What Does UP Assembly Election Result Mean?

The astounding victory of the BJP in the UP assembly polls, 325 out of 403, has yielded many firsts, but its most important lesson is that the new India has emerged. It is the Young India. It is the educated India. It is the aspirational India . It is the smart India. It is the India which has decided to make its own destiny rather than leaving it to the politicians (Neta ji), who have exploited them for more than half a century.

It has taken revenge against its tormentors, the Neta ji class in the UP elections. The Netas have frustrated their aspirations for several generations. They have made them run for everything from school admissions to jobs, from small dwelling units to cooking gas connection, from drinking water supply to electricity in homes, from health services to professional education, from police help to legal help.

The people were made to visit the Neta ji every time they needed something, which should be accessible to them in the normal course but was denied because the Neta ji has been given all rights to administer them as they wish against all established norms in the constitutional scheme of governance in India.

The Neta ji is moved to help the needy only if paid for his/her services or to promote his party interests.

It is such crass discrimination openly practiced by the Neta ji, who begs votes from his constituents but refuses to meet them once elected. The Neta visiting houses of the poor or localities for votes, erects so many barriers between himself and the people that most voters fail to even see him, leaving it all to one of his employee to meet them and make excuses like “Neta Ji is in a meeting” or making promises to help them without meaning to fulfill them.

The youth has seen his father, mother, elder siblings suffer such humiliation for long. His experience is similar to others in the peer group. He has tried the Neta ji himself and seen the cleverness of the Neta and his employee and the system built by them.

Since he finds it difficult to punish the Neta ji or do any harm to him, he had decided to destroy the whole architecture of this un-democratic system by defeating the Neta ji this time in the UP Assembly election 2017. The youth realized the power of change in the vote in his/her hand and exercised it as a responsible voter with the dignity of an Indian instead of wasting it in meek subservience as usual.

The youth has realized that the Neta can’t get him/her the job, that jobs can be created through all round economic development, that national integration and unity is the sine qua non of such development, that the Neta was blocking all development work and depriving him of all employment opportunities, that the Neta was harming society by creating divisions on caste/community/religion or political ideology grounds only to serve his personal interest.

They were aware of the situation but have been awaiting a reliable leadership to emerge. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as their Leader.

The overwhelming verdict in his favour is historic as excepting for a small section of dynastic, caste, communal Satraps, everyone has voted for Modi’s candidates. It included all castes, communities, age groups and women, many of whom have walked free from the traditional patterns of simply voting according to the diktats of their husband.

Never before has India seen women asserting their freedom, independence and choice in exercising their power to make or change government as in the UP election. It is the most valuable change. It comes from mothers seeing their educated and professionally qualified young children remaining unemployed. The Neta ji’s game is up. India has arrived. Achhe Din have arrived. Let their aspirations be realized, their dreams fulfilled, their hopes kindled for a Great India!

Other significant aspects of these political and social developments will be covered in my next post.

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