Defilers of Politics Severely Punished

In continuation of my previous post, here are some more pertinent issues that have contributed to the astounding victory of team Narendra Modi in the recent Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly elections.

Most of the leaders are tainted and some are convicts at large on bail. Many more are likely to get convicted and punished. A minister, charged with gang rape , who has been avoiding arrest but holding election rallies in UP, has been arrested and sent to judicial custody after the defeat of the Samajwadi Party and before the new chief minister taking over!

The resurgent India is out of reach for them even as it is now. The Congress, which has wasted the legacy of the Freedom Movement high moral ground, is populated by the tainted limpets whose contribution to criminalization of politics in India is no less than others who rode the gravy train later aping the Congress.

They are no match to a Tapasvi  like Narendra Modi, who is dedicated to the service of the people. He has already risen above defeat and victory and mastered the technique of a Siddhapurush or the one who is unmoved in pleasure and pain, who takes life in its stride, never to lose his calm and equanimity.

Since the breed of Netas of today is far removed from the rich Indian thought heritage and also the masses, they will need another birth to acquire Modi’s level of Siddhi.

It is only because of the leaders converting politics into a profitable business and feeding on news industry products that they have taken the masses for granted. Otherwise anybody can attain Modi’s level of Siddhi only if one dedicates himself/herself to the service of the people like Modi or still better than him. Politics is no business- only the myopic err. It is pure service, without rewards expected. The reward of such service is the opportunity to serve the country to the satisfaction of the people. The new generation of leaders will walk on that route.

There has been an attempt in the last few years in Indian politics to develop a pattern of succession of political power in the family in the old feudal style where the son inherited the throne irrespective of merit. The breed of these dynastic inheritors has proved extremely shallow and immature that the local word “Ladke” or boys says it all. These boys have taken it for granted that the people have no option but to vote them to power. It is under such an illusion that they have also fielded their wives as candidates.

In their arrogance, these boys have turned aggressive, petulant, flippant and outright foulmouthed. They forgot even the reality of Lucknow being famous for Tamiz, Tehzeeb, Adab (good manners, civility, courtesies) and refined language. It is against the grain of Lucknow to foulmouth others, particularly the elders and women. Lucknow does not speak disrespectfully about Hindu Gods and Goddesses, but these boys have done exactly that and paid the price.

The language of men like Azam Khan and Assaddudin Owaisi is considered as the most reprehensible and the irreverence of the Mayawati, Mulayam or Lalu is crass. These politicians thought such vicious language will impress the Muslims and whoever else falls in their description in the category of “minority”.

They forgot that vituperative language is one of the most offending and disgusting thing in the cultural pinnacles like Lucknow, Ayodhya and Varanasi (also known as Kashi, Benaras & Banaras).

The high percentage of vote from the Muslim community for Modi’s candidates is evidence of their high thinking, superior judgment and independent thinking. They have rejected the Dooshitvaani (foul speak) of these politician as they know that the Indian democracy is not safe in their hands.

This election is bound to change the language of public discourse in the country and upgrade the level of debate in state assemblies and parliament.

The importance of civilized language has always been emphasized in the country. But those who are not soaked in the Indian cultural heritage know it not. India has placed bad language in the category of oral violence along with other two forms, which are thoughts and actions to hurt others.

It goes to the credit of the Indian thought tradition that it has equated two words of love with the rest of assets in the world (Do aakhar  prem ke).

It was not the Lucknavi tehziv  alone which was violated in the Uttar Pradesh election but even the refined Banarasi  culture was sought to be mocked by Lalu attempting to enlighten the people!

Culture cannot be sacrificed so cheaply, it is a part of the legacy as well as life line of the people of the region. Politics can’t uproot cultural values from people’s life.

The problem for the Opposition is to groom a leader of the Modi qualities plus something more to dwarf him. The current inventory of all opposition parties is bereft of any such person. They are not even interested in nurturing one. They are waiting for Modi’s fall from the high moral ground and public grace. That is not going to happen any sooner.

It means the newly elected MLAs are charged with the responsibility of providing a better public service and conduct. They must govern ethically and observe purity in thoughts and actions (shuddha aachaar vichaar). There will be daily provocations to trap them. The best option before them is to take maunvrat/silence and only let their actions, rather service to all in the true spirit of sabkaa saath, sabkaa vikas speak for them.

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