The Trump Mass Upheaval

President Donald Trump has completed one successful month in office, and that is big achievement for a yet to be trained in politics occupant of the WH.

He has valiantly faced all the fire from all the quarters in these 30 days and survived all of them.

The opponents are credited with the power of king makers and regime changers- liberals, journalists, politicians, spies, writers, professors, propagandists, lobbyists, alien forces and even enemies of America among Americans.

This success comes from a mind un-abused by “briefing/debriefing” by all these “market forces of American democracy”. So far, elections were won by political parties and their nominees but the government was won by one or more together of these forces.

They prescribed what the President should or should not do, say or think.

They led the President on the prescribed route without giving him a moment for free thinking.

In effect, they “ruled” by proxy exercising the authority of the government.

It has been going on since the end of WW-II. They started the Cold War as soon as World War ended. Strangely enough, they grew more powerful after the end of the Cold War. They can’t live without an atmosphere of war; they have no love for genuine peace.

Threat to world peace is real even today, but of a different kind- from unconventional sources but not from the nuclear super power conflict. It is ambiguously called “terrorism”.

It is ambiguous because what is terrorism today was Crusade earlier and Jihad now.

The characters are the same, the goals are the same, the methods are the same, the script is the same and even the rewards are the same: martyrs for the cause.

Thanks to renaissance, the activities of the crusaders automatically decreased, but have not yet ended.

Modernity overtook Christianity’s crusades, but has yet to influence Islam’s Jihadis.

While this conflict goes on in one form or the other, a new conflict has emerged in the democratic space.

This conflict is demonstrated by the 2016 American Presidential election and its aftermath in the form of professionally organized protests, rallies, demonstrations, media campaigns, Fatwa from self styled “liberals” and excommunication from forces referred herein above as market forces of democracy.

Donald Trump, President of America, is held guilty of many misdeeds of a highly dangerous unorthodox nature. Trump has disrupted business, robbed many individuals and businesses of their legitimate (?) sources of income as marketers of instruments of democracy, rendered them altogether powerless in the American democracy as practiced for several decades, threatens to change the business model of “How Should A Democracy Function?”, is likely to drastically downsize intelligence bureaucracy meaning loss of thousands of jobs engaged on manufacturing perceived conflicts for the  American forces to be stationed in foreign lands and create an enemy with whom a perpetual war is as essential as the one between God and the Devil.

In fact, the dissolution of the USSR provided the American think tanks the opportunity to strike even harder at a weakened enemy rather than welcome it as an opportunity to further the cause of world peace. The American obsession with Russia, even after the breakup of the USSR, its highest foreign policy goal since 1945, continued in the American Presidential election in 2016 and worse is still the central point of all attack on President Trump.

Should it not be evidence enough for Trump to reject all attempts to continue a perceived conflict with Russia (or Putin) and divert all his energies and funds towards establishing a peaceful world?

The failed crusade and jihad prove one thing: things change in due course as per the Cosmic Order, which is superior to any human format. It is in this context that the current upheaval in America has brought under the spotlight the new strain of conflict- it is the limits of democracy.

Was the pre-Trump American democratic model better than the current one or the Trump model is going to prove to be a better one?

It can be debated but is a fact that the politician, ideology, intelligence agencies, journalists, intellectuals, liberals and human rights activists have discredited themselves in the public eye. Had it not been so, Hillary would have won the election.

Trump didn’t bribe the voters nor were the voters less wise than Trump’s critics.

If it is the case of Trump critics that the American voters are not wise and cannot make the right choice without seeking their wise counsel, then they are discrediting democracy everywhere in the world.

The inventions of the post WW-II era, like human rights, freedoms of various kinds, tolerance, liberalism, civil society voices etc. have lost traction in the changed circumstances of ISIS and migration.

What was so far out of focus due to these ideas till Trump entered office has suddenly come under intense focus the moment he banned entry of persons from some countries into America. It has forced all stake holders to take a serious view of the situation without trying to hide behind words like tolerance. It is at the moment under the scrutiny of the legal eagles but will soon be the topic of the civilized societies of world to ponder over and determine the future course of action.

A radically different approach was required to face the new crisis into which the world has been caught, such as the developments in Europe earlier in the context of the migrant crisis and ISIS and now engulfing the USA. It has happened under an influence of an invisible force-Cosmic Order. This Cosmic Order gets to work at critical time in human life when solutions become impossible. The globalized world is seeing crisis in territories beyond the traditional armed conflicts in Asia or Europe. America faces the problem on its own soil for the first time. It needs a thinking which is free from all the biases of the past.

President Trump has to ignore the American media completely, at least for two years hence, as it is one of the powerful arms of the democracy marketers. Their patrons- the CIA and other agencies should be the next to ignore for Trump. Many of the unnecessary armed conflicts in the world have been caused by the so called intelligence agencies in the past and they are hell bent upon creating something still worse in Syria in the name of fighting ISIS but actually targeting Russia. America should stop its unholy wars in foreign lands and respect peace as a better option.

American foreign policy, built on the challenges of the past, is no longer relevant. Is crusade relevant today? Is jihad relevant today?  Is communism relevant today? They are not. They are history now.

In the changed scenario the developments in China in the next few years would be relevant.

China is a rich country governed by the communist party whose plutocracy holds the real sway over all levers of governance.

As the Cosmic Order progresses unhindered on a larger time scale, counted in generations (roughly seven generations), change occurs in about 75 years. Count the years between the Russian revolution and USSR dissolution; 1945 to 2016 for America; 1947 to 2014 for India; guess the count for China from Maoism to Xi Jinping. The illustrations represent revolutionary changes in important territories in the world which caused “upheaval” in and around the region.

The collapse of the pre-Trump American Order heralds some revolutionary change in the way democracy is likely to functions in the future including how the media will operate, the intellectual fraternity influence public opinion and leadership exert moral authority over the masses.

For the moment, Trump should be his own advisor. Service to the American people alone should be his priority. The past 70 years have attracted maximum flak for America, getting for it derisive epithets like the world’s police man, much more than the accolades it richly deserved. Let the order be reversed now.

As the Cosmic Order brings change in the way American democracy functions, let Donald Trump be the leader.      

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