Why Gopal Krishna Gandhi Should Decline Politely

Elections to the office of the Vice President of India will take place in August, 2017. The Opposition parties have nominated Gopal Krishna Gandhi, a grand son of the Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi. It is not as a mark of respect to Mahatma Gandhi or winnability of a non political person like Gopal Krishna Gandhi, but for the dubious agenda to malign and denigrate the ruling party, who will announce their nominee shortly. Then the Opposition will portray it as lack of respect for the Father of the Nation. It will be no surprise if they revive the assassination of the Mahatma to defame the “Hindu” community and the ruling BJP as the Hindu Party. They need to answer an important question first before they talk vulgar against “Hindu”: whether the assassin committed the crime on his own volition or was a hired killer? Only the ignorant about the social environment in the holy places in northern India and hardline groups would think of the anti-Gandhi feelings limited to Maharashtra from where the assassin hailed. Researchers will need to pour on all newspapers and magazines of the time, besides intelligence records to say with some authority if there was no conspiracy to kill Mahatma Gandhi in these places for his attack on untouchability and cleaning of toilets himself. By nominating his grand son as their candidate, the political parties opposed to Gandhi’s ideology like the Communist Party of India and the Communist Party(Marxist)will make an attempt to score a brownie point on prime minister Modi, who threatens their very survival in the next election in 2019.

It is, therefore,  the biggest insult to the Father of the Nation to nominate his grandson for the office of the Vice President of India. The Congress has only used the Mahatma for political gain bereft of any genuine respect for his ideas or ideology. They have tried to paint him only as a saint(perhaps a Hindu saint only) but never as a “Leader”, whereas it was the “Leadership par excellence” of M.K.Gandhi which did all the wonders. To give an example, Gandhi hit the British where it hurt them the most in the most civil manner. He knew that the British Government was collecting 25% of its revenue in India from tax on common edible salt. It was and continues to be a n essential item of mass consumption. Gandhi also knew that there was mass disgruntlement on account of salt tax. They were not allowed to collect salt from the sea side and other salt sources, which the British were either closing down or forcibly taking over. Gandhi wrote to the Viceroy Lord Irwin asking him to withdraw salt tax and allow the masses to get the salt without any restrictions. When the British administration in their myopic view ignored Gandhi, he organised a massive protest which came to be known as the Salt Satyagraha and stirred the people like nothing before. Whole of India stood firmly behind Gandhi.  The British government could hardly afford to suffer such a huge loss of revenue. Rest is history.

The Congress Party only tried to make its president look a shade better the Mahatma and aped a Salt Satyagraha in Mumbai  sometime during UPA-I rule. The political parties now in favour of Gopal Krishna Gandhi  are out of favour of the people of India, who have punished them for corruption of a humongous proportion.

They have not apologised for these ommissions and commissions. The loudest supporters of Gopal Gandhi  now are those who are facing the heat on several corruption cases and are crying only political vendetta. Obviously, they would seek reprieve for their acts of corruption if Gopal Gandhi becomes Vice President now and President later. Will Gopal Krishna Gandhi exonerate these corrupt politicians?

Was it for that Mahatma Gandhi made the supreme sacrifice for the nation?

Gopal K Gandhi should politely refuse to play ball for these corrupt elements in India and recall how he as Governor of West Bengal had to carry in his hand a tape recorder to record his own public speech as the communist rulers of West Bengal always tried to misconstrue his words and give them a spin. It is the same “progressive/ left/ liberal/secular” brigade which is goading him to fall for a lollipop.

Were they, especially the Congress Party, ever sincere and grateful to the Father of the Nation they ought to have made Gopal Krishna Gandhi the President of India long ago when they enjoyed decisive majority, but they never even nominated him for the office of the VP.

Low level politics trying to make the Mahatma a controversial figure!

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