Three Years of Miserable Failure of the Opposition

The Saharanpur violence and Jewar (Bulandshahar) rapes in the last week took place to some design. At a time when the country is undergoing a healthy process of national integration under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) of the discredited political conglomerates is trying desperately to disrupt the process. They have chosen UP (Uttar Pradesh) because they have been delivered a shameful defeat by the electorate in 2014 Lok Sabha and 2017 Assembly elections, which have driven them to utter desperation.Now the 2019 elections are haunting them.They want to strike a measure of success in the coming President/Vice-President elections in July and August respectively. The forthcoming President/Vice President elections have catalyzed the Opposition parties to come together in an alliance. The anti-national forces will try to take advantage of these attempts to forge an alliance.

The Opposition parties held a meeting on 26th May, when the Modi government was celebrating the third successful year in office, to put up their own candidates, but couldn’t arrive at a “consensus”! The violence staged by anti-social operators on behalf of vested interests, is wrapped in all the communal and caste jargon, which they had so successfully exploited in the past to their advantage and discomfiture to the Prime Minister’s party – the BJP.  They have been exposed even before the Congress Party’s Rahul Gandhi, Gulam Nabi Azad, Raj Babbar & their entourage could stoke more serious communal violence as the medical report says no rape has taken place. One of the women victims alleged to have suffered indignity has retracted her statement by saying that she was compelled to name three of her neighbours as the attackers!

The Congress could have nominated Dr. Man Mohan Singh, whom they were building up as an honest man but for the horrendous corruption cases of his government during 2004-2014 period. Three officers of the Coal Ministry, under the direct charge of Dr. Singh, have been convicted in the Coalgate scam only last week. Others in the Opposition stand no chance at all: Lalu has been convicted and is disqualified and Mamata does not fit the bill and Nitish can’t repeat his mistake of aligning with political combines rejected by the voters decisively since 2014.

The trouble makers are not going to give up easily though. They will try all their old tried and tested tricks to take revenge on the voters for rendering them powerless and out of business forever. They will not, therefore, shy away from repeating the Akhlaq-Vemula formula in their desperate bid to somehow defeat or Check Modi from getting another mandate from the people in 2019.

It is, therefore, the bounden duty of every Indian citizen, especially the minorities and the SC/ST youth, to frustrate their designs at any cost and not allow them to sacrifice innocent lives for electoral gains. The better placed social and economic groups must give proof of maturity and accommodation by exercising extreme restraint under the worst kind of provocation and help Prime Minister Modi clean the system.

The country need to be alert to the threats to India’s development story under Prime Minister Narendra Modi from outside as well as inside. Political analysts shall vouch for the success of the foreign forces to the defeat of Atal Bihari Vajpayee led coalition government in the 2004 elections to the parliament even though it was one of the most successful governments of India. A strong and prosperous India was not to the liking of the Super Powers then nor is it now.

It makes no difference whether it is Vajpayee or Narendra Modi as the contagion is the same: clean, transparent, honest, resolute, firm, visionary, bold, developmental, traditional yet modern India and government. Vajpayee could be defeated because he was dependent on a coalition of no cohesive kind. Besides, he was neither corrupt nor corruptible. But a second term could have meant a stronger Vajpayee – may be stronger than Narendra Modi. The foreign forces put all their resources including the battalions of journalists of the media and press into operation to defeat Vajpayee. Their efforts succeeded partially, as the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) led by Vajpayee lost the election but their choice, Congress Party, couldn’t get a clear majority. Although a coalition was stitched with great efforts, they failed to get Ms. Sonia Gandhi become the Prime Minister of India.

It proved to be fatal for everyone involved in the operation “defeat the NDA” in 2004. The Constitution of India was rigged to create an extra constitutional centre of power headed by Ms. Sonia Gandhi. It was the beginning of the scams of historic proportions in the next 10 years in India. Dr. Man Mohan Singh was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India but Ms. Sonia Gandhi became the de facto Prime Minister of India without being sworn in! A parallel government worked in the country without any accountability and the people suffered the consequences of ubiquitous corruption.

The people’s frustration and anger got expression in the 2014 General Elections when they threw out the congress, reducing it to 44 seats in the Lok Sabha and making them ineligible even for the office of the LoP (Leader of Opposition). All other political parties received much harsher treatment as none of them had the numbers to occupy the LoP position. The advent of Narendra Modi was at such a critical time. He lost not a moment to launch himself in the top gear from the word go! What is it that the opposition parties have not done to discredit, denounce, vilify, deter, check, contain or restrain Narendra Modi. Their acts need a full length book, which I had published under the title Narendra Modi: Changing Direction of the Wind and Challenges Ahead and which can be purchased from Amazon.

These three years have raised the stature of Narendra Modi both in India and abroad. India has regained its rightful place in the comity of nations. It is now respected as a sovereign democratic republic of immense potential for economic growth.To put it humbly, India is moving fast to become a Super Power. It is, therefore, not without reason that vested foreign interests would try to disrupt India’s success story under Narendra Modi. What are they likely to do? They will pump tonnes of money to buy disruptors, criminals, hecklers, politicians, journalists, orators, writers, poetasters, roadside artists, goons and mafia dons to create lawlessness, social disorder, religious strife, economic sabotage, FICN (Fake Indian Currency Notes), communal tension, caste violence, gang rapes, murders, damage of installations and similar other sabotage activities. It is in this context that the Saharanpur caste clashes and Jewar gang rape needs to be seen. They are only field trials before full scale operations are launched at the opportune time in the next few months.

Intelligence agencies from the national to the village level have to be alert to the looming dangers to law and order in the country. The people need to be sensitized to the agenda of the foreign forces; domestic elements mourning loss of power for years; and the designs of opposition parties to stop the growth of the Indian people. They should not be allowed to reverse the process in 2019 at any cost. Let the country be united. Let the people decide and not the foreign forces.

If the American media and political class can charge Russia of influencing the 2016 election of the President of America, both of them together with other Super Powers and notorious rogue terrorist states will certainly try to influence the India Election 2019.

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