wielding the sword or firing a single bullet.

The Congress and all its allies deserve rich tributes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for keeping him on the right track and sparing him the charm offensive of seduction by sycophancy. Their curses are like compliments for him.

While they revel in livid and indecent strikes at him, the PM ought to continue to translate his commitments made publicly to the people of India and submit his report card only to the people in 2019 without ever getting overwhelmed by gloom even for a moment.

Martyrs have always inspired generations. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was one such shining light. Did he get rewarded? He was assassinated!  But Gandhi became Mahatma Gandhi and has endured. He can change governments and systems not only in India but anywhere in the world through the potency of Satyagraha- when the west was fighting World Wars Gandhi was fighting with the more powerful weapon of non-violence and won the war. That weapon has inspired millions across the globe and shall continue to do for centuries. Those dedicated to public service are exceptional beings motivated by a sense of “service” and not rewards. Inspiration for any prime minister of India !

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