It Is London This Time: Is The Devil A Terrorist?

Sad about the death of innocent civilians and an On Duty Policeman!

Scores are injured and some of them are in a critical condition.

How long the Western world is going to suffer the Devil doing its acts? What is a Devil on Earth? Is the Devil a terrorist? One can’t stop asking these questions as the word terrorism/ terrorist does not define fully the attacks on civilians in tourist spots, markets, schools, metro stations, airports or hospitals. The world had looked the other way although when it was perpetrated outside the west.

The west came face to face with terror for the first time on 9/11. Since then it has gripped the whole of Europe and America with fear of such incidents. In these 17 years since 9/11 the Western countries have learnt nothing substantial. They have used the English language to deter people from reacting. They now seem to have exhausted every word, coinage or expression to sound politically correct. Their use of the soft power of the English language has failed to dent the terrorists even a bit. If anything, it has grown by the day.

For the benefit of the general public and the thousands of NGOs operating in the name of liberty, human rights, peace, love, understanding and more such charming words, this is no phenomenon of Muslims versus the non-Muslims in the world. Muslim are victims of terrorism by ISIS/Al Qaeda/Boko Haram etc. as much as non-Muslims. In that case, what is troubling the world? The world has not yet addressed itself to find an answer to this question.

For explaining the malady of terrorism, let us refer to the comparison being made in the media in London with the Irish terrorism. There lies the problem. The Irish situation was bilateral and contained in terms of politics, security negotiations and solutions. In the London attack there is no bilateral participant. The attacker is a British citizen. He is known to the security establishment. He is known to have committed terror offences earlier. He is familiar with the geography of the area, way of life, government set up, legal infrastructure and culture. He was not an angry or mad Englishman who committed an offence because he was out of his mind. He knew the consequences and was prepared to die. What for? Unless this question is explored in depth and answers found and shared with the public, many more valuable lives will be lost.

What can Britain alone do? It is not a Britain versus a sovereign state with defined territory and people problem. Had it been a terrorist state, Britain would have finished it without never ending coverage in words which are not relevant. The terrorists don’t do such things to put Britain under fear or destroy their way of life. What else is it that they do it for? Needs analysis.

If not Britain, then who can stop it? The United States of America? It is beyond even them. What has been going on in that country for the past 3 months or so? That development hardly inspires confidence.

Can the NATO take on them? Certainly not because who will the NATO target? Had it been a rogue country or a coalition of some rogue countries, the NATO would have wiped out their existence from the world map. Regrettably no such target is available for the NATO.

If everything fails, can’t the UNO do something?  The UNO does not know an answer for certain. Even otherwise it makes appeals- appeal to the good sense of the people. But terrorists are not members of the UNO.

Every time a terror strike takes place, the concerned government comes out with the explanation that the group responsible for it has not yet been identified, until a few days later when someone states that the IS was responsible for it. Such claims give the ISIS an umbrella status controlling a global army of trained fighters. It is a perfect alibi to fool the police and the government. The ISIS has no organization in other countries and no funds to maintain the terror outfits. The operators are very much in the country attacked and keep a surveillance on the police investigation in the matter. They are so bold that they move with the police in the investigation offering help. They know the weaknesses of the system and the personnel and exploit it to the hilt.

The weakness lies in the system- democracy, rule of law, humanism. While the terrorist can kill many, he can’t be harmed a bit. He has to be captured or he surrenders. The court proceeding make a mockery of the law and are frustrating. The civilized world tries the reformist approach, the terrorist refuses to change. There lies the real problem.

Terrorism is no synonym for Devilism. The Devil is everywhere on the planet and so are the terrorists. He is not identifiable. Both don’t make their presence felt until they have struck. That is the limitation civilized countries are faced with. There exists no mechanism to determine in advance who is a terrorist and who is not. The Devil controls the mind. That is why he can’t be identified or held. So is the case with the terrorists. They live all over the world. Racial profiling is not possible. Still a war for several decades has been going on. Terrorists are responsible for this unique war because human history knows of no such war.  Here the enemy is using the tools of modernity as weapons of war. He is striking alone and inflicting maximum fatalities at almost no cost. The world has never been engaged on this kind of war. It has been going on for almost half a century (if the Western World thinks of the whole world as a single target of the enemy). There is no sign of it ever abating. It is likely to continue for ages.

The Devil is in control of the human mind. He is able to misconstrue God’s gospel. Even if the whole world forms a united alliance, it can’t fight the enemy, vanquish him and establish its own victory. It is the David Goliath tale in reverse- David working for the Devil.

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