Drop the Guard If Want to Go Defensive

General Dyer’s batteries are ready to charge with full ferocity. A certain Chatterji of a certain Columbia University has reverentially remembered General Dyer of 1919 Jalianwala massacre. The only thing is he has acted on payment- overt or covert. It has been a highly remunerative business for a particular class of Indian migrants- legal or illegal- to America to foul mouth the country of their origin, malign its culture and attack its social fabric. They refuse to repay all the debt they owe to India and the Indian tax payers for picking up the bill for their education on the strength of which they got employment abroad. It is a sad story that people of such low intellectual caliber and integrity are employed by foreign universities and allowed to become professors even though they would not have made it to the Army Education Corps, much less the combat wing of the Indian Army. What have they contributed by way of serving the education needs of the American people? What have they contributed to the American State, whose rich infrastructure such people have only exploited for personal enrichment at the cost of the American tax payers? Have they transported all their earnings outside America? What percentage of their income have they spent in America by way of contribution towards development as a good citizen? Or there too they have been playing low level politics? Such “academic” are on offer for sale. They are prepared to issue any kind of anti-India statement for a price, just like paid news.

Ever since the Indian Army executed the surgical strike against the Pakistan Army terrorists’ training camps in September 2016, the ISI has been smarting. Indian politicians in its employment were first deployed to question the veracity of the surgical strike. The Congress leaders were in the forefront of such campaign of vilification. They descended to such a low level that they started using most inappropriate language (Bazaru juban in Urdu) against the army and its chief. This Chatterji fellow of Columbia is only the foreign extension of these politicians. It is taken as a vindication of their criticism if an academic of an American university criticizes the army chief in the most undignified language. These ISI agents in India and abroad are obliged to carry out the orders of their Pakistani masters. In their loyalty to Pakistan these people go to the extent of being disloyal to India. If they have escaped the gallows so far for their acts of disloyalty to the nation and disrespect to the army chief, it is because India is a democracy governed by rule of law. In essence, such vilification campaign is a part of the grand design to destabilize the present government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and harm the prospects of his re-election in 2019.


Meanwhile, agenda item No. 2 was operationalized as the government itself provided the first opportunity. The opposition failed to score any point over prime Minister Modi in the name of demonetization even though they termed it as anti-people, anti-middle class and even anti-farmer move. While the government was celebrating 3 years of clean and transparent government in the service of the people, the opposition instigated with some success the farmers, resulting in violent protests in Mandsaur (MP) last week. Celebrations at anytime and anywhere can provide the right opportunity for the predator to make a kill. If the celebrations are raised to the level of ecstasy, euphoria or trance, chances are the prowling predator will strike any moment. The Narendra Modi government went full throttle to celebrate three years of successful governance. They tried to build almost a frenzy and launched into Election 2019 on its pretext. Smug in their success story, everyone seemed to have come under a sort of stupor. The hunter was on the prowl and struck hard. The leadership realized the extent of the damage only after it had been done. By then it was too late. Mandsaur was suddenly burning. It was followed at other places in MP (Madhya Pradesh). Maharashtra has already been boiling. Other states too are wading into the same trouble.

Loan waver for farmers has long been on the agenda for winning elections. Different political parties have exploited it from time to time. However, nobody has so far offered a healthy solution to the farmers’ plight on default of farm loans in India. But every political party in opposition is quick to promise waving the outstanding loans of the farmers.

India began with “socialism” claiming to work for the peasants and labour among others. In the beginning laws were promulgated to transfer ownership of land from absentee landlords to the cultivators. Land ceiling laws followed, restricting holdings to 18 acres per person. The Ownership rights over land enthused peasants to borrow and invest in farming. But crop failure for various reasons put the small and marginal farmers under financial stress. Besides not everyone held 18 acres of land. The small pieces of land got further divided due to division of assets among family members in due course. As the Indian economy liberalized, large tracts of land were acquired in public interest and allotted to industrialists. In the process, the political class also helped itself liberally by acquiring farm land for Farm House or farming. The income tax laws incentivized the corrupt to buy land and convert the proceeds of corruption and crime into agricultural income and evade tax and make black into white money. It is largely this class of farmers which has also misused their clout to get huge loans from banks, especially agricultural co-operative banks for the explicit purpose for farming but intended to be deployed in other assets like real estate in megapolises like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi as well as Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai and other places. They are the defaulters, directly or their crony farmers. These politicians own thousands of acres of agricultural land in their own name or fictitious names (benami).

The peasant has been replaced by these farmers, who have monopolized all farmer welfare schemes of the government. The small and marginal farmer can be helped if these big farmers allow help to reach them. They demand their loans to be waived first. No government can do that. Financial experts don’t favour such waiver.

It is now for a leader like Narendra Modi to devise a mechanism to pull the small and marginal farmers out of this mess. It is possible to help them. First of all, it is not “loan waver” or farm subsidy. It is labour charges for keeping people engaged on the hard work of agriculture in national interest to produce food for the people. The government is duty bound to pay minimum wages for growing food for the nation. The whole pricing method needs to be reworked keeping this in mind. The government can provide all the inputs and take the entire produce if it pays the worker/peasant/farmer the minimum wages. If that is not feasible, then these inputs must be calculated at the purchase price and minimum wages added to it to arrive at the real minimum support price (MSP).

Some such scheme will connect the peasant/farmer with the government and there will be no scope for cheap politics leading to violence as in Mandsaur and elsewhere. The NPAs of banks of approximately 10 lac crore rupees is not justified by any standard. Unless a country becomes a banana state, such financial indiscipline cannot occur. In comparison, the farmers don’t need more than a lakh crore of rupees. As food is an essential commodity, the government can also set up a special Farmer Debt Relief Fund and collect a special cess for it in a year or two. Let the FCI (Food Corporation of India) sale of all food grains and other commodities be charged @10% extra for this Fund.


But the government ought to anticipate more trouble and nip it in the bud. As election 2019 nears, we expect worst display of anti-people activities as serial  eruptions of violence throughout India are likely to occur regularly till the next election. The political platoons have already been let loose, the archived journalists revived to start some disturbances in the name of freedom of speech, the foreign lobbies have come to life with nincompoop university dons issuing paid statements from foreign soils in the nature of fake news and fake reviews they have made their lucrative business and even the Vatican has stirred its legions. It is timely to read an article “The Vatican’s Mafia” available on the internet.

What is their objective? To create Emergency like situation, which will compel the government to take drastic action, leading to Mandsaur like casualties that they would exploit for political purpose. They are looking for creating the same situation in Punjab as was created in the decade of the 1980s. The ISI had failed in the recently held Assembly Elections in Punjab, but not completely.


There is need to be alert all the time!

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